Overview: Isaiah 40-66

The book of the prophet Isaiah In the first video we explored chapters 1 to 39 Which was Isaiah’s message of judgment and hope for Jerusalem He accused Israel´s leader of rebellion against God and said that through Assiria and then Babylon Israel´s kingdom would come crashing down in an act of God´s judgment and so chapter 39 concluded with Isaiah predicting Jerusalem´s fall to babylon and the exile and a hundred years after Isaiah it all sadly came to pass but Isaiah´s greater hope was for a new purified Jerusalem where God´s kingdom would be restored through the future messianic king and all nations would come together in peace and so chapters 40 and following explore this great hope the first main section chapters 40 through 48 open with an announcement of hope and comfort for Israel the people are told that the babylonian exile is over and that Israel´s sin has been dealt with and a new era is beginning so they should all return home to Jerusalem where God himself will bring his kingdom and all nations will see his glory Now stop for a moment because this opening announcement raises a big question that is ¿who is saying all of this? who´s voice are we hearing in these words of hope? the perspective of the profet in these chapters is that of somebody whose living after the exile in other words in the time period described by Ezra and Nehemiah but Isaiah died 150 years before any of that so what are we supposed to make of this Oh they´re many who think that is still Isaiah in his own day speaking but that he´s been profetically transported–so to speak– 200 years into the future and that he is speaking to the future generations as if the exile has passed however the book of Isaiah itself gives us some clues that something else is probably going on in chapters 8 and 29 and 30 we´re told that after Isaiah was rejected by Israel´s leaders that he wrote and sealed up in a scroll all of his messages of judgement and hope and that he passed it on to his disciples as a witness for days to come eventually Isaiah died waiting for God to vindicate his words. Now remember chapters 1 to 39 were designed to show us that Isaiah predictions of judgement were fulfilled in the exile, he´s a true prophet. And so after exile is over Isaiah´s disciples who have treasured his words for so long open up the scroll and began applying his words of hope to their own day so on this view the book of Isaiah consist of that first collection of Isaiah´s words as well as the writings of his profethic disciples that God uses to extend Isaiah´s message of hope to future generations whichever view you end up taking everybody agrees that these chapters are announcing that the future hope has come, that God is fulfiling Isaiah´s prophetic promises and so the prophet hopes that Israel will respond by becoming God´s servant that is after experiencing God´s justice and mercy through history that they will now begin to share with the nations who God truly is but that´s not what´s happening Israel instead of bearing witness to the nations is actually complaining and even accusing God. They say:”the lord doesn´t pay attention to our trouble in fact he´s ignoring our calls. The babylonian exile — and understandably– caused Israel to lose faith in their God. I mean maybe he is not that powerfull, maybe the gods of babylon are way greater than our God and so the rest of these chapters 41 to 47 are set up like a trial scene God is responding to this doubts and accusations with the following arguments: he says first: that the exile to babylon was not divine neglect rather it was divinely orchestrated as a judgement for Israel´s sin and second it was for Israel´s sake that God raised up Persia to conquer babylon so they could come back home fulfilling Isaiah´s words So the right conclusion that Israel should draw is that their God is the king of history not the idols of the nations. In the fall of Babylon and the raise of persian king Sirus Israel should see God´s hand at work and so become his servant telling the nations who he is But by the end of the trial chapter 48 we find that Israel is still as rebellious and hardhearted as their ancestors as so God disqualifies them as his servant but God´s still is on a mission to bless the nations and so so the prophets says God´s going to a new thing to solve this problem which moves into the next section 49 to 55. We´re introduced to a figure who´s called God´s servant who´s going to fulfill God´s mission and do what Israel has failed to do. God gives this servant the title Israel, and sends this person on a mission to -first of all- restore the people of Israel back to their God, but second to become God´s light to the nations. and we´re told that this servant is empowered by God´s spirit to announce good news and to bring God´s kingdom over all of the nations it sounds just like the messianic king from chapters 9 and 11, but then we learn the surprising way of how this servant will bring God´s kingdom he is going to be rejected, and beaten and ultimately killed by his own people in reality as he´s been accused and sentenced to death he is dying on behalf of the sin of his own people the prophet says the servant´s death is the sacrifice of atonement for the people´s evil and rebelion and then after his death, all of a sudden, the servant is just Alive again, and we hear that by his death he provided a way to make people righteous That is to put them in a right relationship with God and so this section concludes by describing two ways people can respond to the servant some will respond with humility and turn from their sins and accept what God´s servant did on their behalf these people are called “the servants” and also ” the seed” remember the holy seed from chapter 6 these are the ones who will experience the blessing of the messianic kingdom but there are others who are called simply “the wicked” they reject both the servant and his servants which brings us to the final sections of the book 56 to 66 where the servants inherit God´s kingdom these chapters are beautifuly designed as a simetry that brings together all of the themes of the book at the very center are three beautiful poems that describe how the spirit empowered servant is announcing the good news of God´s kingdom to the poor and he reafirms all of the promises of hope from earlier in the book the new Jerusalem inhabited by God´s servants will be the place from which God´s justice and mercy and blessings flow out to all the nations of the world and surrounding these poems are to long prayers of repentance where the servants confess Israel´s sin and they griev over all of the evil they see in the world arround them and so they ask God to forgive them and that his kingdom would come here on earth as it is on heaven now in each side of these prayers are collections of more poems that contrast the destiny of the servants with that of the wicked who prosecute them. God says he´s going to bring his justice to all who pollute his good world with their evil and selfishness and idolatry and it is going to remove them from his city forever but the servants those who are humble before God and who repent and own their evil they are forgiven they will inherit the new Jerusalem which we discover is an image for an entirely renewed creation were death and suffering are gone forever and this brings us to the very outter frame of this part of the book in this renewed world of God´s kingdom people from all nations are invited to come and join the servants of God´s covenant family so that everyone could know their creator and redemer and so the book of Isaiah end with a very grand vision of the fulfilment of all of God´s covenant promises through the suffering servant king God creates a covenant family of all nations who are awaiting the hope of God´s justice and bringing a renewed creation where God´s kingdom finally comes here on earth as it is in heaven and that´s the very powerful hope of the book of Isaiah

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  2. Absolutely love your explanations of the books.
    Is Isaiah the first book in the old testament that God reveals about Jesus being born to the world?

  3. Awesome….. But for the truth version. I hope you could make. You'd have to read the NAG HAMATI scriptures. YALDABOTH or Yahweh is the false god. This angry god this jelous god… Samael. Queen of Babylon is the ROMAN catholic church. The worms and locusts are the EXTRATERRESTRIALS that have came and defiled themselves with the daughters of human men. ( The nephilum )

  4. Dividing Isaiah just reinforce the secular LIE that the book was written AFTER the fall of babylon and/or the rise of Cyrus the Great. Regardless this mistake it is a great work. Just to remind the skeptics…..there is biblical outside sources with tablets (nimrud) and others confirming the dates of the line of kings of Judah (confirming Isaiah's life time frame). Isaiah DID prophesized about Cyrus, by name, 150 years earlier!! The Bible is True. And continue standing alone.

  5. Awesome! I've been reading through Isaiah lately, and now I understand it better than I have been understanding it!

  6. All videos are awesome..but i have to disagree with this in particular. Tim had accepted the critical aproach to the biblical text saying that the book Isaiah is not entirely written by him. That deminishes the Bible as an inspired text (doubting the profecy). I have seen this in other videos but were more subtle, but in the Tanak and in this is direct. Please do not think the hole work is wrong, i enjoy and admire this guys. Just that i beleive we have to take the text as it is. If the profhet predicted the exile, why do not beleive the restauration is also his profecy? — Blessings

  7. Thanks for the video guys. I’m in seminary and I really appreciate the time, prayer, and effort you put into these videos. I’m with YWAM Perth Australia/ University of the Nations and we use your videos as visual tools all the time. Thanks you.

  8. Its my favourite book, thank you so much guys, i am thankful for y'all, and for these amazing videos, I pray God bless you and use y'all for His glory as He alread is through these videos, cant express how joyful and thankful i am to God, in words, after watching the videos of book of Isaiah.

  9. This is in relation to what is going on now with Trump and Putin chapter's 40-49. We make not like the appointed but God's appointment is sufficient. Selah Lord God!

  10. I am preparing for Theological Seminary and you guys are seriously helping me A LOT… Really hope that you'll get yourselves a tenure in a Seminary soon

  11. Awesome! Thank you. You made you understanding the bible like reading a nursery rhyme. Less time consuming too. You have a new sub!

  12. The phrase “King of History” for the God of Israel is a nice one. If you think about it from that angle, and then look at world history in the 2700 years since Isaiah died… welp, seems spot on

  13. This video is well done and artistically made, but it lacks one thing- how Isaiah's prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus (which is easily the most important takeaway from the book of Isaiah). The suffering servant king is Jesus! In Luke chapter 4 Jesus tells us he is the fulfillment.

  14. Love that video! Isaiah is a tough book, but I already understand it! And I like that that new heaven earth is for all nations, not only Israel like in a big part of the old testament.

  15. This is a HUGE Hermeneutical error to say that ISREAL returned from Babylon. 1st off, Isreal never was in Babylon via captivity as Isreal was taken by Assyria 200 years before. Judah and those who associated with the Southern Kingdom went to Babylon and were released to go back to Jerusalem BY Persia not Babylon. Cyrus was king of Persia. Judah not Isreal was in Baylon. The 10 northern tribes are promised to return prophetically but never happen during the Biblical time period. This is foundational as you read through Kings, Daniel, Esther, Ezra Nehemiah and the prophets. Jeremiah prophesies the 2 kingdoms would again be one people BUT THAT IS AT THE TIME of the Messiahs return. To misapply Isaiah and the context of who is who in the story misleads many to disregard what is the gospel and New Covenant promise God gave through the prophets and fulfilled in Christ

  16. I love the Bible Project videos, but I think this one is one of their weakest, for two reasons: 1.) The Bible Project is all about connecting the books of the Bible into one giant story. And in that light, they missed an incredible opportunity in showing that the Servant is Jesus. I really don't understand why they made a deliberate choice not to do that. 2.) If we are being honest, the most common motivator for people to assume a 2nd author for the second of half of Isaiah is the presupposition that such exact prophecy isn't possible. That's the heart of it. People think that Isaiah's description of the future is too specific and detailed to have been written by Isaiah himself. But God is entirely capable of such precise predictions. I wish that this video didn't give the multi-author theory as much credibility.

  17. I am so blessed by the work you guys do, seriously expounding the bible in a very contemporary but awesome way! Keep it up, great is your reward!

  18. I LOVE this. I'm about to start reading the book of Isaiah. I wanted to get a bit od background before diving in. Your videos are so helpful. Thank you

  19. This video misses the impact of the Assyrian invasion of 702 BC, instead of making it post-exilic (thus "Deutero-Isaiah").

  20. When you read a book from the Bible it is easy to miss the big picture for the small scenes. Thank you for helping to Biblically paint it more clearly.

  21. Wow…… through this long and complicated book… you have managed to capture the Essence of the whole Plan in less than twenty minutes of screen time. Well done. God makes a Covenant with Abraham…. the Plan to bless the Nations… from the one man God chose to begin, yet again. God is determined to bless the nations….. are we determined to receive the Blessing is the question? Well done guys….well done!

  22. Jeez man its like our fathers inherited nothing but lies, living in vanity, and telling stories that will not profit us anything. These videos are so helpful, and straighten out my mind when thinking about God. Keep up the good work fellas, the world needs you right now.

  23. Thank you for doing all these great videos! My wife and I were reading Isaiah and it was hard to follow. Isaiah seems to jump around a lot and watching this video helped to better understand the book.

  24. The assumption of 2 authors was not questioned for 2600 years. Josephus and other Jewish historians assert both sections were written by Isaiah (Yeshayah) The Septuagint nor any other ancient versions mention dual authorship. The literary style differs from any of the other old testament prophets yet it is uniform throughout.

  25. At 7:00, you get to Isaiah 65 and say "They will inherit the New Jerusalem, which, we discover, is an image for an entirely renewed creation. Where death and suffering are gone forever!"
    That's not what Isaiah 65 says. Verse 20 says there will be death. And verse 23 says there will be offspring, despite Jesus saying in Luke 20:34-35 that there will be no marriage o.o

  26. So wonderful how God has opened this book and understand it line by line. Like a letter written to me. Sure it is happening to many others as well! Thanks guys! You are such blessings!

  27. Everytime I read something in the Bible I discover that it was not said by the one who supposedly have said it. Can we trust the Bible?

  28. Excellent, thank you. You guys are doing a brilliant job, adding such clarity and enjoyment to biblical study. Appreciate it.

  29. Fantastic video. I've been in Isaiah recently whilst reading through my bible in a year. I feel I've been a bit lost through all the judgement and finding it hard to focus. This video and the previous one have really helped, thank you .

  30. Do you by any chance sell the book overview artwork as a poster? It would be a great visual guide while one reads through the book.

  31. Wow it seems as if Isaiah is still speaking to us now in the future and that Jesus was on earth delivering people in OT (powerful)

  32. Ultimately, His life was a ransome for many…means it was Jesus’s destiny to die…no people killed Him in particular…His death was to be regardless of “who” wanted it done! It was Gods Will and a INTEGRAL part of His PLAN!
    Too many are angry at Jews for His death…and continue to blaspheme Gods Plan! Calling Israel and His chosen…evil and of the synagogue of satan/new world order and attack Zionism as well! They also call Christianity stupid because of this! Also, rampant racism on top of antisemetism…regarding the “seed” or remnant of Gods people…they were scattered amongst the nations…of all skin tones…not just of one kind! And yes, God loves…but He is going to rebuke the rebellion rising up…those who claim and proclaim the most…that they are His and His alone…when in fact this is false and evil before Him! Unless God literally tells you…do not spread false Gospel…as Judgement begins in the House of God first…the sinner needs to witness God in actions…what a testimony before them! Amen! And His hand is upon all things, pay close attention! All who doubt! Witness what awesome and terrible things God is about to do! Amen!

    And God will show all who come against His people…the TRUTH soon enough!

    For He already says so! Amen!

    Love the Lord your God…with every fiber of your being! This is a great time to be alive! As the Lord says…prophets won’t see what you see…they longed to see these things come to fruition! We will see!

    The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead shall rise, for the Lord is near!


  33. Forgot to mention that the book of Isaiah is like a mini Bible. Each chapter of Isaiah corresponds to each book of the Bible.

    Genesis – Isaiah 1
    Exodus – Isaiah 2
    Leviticus – Isaiah 3
    ……………..and so forth to….
    Revelations – Isaiah 66

    When you study this, you will be amazed at how much the chapters relate to the books. Look at Isaiah 1 – 39 (Old Testament Genesis to Malachi). It speaks about judgements. Then look at Isaiah chapters 40 – 66 (New Testament Matthew to Revelations). The message suddenly changes to one of hope. Interesting.

  34. Unbelievers said that Isaiah had been cobbled together from two different authors. Then came the even older Great Isaiah Scroll in one long continuous 20-foot parchment. Not cobbled together as had been more hopefully objected. Their two witnesses will come later…

  35. You believe that Jesus had good moral
    teachings. I wonder where was Jesus when god was commanding ''Thus says the
    LORD of hosts, 'I will punish Amalek for what he did 'Now go and strike Amalek
    and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; but put to death
    both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'"
    BIBLE- 1 Samuel 15:3.

  36. I Love This! I Love The Way You Gve Your Full Effort in mking this Animation. Jesus Loves You. You Guys are A Great Blessing
    Bless you More

  37. What does Isaiah 66:17 mean when it says God will punish those who eat the meat of pigs? Is this talking about the new covenant, or the old covenant?

  38. The lord led me to read and listen to Isaiah 40 to 66 over and over again a few years ago. I listened to it while I was going to sleep and never realized how important Isaiah is.

  39. Dear Sir You said that that The Prophet Isaiah sealed up the scrolls and gave them to his disciples? Can you tell me where to find this in the bible?

  40. after reading the book of Isaiah, we the audio-visual learners can better understand this ways of presentation. Thank you again. God bless po

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