100 Replies to “Pagan Poetry – Björk – (Live at Royal Opera House)

  1. I have absolute and complete reverence for this artist. I watch in amazement and awe as she staggers my emotions with her intensity. A colossal genius the likes of which will never happen again…

  2. I was listening to this song when my grandpa past away. It still to this day holds a special powerful place in my heart. As his last breath left his body this song played in my ears. He was the greatest man I ever knew. After more than 10 years this song still makes me cry. He will always be remembered by me and my blood line. RIP Luis F. Salas.

  3. En ese entonces, todavía podía cantar las canciones al mismo tono, ahora, es sólo el recuerdo, me da pena eso, porque me encanta…..

  4. We are Lines And Points with an application together, made a type of perfection, with different prototypes of the society present…

  5. The Greenlandic choir is probably my favorite feature of this performance. Greenlandic, from what I know, hardly gets any representation, so this makes me happy!

  6. Someone give the recognition need it for this wonderful song writter and the terrific harp player !! Hands down !

  7. Emotional song, that has you thinking about your own desires and of the consequence of them falling into place.

  8. Amo BjörK ❤️ e essa canção é a minha PREDILETA ❤️🙏 🎩
    PRINCIPALMENTE nesse Show aí 🙌

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