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Imagine, every citizen would have
his own points account and pluses can For example, you collect by being nice
to his neighbors is and often his parents visited. For example, there are negatives
if you do not follow traffic rules. Who does not fall into the category A=”good
Man, “comes to the” black List “and could, among other things, difficulties
get at the apartment search. Sounds like a bad joke; is
but reality in China: Big Data and Big Brother lead there for mass surveillance
absolutely! How exactly that works, whether the government
actually educate their citizens and what the Chinese think about it – now
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than on YouTube. The link to it is in the video description. At the moment, more than 40 pilot projects are underway
in China, but by 2020 it’s supposed to be worldwide unparalleled social credit system nationwide
be introduced. Specifically, this is actually
a digital point account. Here are the “good” of the “bad”
Distinguished citizens and the digital “leadership account” has far-reaching consequences for everyone
Individual. Hold on, because now I quote
the goal of the whole project, that in the government plan is recorded: “The trustworthy
should be able to roam freely under the sky, while the discredited heavy
is made to take a single step. ” Oh dear – even more in the privacy of one
People penetrate almost already no more! From 1000 collected pluses heard
to the “good citizens” who do not care have come to school. But how do you get pluses as a Chinese? For example, by being his without hesitation
Bills pay, politically not noticeable and always on the road
the rules holds. Also the behavior in the net and in social media networks
is monitored and evaluated. Some regions even monitor
whether to visit his parents regularly and whether you help them financially
or at least in the household helps! All are to be recorded over 18 years,
then all with level A, so 1000 Start points. The authorities record, for example, one
engaged in volunteering, whether one Donate or arrest. For example, if you pay 1000 yuan for one
good purpose donates, there are five points on top; if you have an award from
the city gets, all 30 pluses. And that can pay off: because who the
High of 1300 points in his account booked, gets discounts. For example, on the water bills, the
to pay. Then of course you have the best chances
be promoted or even one Job to come. And of course some fathers-in-law want it too
the points account of the potential partner know her daughter. Who on the other hand at level C with only 600 points
sagged or even underneath, only gets hard an apartment or a loan. Already there are millions of Chinese
on the “black list” because they are from the System to be punished for their sins and
for example, no penalty for punishment or trains can book more. Quasi house arrest or a weakened
Form of a prison. A little bit that reminds of the Schufa
in Germany, but that only gives information about the financial situation of a person
and not in his moral, private and police history. And not only as a private person you will be in
China rated, but also as a company. To add surcharges for public contracts
you have to get the points account first submit to the company. Most Chinese just take it
or have it in the watchdog accept; Many only see the benefits. The system only encourages you to do more
to do good things. And finally, so will the safety
guaranteed in the cities; also could one recognizes so well whether the opposite one
“Good” or “worse” is. But you have to say that the Chinese
quasi grown up with such ideas. In Communism there was a file for everyone
in the political attitude, rule violations and private information was listed. In addition, public monitoring is in
China has been very much for a long time more pronounced than we are here in Germany
know. There are about 180 million surveillance cameras
distributed throughout the country; By 2020 it should the 600 million. Integrated in it are of course face recognition programs
and so only recently could one of the Authorities wanted man between 60,000 others
Spectators arrested in a huge stadium has been. Entering offices and student residences
now only via face recognition – and in some restaurants you can meanwhile
pay by facial recognition. There are public toilets per face
60 cm toilet paper – but not more. To the cameras comes the enormous data pool
of the Internet, which is more than 770 million Chinese use. In addition, a lot of cashless payments and so
Big Data and Big Brother come together. Alibaba, Amazon and co pursue online behavior
the user and predict it. Curious, because actually had dictatorships
worldwide always feared the internet. For sure, that’s what citizens can do
inform and get together. But China is now using Big Data for
one’s own purposes and wants with these digital ones Ways to educate its citizens. At the same time, the government is doing so
sure to receive the one-party system remains. Critics compare the whole thing with Orwell
and urgently warn that others too States could follow suit. And surely it’s just a question
the time until the rewards or Punishments be expanded. We will keep you up to date. If you do not have a video about it and also about all of them
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