Our Favourite Disney Books!

hi everyone so if you know me you
probably know that I don’t really like reading but there is one exception to
this rule and that is Disney books mainly because most of them are pictures
but also because it’s it’s about a subject I’m pretty interested in I have
a lot of Disney books yeah you do you have loads and to be honest I can
probably count on one hand the amount of them that you’ve finished and I can
count them in my lap no I have I read actually more than you probably think I
have just not all of them I have it is the one type of book that you do seem to
actually sit down and read which is very cool because I really really enjoy
reading but you do not so it is really cool to see something that you really
engage with and like to read do you like seeing me read it is nice yeah because
you’re like sat down doing something and you know I’m just like oh that’s cool I
really like reading so maybe Sarah will get into reading this time but usually
what happens is you finish the Disney book that you’re currently reading and
then put it down and don’t read anything until you buy a new one so and also I
have angry reading face today we thought we’d run through some of our favorite
Disney books because there are a lot on the market and it’s kind of a really
good Christmas stocking filler which is what most these worth definitely and
they’re really good for that you can kind of just pick one up and they don’t
take up too much budget and they’re really really cool and hopefully they
last a really long time if you read slow like Sarah does yes so we’re gonna go
through them and why we like them so the first one I want to talk about is the
most recent one I have I actually have quite a few from this particular
collection and this is more or it is me planning sort of side of things this is
the unofficial guide to Walt Disney World 2018 I’m gonna have to move a
little bit just cuz the lights so this particular book about Pandora talks
about happily ever after basically everything that we’re gonna be doing
next year it’s really useful and I find it really informative and it is a thick
is thick book there is a lot of information in here there is pretty much
everything you could possibly want to know about the parks and ie some people
will say that they don’t like it because they feel like they have to buy a book
every year but I really like that they laid them year-on-year I think for
something like Disney that changes so much you do need for the latest version
like this one has Pandora none of the others will because none of that was a
thing at that point so being able to to look through and know this is how things
stand the year that I’m going is incredibly useful and there’s lots of
maps there’s loads of information tips and opinions and I think they’re just a
really great series the thing that I use this more for more than anything else is
dining options every restaurant in Disney it has a rating of the pricing I
also places that aren’t in Disney they do offs off-site so restaurants have the
telephone numbers what they serve what kind of things good about them what’s
bad same with the hotels you get comfort level they do like how soft are the
pillows noise level it’s just a really good book to get but while you’re
planning a holiday to that page has been printed definitely but my eyes are going
funny then yeah we’ve got a double printed page here but otherwise they are
incredibly useful and yet I think even just the phone numbers is actually
pretty useful for a lot of this stuff because even I find on the Disney
website the phone numbers can be a little difficult to find sometimes and
you just want to get through to a restaurant directly knowing their number
and is just incredibly valuable this is how I actually got the Victorian Albert
number from this book not this one the one from 2015 but yeah really handy and
I’ll definitely be really all about this before we make the final decision on our
first classes and our dining reservations so next up is one of my
favorite books the Haunted Mansion from the Magic Kingdom to the movies and it
I’m not a big fan of the movie I’ll be honest I thought the movie was ok and I
also wasn’t that much of a fan of the ride before reading this book I kind of
thought what’s the point I don’t really get it like it’s not really my thing but
reading through this book I found incredibly interesting details not just
how they turned it into a screenplay like the title would suggest but it also
goes into a lot of background detail about the ride how they came up with the
concept why things are themed that the way that they are some of the technical
challenges that they faced in opening the attraction I just
it’s it was a really interesting read I read it in about a day when I think I
was hanging out of yours and I was just like I just kind of want to read this
and I just blitz straight through it and it gave me
a real new appreciation for the Haunted Mansion and everything that they do with
that attraction I picked this up from Disney actually from the art of Disney
shopping in Disney springs and I read the whole thing on the way back on the
flight and it’s really cool mean if you show a page like find a good one that
we’ve been kind of show there’s the detail and the pictures and the you know
it says it just really makes you appreciate the light the ride a lot more
and all the different variations in the different countries and why they’re
different in the different countries what they’ve done how they’ve changed
the story all that sort of the draw the mock-ups of them and things like it’s so
cool and yeah it’s definitely one of my favorite books I wish they would do more
of these for some of the classic attractions and just knowing a little
bit more about the malls like a backstage sort of information that would
be really cool but this this is amazing and I know you can still get it because
I saw it when I last ripped as well this is definitely still currently available
and that’s definitely one of the things that I did not know about the Haunted
Mansion as an attraction was just how much they really tailored it to the
folklore of each individual Park and like the culture of the area that it’s
in like how much they really do to try and make that fit in and try and make
sense of that within what their own cultural tour the tropes are the next
book doesn’t have any pictures and this is actually another one I picked up I
think with you in Florida and we get this one I’m pretty sure it was soon
after on Amazon actually oh really and we’ve seen it out there for sure
this is from the what’s the original kingdom keepers book Disney after duck
and they’ve made a massive big series of this I think I’ve only got the first
four and I’ve read the first two so I just I found this so good and it’s one
of those teen books isn’t it the I like that’s my reading level I found it
perfect there were bits of it that generally gave me nightmares like
there’s a bit in it whether toy the dolls from it’s a small world come alive
and stop chasing the boat down it’s terrifying I mean yeah I bear in mind
there aren’t much well there’s not much writing on each
page but I like that because I’m a really short attention span so I
probably get through a few pages of this rather than just normally when I read a
bit of everyone I’m like I’m done so I’ve really acted was telling you
about this remember me read now go on to this but this is really cool and it’s
based around the different theme parks this one’s based around Magic Kingdom I
think the second or third one whatever I was reading was based on animal kingdom
and they talked about the music and backstage areas that are actually a
thing they talk about going animal kingdom like backstage at the Safari and
the areas are talking about our real areas and it’s just so cool that it’s
really well researched and if you’re a Disney fan you can picture where it’s
taking place which is so cool I really really like this series it’s definite
young adult market and it’s probably not gonna be one of the best written books
that you’ll ever read but if you don’t mind kind of like the young adult style
and you are looking for something that’s kind of relevant to Disney World maybe
you’ve got younger teenagers like brace of leave maybe so for like eleven to
thirteen I would say I don’t know I would say you could go out to like
sixteen seventeen with this shop or me I’m Harry I generally was a bit like oh
bit because like oh my gosh but obviously everyone’s fine because
it’s a kids book but still bit there’s like it’s a solid young adult book and
it takes place in Disney and it’s got you into reading a series which i think
is a big sort of advertisement for that series and how good it is because you
just don’t read so to have you going yeah I want to read the next one it is
fantastic mm-hmm the next book I want to talk about is
actually quite a recent one for me didn’t I get this for Christmas this
year yes you did yeah for me mm-hmm yeah this
is the hidden magic of Walt Disney World and this is kind of a really cool book
it kind of gives like facts and a little bits of information and they say secrets
but I think if you know Disney well quite well like we do these aren’t some
of these aren’t surprising but there’s some really cool bits of information
about each attraction and why it’s got his name and things to look out for and
it’s just just really cool let me see if I can find a good example now this
particular one’s an obit date it I think they might an updated version that still
talks about the animation courtyard and things of
that let me see if I can find a good bit just to show you one thing I quite like
about it is it kind of has like I’m going through Tomorrowland at the moment
the years and which things came and went so it talks about the extra-terrestrial
alien encounter talks a bit about the legend of the Lion King which show which
was in my god well with that I think is where Phil ha magic is now I just tells
you bits of information the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and it just why I like
is whatever attraction it’s talking about it right some bold so if you’re
not kind of keen about that but you can flick to a particular part and go okay
all the Jungle Cruise or the parts the Caribbean and I kind of find out some
really cool information about it so really good but I don’t really want to
spoil any of the hints and tips and the secrets but it’s really good if you like
Disney World I definitely recommend this book there’s a lot of background
information that even if you’re familiar with they go into further detail about
so you may have heard like sort of a rough outline of maybe one of their
secrets or one of their stories but it really goes into a lot of detail about
the specifics of that story and you will pick up something you didn’t know it’s
almost guaranteed like even if you know loads of stuff like there is something
to learn in there and it is just really cool just reading about it I’ll go
through a couple of acts I think they’re quite obvious ones so like for example
The Fountains in wild friendship and Epcot contains water from rivers and
oceans from all around the world mm-hmm so they took bits of water think the way
they did it if I remember correctly from when I weathered they both took bottles
sent them to certain places people filled the bottles up and they sent it
back and put it in there the river and all the benches in Animal Kingdom are
made of milk bottles did you know that I didn’t know that yes they’re all made of
milk cartons or recycled milk cartons all the crocodile looking benches all that stuff I knew from
being a cast member but there’s some really cool facts in here that when you
go you can be like hey did you know that bench is made of milk cartons
so from wow your friends what we’ll have to do is before our next vlog we’ll have
to just memorize that little fat book and we can just bust out all the facts
whenever we want it well would you say it with us um whatever land were in
which is open to that page and just read it
we should remember it because then it we call it okay yeah the final book that we
want to talk about is one that again I bought for you as a present yes this is
my favorite Disney book by far and it yeah sure it’s the Imagineering book and
we bought this while we were actually out of disney in 2012 we were towards
the very end of the holiday and as is fairly standard for whenever we go away
Sarah had spent all of her money absolutely all of it and was like well
we’re going home in five days and I’ve got three dollars I wasn’t quite that
know this was the last day’s well we’re at Disney springs waiting to go to the
airport so don’t be giving me that I didn’t have the money that’s fair but I
actually think the wait ones like will you buy it for me and then I’ll pay you
back well was gonna be very very sad about it
and you were like I want this book but I don’t have any money and you were gonna
leave the shop and I was like well I will get it for you and you like well if
you’re sure I can get you the money when we get back to the UK and I was like no
it’s okay I’m not gonna ask you for the money like I just want to get you
something as a nice trip because you’ve done all of the planning for this trip
and there were six of us that went and you done all of the planning and all of
like the arranging of everything like pulling all of our plans together so
like you need something out of this this is gonna be a really cool book and you
can remember our trip every time you look at it so I wanted to get you the
Imagineering book and the reason we wanted it so much is because this book
is incredibly cool there is so much detail that’s pull out sections there’s
flip up sections there’s acetate lift ups that show you like blueprints
overlaid with photos overlay with diagrams like it’s just incredibly cool
and there’s so much that they talk about in this it’s a fantastic this is my
favorite one this is the page that sold me on the book so it’s got the different
stages from the initial drawing of the castle to the measurements and how
they’ll sort of build as if we could see this much like a real technical diagram
of the castle and then if you take that away
you’ve got the final product so it shows you all the different stages that they
went through to make it and kind of this has all the like you can see all the
measurements on errands or things like that it’s just really cool and they’re
made of different papers this is like printing paper this is like this much
but it’s just amazing I love this book and it was no kidding mean this is why I
don’t buy you nice things it was $60 so that is quite a lot but it’s an
incredible book there’s like sleeves you can pull out and if you’re interested in
Disney Disney Imagineering and about Disney World
it’s like a little bit clip-on I don’t think gonna see it from that lay
down Treasure of the imagination art library is just like diagrams and some
the original attractions which is really cool and yeah they put these little bits
of paper over all of them to keep them safe and I wanted kept that on there too
to look after them but it’s such a cool book it’s so good there’s just so much
art so much history so many drawings and concepts and sketches and just it’s just
packed full of whole loads of Disney history and that’s really incredible to
look back and it’s all focusing on that how did we come up with this and how did
we make it happen and here’s the dream here’s the the plan and here’s the
reality like look how well we did and I think it’s a fantastic celebration of
everything the Disney is accomplished okay you might be able to get on Amazon
I think you can get it online I think I looked it up but this is for us like one
that was really special for us to get from the park because it is just such a
nice memory about 2012 I know you can still get it there cuz again I saw this
woman up there as well so those are some of our favorite Disney Vic’s and I love
them all like I think the Imagineering is my favorite one it’s hard to be
there’s just so much to it and I mean to be honest it was a lot more expensive
than all the others but that’s just because it has so much more in it
mm-hmm definitely and I’m always on the lookout you know on our last trip
actually we did spend a lot of time looking in the book section for some
more books like that and there weren’t really that many at that point that we
saw that we really liked yeah nothing really jumped out of this it’s hard to
know like just at a quick glance like whether our books really gonna speak to
you and you’re really gonna engage with it so if you have any really good books
any bet do no Disney books because they won’t read any other pitches has to have
pictures then do leave them in the comments because we are on the lookout
for more books to bring back from the next trip yes that would be pretty
awesome and now here will the luggage space we can bring back all of the books
that can go on a shelf and then you can never read them they look pretty so
thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you next time bye bye
thank you for watching this video really hope you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up
if you did and why not subscribe to our Channel
you can also check out one of our other videos that should be on screen right
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21 Replies to “Our Favourite Disney Books!

  1. I love watching your videos… I've barely read any Disney books (which is odd considering I read most books) I'll have to have a look at these 😀❤️📗

  2. Really interesting topic. I've been a big fan of the Haunted Mansion since I was a kid and I need that book now 🙂 If you guys are interested in reading a Walt Disney biography, check out 'Walt Disney' by Neal Gabler – really in-depth look at his life and career, all the way from his childhood to the planning of Walt Disney World.

  3. I had a similar kind of book to the first one you talked about before I went last year. Two actually. It was a guide to Florida overall though but did cover Disney a lot obviously. I think getting a book about you're holiday makes reading easier as I never read like most people but read both guides cover to cover.
    Oh, and seeing as how you mentioned stocking fillers. It seems Supermarkets are getting excited for Christmas and stocking Christmas biscuits ALREADY.

  4. Is it wrong that I thought of Milk Bottle (Not the powder covered or Haribo ones specifically) sweets when you mentioned it.

  5. Have followed & enjoyed your vlogs for over a year. There is another book on the order of The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, from the Magic Kingdom to the Movies by Jason Sorrell.

  6. I understand what Ash means. I love reading and my husband doesn't. I will loose myself in a book for hours! I've bought him so many and they just get put away, I think the most reading he will do is open a text message!!
    I've got the hidden Mickey book, I love it, so many good facts! I'm definitely going to look for that huge imagineering book, that looks amazing!!! 💗

  7. I grew up loving literature; even studied it in college. However, I have always had a few bad habits: the worst of which is that I like to read something up to the last chapter and then… I kind of peter out. I don't know if I'm sad it's ending or what. I prefer listening to the radio now or audio books. It's nice to multi-task.

    Sarah, you look super chic in this vid!

  8. I LOVE reading, and books in particular! That is actually one shop I wish was at Disney Springs….an themed bookstore would be so awesome!!

  9. I agree about the unofficial guide it is my favorite. Have you used the website and touring plans you get with it? I find those extremely helpful.

  10. That Imagineering book looks amazing! Do you guys have 'The Disney Book'? I don't know if they sell it in WDW, I ordered mine on a Dutch webshop(bol.com) and I love it!

  11. I would recommend two books published by the same company that puts out the Unofficial Guide books: " The Disneyland Story" by Sam Gennaway and "Universal vs Disney" also by Sam Gennaway…both VERY good history books, but really fun history books!

  12. I have the hidden mickeys guide book it is fab for something like a little hidden treasure hunt around Disney xx I have a Harry Potter book like the last Disney book x it is amazing xx I wanted the imaginerring book but my lilo and stitch print won the competition xx

  13. Warning: obnoxiously long comment follows.

    My Disney book collection is… not insubstantial, shall we say (it may or may not take up two full shelves). A lot of great Disney books are out of print, but I was able to get them used on Amazon relatively inexpensively.

    I also have and love the Imagineering book, but I don't know if you know that it's a sequel. The original was released in 1996 and is out of print; I got a used copy for about $30. Although it isn't as visually impressive as its 2010 sequel, it's still really interesting and definitely worth a read.

    I also really like "Walt Disney's EPCOT Center: Creating the New World of Tomorrow," which is long out of print – it was a promotional book released in 1982 about Epcot, its original attractions, and its planning and conception. Although most of what it talks about no longer exists, it's really cool to see how the park originated, especially if you have any interest in the history of the parks. My used copy was only like $15.

    A more recent release that's still in print is "Maps of the Disney Parks," which is full of both planning and guest maps over the years for all of the Disney parks worldwide. Really good book. "Poster Art of the Disney Parks" is also really good; similar idea, but for attraction posters.

    If you're interested in the animation side of Disney, I've really enjoyed the "They Drew As They Pleased" books by Didier Ghez. They are essentially about Disney animation and concept art by the decade; thus far, the 1930s and 1940s Part 1 have been released, and the 1940s Part 2 will be released next month. On a similar vein, "Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation" was just released and although I haven't finished it yet, it is excellent so far.

  14. I'm always confused when "Disney" videos are about the parks and not the movies :'D
    no parks where I live …

  15. Unfortunately I didn't like the kingdom keepers books – but thank you for this video – might check out some others

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