Opposition party leader denounces plans for gov′t-issued history textbook 전화연결

We start with the latest reaction to the government′s
confirmation that a single, state-issued history textbook will be re-introduced into
the nation′s secondary schools in 2017. Korea′s main opposition New Politics Alliance
for Democracy is up-in-arms. The party′s leader, Moon Jae-in,…
released a statement this morning denouncing the government.
For more on what Mr. Moon had to say,… we are going to connect to our Park Ji-won,
who′s standing by at the National Assembly. Ji-won,… fill us in.
Hi, Mark. The NPAD′s leader Moon Jae-in has just
wrapped up a press conference here. Moon slammed the government for unilaterally
forging ahead with its plan,… ignoring what he said was the public′s growing demand
that the plan be scrapped. Calling the government′s move totalitarian,…
he urged the public to reject the state-issued textbook.
The liberal party′s leader vowed to stop the government by joining hands with civil
organizations. Moon said that,… from this moment, the
NPAD was in this fight for the long-haul. He said the NPAD plans to also make use of
all legal means available to it, such as filing a constitutional complaint, and for
a provisional injunction to stop the education ministry′s move.
The liberal party is concerned the textbook might gloss over Korea′s dictatorial past,
and damage academic diversity and young Koreans′ knowledge of history.
The NPAD desperate to see this history textbook plan consigned to history itself. The government
is standing its ground though…. and more details about the new textbook have been released…
tell us about that. Yes, the National Institute of Korean History,…
which has been entrusted by the education ministry to put the new history textbook together,…
has just revealed its criteria for how the book will be written.
The head of the institute said that the new textbook will be based on the Consitution
and facts,… and the public can be assured that the text will be objective and fair.
The group of historians who will join the project will be confirmed by the end of this
month. The institute plans complete the book by next
November. If everything goes as the government plans,
the books will be introduced from March 2017. This has been Park Ji-won,… reporting
live from the National Assembly.

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