Oprah Addresses Apple TV+ Talk Show Rumors

So this is exciting. You’re doing all kinds
of things with Apple? Yes. And one of them is? One of them is we’re starting
the Oprah’s Book Club on Apple. On Apple. This is so exciting for me. It’s the reason why I wanted
to partner with Apple, because you can build
this entire community around the world. Because they’re in a
billion pockets, y’all. A billion pockets. And you can have everybody
in the world reading the same book, then going to
@oprahsbookclub on Instagram, having the conversation. But it all starts with Apple. We’re doing interviews
from Apple stores around the world
with the authors. That’s fantastic. Isn’t it? And the first book is? The first book is– oh my god,
this book is so fantastic. I haven’t read a
book like this– You want to know the name of it? Oh I know, I’m listening to it. It’s amazing. It’s called The Water Dancer. OK. By Ta-Nehisi Coates. All right. Now he is a genius writer. This is his first novel. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. And it– I haven’t felt this way
since I read Beloved, actually. Wow. He has Toni Morrison
qualities in terms of being able to have the
mastery of the language and using words to transform
the way you see somebody. So umm–And also with Apple, we
should mention there’s rumors that you’re possibly
going to do a talk show? No. Well I’m kind of done
with the talk show. I know but why are
there rumors about that? I think there are
rumors about it because I’m also
going to be doing– I can do whatever I want. That’s what’s wonderful about– [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I can do whatever I want. So I’m going to be doing– You sure can. –documentaries. And I’m also going to be doing– you know, I’ll do interviews
when something comes along that feels like, oh
gee, I would want to sit down and
talk to that person. But I’m kind of done
with the everyday. Yeah. I’m going to let
you handle that. You’re the gold standard. Oh, well that’s really– The gold standard. Thank you. You’re sweet. All right. And then how do you like
to read a book best? Do you like to
read the hard copy? How do you like to read it? Well I like to
read the hard copy. But I also like to
read on my iPad. You know why? Because when you’re reading,
particularly in bed at night, you know it goes to night mode. Right. And so you don’t have to– I don’t have to keep Stedman up. It goes to night mode. Right. And also when I’m traveling,
you have hundreds of books that you access. Exactly. So I love the iPad. All right. So then everybody here
should get an Apple iPad. [APPLAUSE] So here’s the deal– And you’re going to get– You’re going to get– Of course. Hold on. Hold on. You’re going to get
the iPad, and you’re going to get $100 gift card. So that you can get the book. So that you can get the books. It’s for the book. So that you can get the book. We’ll be right back.

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