On Purpose

Hi! I’m Anne Curzan, and I’m the new dean
of the College of Lliterature, Science and the Arts or LSA. I’m honored and excited
to step into this new role for the college. I’m a proud alum of LSA: I
received my PhD from the University of Michigan in 1998 and I returned to the
faculty in 2002. So if you’re doing the math, this is my 18th year on the faculty
as a member of the English department, the linguistics department, and the
School of Education. Every day I feel fortunate to be part of this remarkable
college surrounded by exploration and discovery. All across the college, faculty
are exploring questions, fascinating cutting edge research, about the workings
of the natural world, about human societies, about human creativity and
ethics. The breadth of the questions we’re
exploring is breathtaking, and if you’re an undergraduate I hope that you will
get involved in some of this research as well as explore classes that just seem
interesting to you. We want you to find the questions that genuinely excite you.
And you never know–you might change your major. I did. I started college as a math
major, and then I discovered linguistics, and I fell in love. The excellence of the
college resides in the people in the college, and I am committed to
prioritizing our strategic work to ensure that this is a diverse, equitable,
and inclusive college where everyone can thrive. In the coming year, you’re going
to hear me talking a lot about core values such as exploration and
purposeful inclusion and about purpose. I am a firm believer in identifying
thoughtfully what gives us purpose as individuals and as a college so that we
can be sure to train the focus on the work that really matters to us. That
matters to us as individuals and as a college and work that advances the
common good. You’re also going to hear me talking a lot about well-being, and
that’s because well-being really matters. I want to make sure that LSA is a place
where everyone can flourish as a student as a scholar,
as a professiona,l and as a person. Please know that I and the rest of the team in
the LSA dean’s office are here to help whenever and however you need us. Our
goal is to ensure that you can do your best work, and I wish for all of you of
rewarding meaningful healthy and fun academic year.

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