Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Summary

We’re gonna run this town tonight! (trap music
beat) (looks of shame) What’s up slackers? Today we’re going to be talking about of Mice
and Men Chapter 2. This chapter starts off setting the scene inside of a bunk house.
A bunk house is a place where a bunch of guys lived who worked on ranches. In this particular
bunk house there’s 8 beds and 3 of the beds are empty. This old man brings George and
Lennie into the bunk house later in the chapter you find out this guys name is Candy. Now
Candy, the old man, he’s described as being tall, and skinny, and he’s also missing an
arm. Candy the old man also has an old dog who smells bad and is blind. When George and
Lennie walk into the room and look into the empty beds, in one of the cabinets over the
empty beds there’s a can that says kills lice and other scourges. George questions why this
can’s in there and the old man says the last guy, who was a blacksmith, happened to be
a clean freak. Candy, the old man, tells George and Lennie that the boss was mad that they
weren’t there that morning for breakfast. George asks the old man what the boss is like.
The old man says the boss is pretty nice and that last Christmas he gave all the workers
a gallon of whiskey to drink. Next, the boss comes into the room. He’s described as being
short, staulky, a little man. He’s dress like a cowboy and you can tell by his cloths that
he doesn’t work on the ranch. The boss asks George and Lennie why they were late. George
says that the bus driver dropped them off too early and that they had to walk there.
The boss then asks for their names and where they worked before. George answers all of
the questions. Every time the boss isn’t looking George looks over at Lennie and make sure
that Lennie remembers not to say anything. As George is answering the boss’s questions
the boss asks why he won’t let Lennie answer anything. George says that Lennie is dumb
by that he works like an ox. At this point, Lennie chuckles to himself and repeats that
he works like an ox. George looks over at Lennie and gives him a stern look. Like a
parent scolding their child. The boss questions if George is taking Lennie’s pay. George defends
himself and says that he doesn’t take Lennies pay but that they’re cousins and that he promised
to take care of Lennie and that Lennie got kicked in the Head by a house when he was
a child. The boss says that he’s going to keep an eye on George and that he’s seen wise
guys before. The boss asks why they left their last ranch. George lies and says that the
job was just finished. And says that they were just digging cesspools. The boss stops
interrogating George and says that they will be working with Slim. He tells George and
Lennie that they will be picking up barley. After the boss leaves George starts scolding
Lennie for opening his mouth. Lennie asks George why he lied about them being cousins
and about him getting kicked in the head by a horse. George suddenly notices the old man
listening outside the door. He goes outside the door and confronts Candy, the old man.
The old man says he wasn’t listening but that he was just sitting there petting his sheep
dog. The bosses son then comes into the room and he’s the spinning image of his father.
His name is Curley. Curley asks them if they’re the new guys. George starts to answer him
but Curley interrupts him and says let the big guy answer. George, out of desperation,
keeps talking to try to get them out of it. This just infuriates Curley and he demands
that Lennie answer him. Lennie finally answers a few simple questions. Curley tells Lennie
that he will speak when spoken to. Curley leaves and George asks the old man why Curley
has a chip on his shoulder. Basically, the old man says that he has short man syndrome
and that he wants to pick a fight with every tall person out there. He also says that it’s
in part because he’s the boss’s son. And part of it is because Curley just got married and
his wife keeps flirting with all the other ranch workers. George warns the old man that
if Curley picks a fight with Lennie things are going to go bad. Basically, he has retard
ridiculous strength. The old man says that he thinks that Curley married a tart. Which
in 1930’s tart meant prostitute. The old man gossips that apparently Curley keeps Vaseline
in one of his gloves, to keep his hands soft for his wife. The old man, Candy, makes sure
that George and Lennie aren’t going to say anything. George warns Lennie not to mess
with Curley. George also comments that he hates people like Curley. He reminds Lennie
that if something happens to go by the brush by the river. Curley’s wife suddenly comes
into the bunk house. She is described as having curly hair and that she’s all did up with
make up and red fingernail polish. She says she’s looking for Curley. The whole time she’s
talking to George and Lennie she’s really flirtatious. Slim walks by and says to Curley’s
wife. “How’s it going good look’n.” Slim tells her that Curley’s at the how. Throughout the
whole chapter I was looking to see if it ever mentioned Curley’s wife’s name. It only refers
to her as jail bait and tart. So she’s clearly kind of a scank. So much so that they didn’t
even mention her name. Curley’s wife then leaves and George comments that she’s a scank.
After she leaves Lennie is in sort of a trance and he keeps repeating about how pretty she
is. George warns Lennie not to look at her. Lennie tells George that he doesn’t like it
here and that he wants to leave. George says that once they get enough money they’ll buy
some equipment and they’ll start panning for gold. Suddenly, a tall guy with black greasy
hair comes into the room. He’s described as commanding respect and having an ageless face.
It’s mentioned that when you first see him you could tell that could whip a fly off of
a bulls butt without even touching the bull. This is Slim. They refer to him as a jerkline
skinner. A lead skinner is a lead driver of a team of horses. Automatically, Slim is super
nice to George and Lennie. He says that he want them on his team for work. He asks George
and Lennie how they work. George comments that he works pretty much average but that
Lennie works like a monster. Slim, noticing that they take care of one another, comments
that it’s good for guys to do that. As they’re talking a guy with a beer belly walks into
the room this guys name is Carlson. Carlson meets them and when George introduces Lennie
as Lennie Small, he jokes about Lennie not being very small at all. Carlson asks Slim
about his dog Lulu. Slim says that Lulu had pups last night and that he had to drown 4
out of the 9 pups because he dog couldn’t handle feeding all of them. Carlson asks why
they don’t shoot Candy’s dog because it stinks and it’s so old. The dinner triangle then
rings and Slim says that they should go to dinner before the food disappears. When it’s
just George and Lennie, Lennie excitedly asks George if he can have one of the pups. Because
in the last chapter George promised him a puppy. As they’re leaving Curley comes in
and asks if they’ve seen his wife George says that he saw his wife about a half hour ago.
Curley leave like a jerk and George mentions to Lennie that he wants to fight Curley. After
that they head to dinner. Thank you for watching Book Cheats! Please like and subscribe! Click
the link down below for chapter 3. If you have any questions about your homework. Please
leave it below and i’ll get to it as soon as I can. Good luck and slack on!

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