One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s good y’all? This week on Thug Notes we crackin’ UP wit One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. Thangs WHACK as usual up in da nut house, where we gettin the DL from our HUGE ASS narrator Chief Bromden. Dude been survivin’ in this trap fo’ years
by fakin’ like he don’t speak and can’t hear shit. Chief layin low like he do, when WILD-ass
white boy Randle McMurphy come rollin’ in. Mac may SEEM like he screwy in da head, but
on the real, he just puttin up a front so he can kick it in the loony bin instead of
doin’ hard labor in the slammer. Ain’t nuthin tickle McMurphy’s balls mo’
than raisin’ hell and stickin’ it to the man. Up in here, tho, “THE MAN” is Nurse Ratched,
a hardass she-beast who runs the ward wit an iron first, an’ perfect pair o’ tit-tays. No, fo’ real man, page 11 say she got some NICE boobs. Despite being a baby-face beezy with a soft voice, girl swingin the biggest d*ck in da ward. Ratched runnin deez boys lives like they ain’t nuthin but her puppets. She FORCE em’ to pop pillz on the daily;
she ZAP their brains with Electro shock treatment, talk smack right to their FACES, pit them
against each other during therapy and even LOBOTOMIZES em’ when they step outta line. Mac-daddy ain’t gonna let this bitch do
his boys like dat. So brutha mess with Nurse Ratched’s head by fuckin’ up her perfect system: he talk mess behind her back, start runnin’ an illegal game of cards, kick up a shit storm demanding to watch the World series, and even jacks
a boat so da whole posse can get their fishing game on. But Nurse Ratched don’t play man. When she bout had it with Macmurphy’s bullshit,
she strap him to a bed and give him electro shock treatment straight to the dome. BZZZZZZ! DAYUM, GIRL. THAT’S HARSH! It ain’t all bad, though. McMurphy’s “fuck da man” attitude inspires the other homies to start stickin up fo’ themselves. Even Chief show his real self to Mac and soon enough, they become real tight. Lata, McMurphy decide to go hard in the paint and sneak two hoes into the joint so his boy Billy can lose his cherry. Errybody havin’ a good ol’ time drankin
on some liquor, poppin pillz, and sippin on sizzurp they got from the pharmacy. After everybody pass da fuck out, Nurse Ratched
walks in on a COMPLETE SHITSHOW. Billy got dat goofy-ass smile on his face
now that he nutted, but when Ratched threatens to tell his mama that her boy been stickin
his dick in some strange, brutha WIGS OUT AND SLICES HIS OWN THROAT. DAMMNN! HE DEAD! After Ratche try to blame McMurphy fo’
Billy’s suicide, Mac goes HYPHY an’ straight CHOKES A BITCH! Oh yeah, and he rips her dress open and dem
tit-tays start bouncin all over the place. It’s in the book man! He don’t kill her, but girl is F**KED up
and can’t speak fo’ weeks. Gettin crunk on Nurse Ratched like that make the law come down on Mac HARD. They strap him to the table again and give
him a lobotomy. Now he ain’t nuthin mo’ than a mindless
zombie. But Chief don’t want to see his boy go out
like dat. People need to remember him as da righteous gangsta he was, not this busted-ass thang thats been broken by the system. Da haters can’t win! So Chief puts a pillow over McMurphy’s face
and ghosts him. But with love, ya know? Then brutha lifts a heavy-as-fuck control
panel, chucks it through the window, and busts ass outta dat institution. When this book hit da streets in the 1960s,
dark shit was goin down at asylums on da reg- patients gettin whooped on, humiliated, and
put on the short leash like they ain’t nuthin but dogs. When you treated like less than human, how
da hell you gonna survive when you get out? Ain’t that the f**king POINT of getting
treatment??? Nobody better representin’ this crooked
bulls**t than one of da biggest ball breakers in all da lit game: Nurse
Ratchety-Ratched. “You’re committed, you realize. You are … under the jurisdiction of me … the
staff.” She’s holding up a fist, all those red-orange
fingernails burning into her palm. “Under jurisdiction and control-” (127-28)
Girl flexin’ her authority like a straight up dictator. She FORCE homies to take pillz they don’t
wanna take, she schedule every minute of their lives, man- she even got a lock on what what
go on inside their heads. Instead of buildin’ a brutha up, she jus’
break em down til they can’t even function outside da system. Their bunk-ass situation best represented
by dat big hydro console. That thang so damn heavy, there ain’t no
chance it’s goin anywhere. Just like dem boys- They ain’t never gonna
leave this trap cuz da system weighin down on their confidence like a ball and chain. But when Mac roll up on the spot, he take
a big ol dump on Ratched’s game by tryin to lift dat console- both metaphorically and on the real. See, he tryna convince deez cats that they
don’t need some bitchy hag with giant tits tellin’ em they broken and need to be controlled. Naw, blood. They got da juice to control they OWN lives. They just need someone like Mac to give em
the confidence to buck Ratched’s crooked system. When Chief chunk dat big console out the window,
he do just that- he liberates them from da mental bulls**t that’s been weighin em down
fo years. Da scurriest thang is tho this ratchedy ass
nurse don’t need no muscle to flex like a dictator. Naw. This girl’s most gangsta weapon is her voice. Her soft, bitchy flow is enough to make a
brutha’s nuts shrivel up to raisins! What makes it so dangerous is dat she able
to front like she bein’ pleasant, but on the real, she controllin these homies like
the nastiest of thugz. So when Mac take her voice away fo a couple
weeks after chokin her out, it’s like he taking away her power, man. Ratched is too gangsta to just sit back and
take it. She gets back at Mac by taking away HIS power-
the ability to inspire confidence and freedom in da boyz. But Chief don’t let it go down like dat. By killing Mac before erryone see him all
whacked out in da head, Chief allows Mac’s message to live on. The system might be able to break a man, but
they can’t break an idea. Mac sacrificin’ himself to inspire da other
homies make him straight Jesus-like. Fo one, when he take the bruthas on a fishing
trip, there’s 12 of em- just like Jesus and his 12 apostles. And just check these quotes when he bout to
get zapped: “Anointest my head with conductant. Do I get a crown of thorns?” (237) “You are strapped to a table, shaped,
ironically, like a cross, with a crown of electric sparks in place of thorns.” (64-65) Yuh, it sound like McMurphy’s a pretty righteous
dude, but is it for real? Does he really want the men to grow bigger
balls and stand up for themselves, or does he just like f**king with people? After all, this playa lied about bein’ cray
just so he could dodge hard labor, so we know he ain’t da MOST jesus-like dude. Maybe Mack doesn’t give a s**t about the
others. Maybe he just like to start s**t so he ain’t
bored. We may not have nuthouses that do you like
this anymo’, but da don’t mean we free from dat kinda mental control. These days, we told dat any problem can be
solved by just poppin a pill. If you got somethin abnormal about you, then you SICK and gotta be treated. So has any real progress been made since this
book hit the streets? Have we really broken out of these crooked
institutions? Or are we all we just living in a BIGGER institution? Hmm.. Yo thanks for kickin it wit yo boy, man. I’ll catch y’all next time, padnas. Peace.

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  1. Actually I've known people who have been wrongfully put in institutions and according to them they're still horrible and less than humane a lot of times

  2. For those wondering if the mental health system has improved, the answer is no. Alot of the same problems persist. Lobotomies and electroshocks are gone, but thats about it.

  3. This is related to the 7:24 marker of this video: I live in a country where the vast majority of advertising on TV is related to dietary supplements or drugs that promise to prevent or solve a great number of problems that the human body MIGHT face. So Sparky is spot on here. Also, as the mental ward where the novel takes place is part of a bigger Institution, it's the same in the real world: in the big picture, we are also part of a bigger institution controlling every aspect of our lives. No wonder this novel was banned in the past – actually, it is still being banned in some places in the present… This book should be studied in schools!

  4. Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill gotta incorporate ghetto ebonixs as essential for their ultra erudite "trivium method"

  5. strange that mcmurphy is compared to jesus when the entire christian message is that humanity is all fucked up and that they have to adhere to the rules and morals of a party superior to them in order to be 'forgiven' or be imprisoned and tormented forever.

    sounds more like what nurse ratched was about to me. who was the real rebel figure in the bible? the one that seems more about defying systems and encouraging the power of the individual over extreme order and submission?

  6. Excellent video, but you skipped over Cheswick, and the glass window. I felt like those were huge in the story

  7. Please do either Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs or Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet! Both of which are my favorite books!

  8. The interesting thing is that the main character actually does have symptoms that could be diagnosed as ADHD coupled with ODD.
    The theme of corruption and self-preservation in the system is evident in that the nurse is more interested in order than properly and diagnosing the protagonist.

  9. I’d love to see you look at any of the Hannibal Lecter books. Hearing Lecter with a thug voice is too funny to ignore.

  10. God bless u for this I’m so fucking HAPPY DUDE


  11. "have we really broken free of the institution? or are just in a bigger institution?" advertisement starts.
    i know my boy Sparky needs that paper, but damn homie, that irony done me wrong!


  13. Could you please do a summary and analysis of Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd" and "Jude the Obscure" . And Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot" . And how about George Eliot's (aka Mary Evans) " Middlemarch " ? I hope you consider . merci, gracias, thanks and peace .

  14. Thank God Ronnie Reagan shut those evil places down. Now the mental patients can sleep in comfort on the sidewalks for the rest of their pathetic lives. Or maybe become spree killers.

  15. Thats so dangerous thinking that mental heath just people popping pills. Yea some shit is way over diaignosed. But id like for him to go away in logg cabin locked in there with me for a week and me not take my meds. It fuckimg hell ull be screaming u want help in 2 days

  16. Speaking of “popping a pill” to solve problems, I was actually in a mental ward a couple of times (depression). After seeing the movie version of this book, I kind of realized that it felt the same. The psychiatrist at the hospital I stayed in didn’t seem to care about us actually feeling better. He just prescribed pills until one made us at least be able to fake being better (in fact, I remember the first time I went I thought I was fine, but realized it was because I didn’t know how to use what I learned in the hospital in the outside world, and just eventually spiraled back down again. Not to mention the medication he prescribed to me wasn’t supposed to be taken by people in my age group at the time. My actual psychiatrist freaked out about it and was scared I became addicted to it). When you learn about how psychological disorders used to be treated, you kind of realize it hasn’t changed much :/

  17. This sounds like an impersonation of a black person by a square for squares to enjoy. I enjoy it, for the sparknotes.

  18. You’re screaming the summary like there is no other day to tell. But thx for the summary and I’m glad, I hope it will help me for the test.

  19. 7:38

    "Have we really broken out of the crooked institutions, or are we all living in a bigger institution?"

    I felt this part so damn much.

  20. WAKE UP PEOPLE, This channel is full of Satan worshipers, they have Saturn in the banner, black and white lines just like the freemasons who worship Satan.

  21. hahahahhaahahaha I had an essay due on this. and I wrote what was said. straight up got me an A. plagiarism checkers check for written work.

  22. It doesn't say that she has big boobs it's page 20 and it's not nurse ratchet it's a picture of a girl harding has on his bedside table

  23. Analysis balls on. Didn't see MacMurfey; Christ parallel, I read the Book; I seen there movie. Thanks for post, you big 'ol illuminators of understanding

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