Paper Masters – Five Chapter Thesis

Chapter I – Examines the elements found in the Introductory Chapter of a thesis. Chapter II – Overviews the Literature Review. Chapter III – Insight into the complex world of research methodology. Chapter IV – Provides the elements necessary to present a complete Findings or Results section. Chapter V – Conclusions and Recommendations section is outlined. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are valuable in the research process. Qualitative and quantitative research methods differ in their design and their approach to measurement. Qualitative research is subjective in nature. The exact outcome for this type of research is subject to the interpretation of the researcher. Quantitative research differs in that it provides an exact approach to measurement, and the outcome is expressed in numbers. The research method selected is dependent on several factors including time, financial restraints and the nature of the research problem. Elements of statistical research in a five chapter thesis: Data Collection – Data collection is examined in relation to the methodology section of a study. Regression Analysis – Regression analysis can be used to determine if there is a correlation between past events and speculated future happenings. Correlation – Correlation analysis examines the relationship between two like samplings. Statistical Hypothesis Testing – How to test the hypothesis of your thesis or research paper. Statistical Testing for Error – How to test for error in the statistical analysis of your hypothesis in your research paper or thesis. Inferential Statistical Procedures -Inferential statistics is the field of statistical analysis where a sample is taken from a small group and extrapolated out to represent a larger population.
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