Oedipus The King – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Happy Valentine’s day, thugs. Today, we searchin for some muthaf**kin truth with “Oedipus The King” by Sophocles. Man, it is rainin sh*t on the
kingdom of Thebes. A plague been killin homies by the stack, and now errybody askin King Oedipus what he gonna do bout it. When word comes from da Oracle of Apollo, Oedipus finds out that the murderer of the old king, Laius, is in town. And if he wanna save his people from the plague, dat fool has got to go. When da blind prophet, Tiresias, swangs in to Thebes, Oedipus ask dis fool, “Who dis mystery killa be?” Since Mr. T pities dat fool, he aint wanna tell him the cold truth. Oedpius be like, “Man, cut the
bullsh** and start talkin, fool.” So, Tiresias oblige a brotha and say that Oedipus smoked the ol’ king. Oedipus all like, “What you say?!” Tired of gettin called out, dat blind prophet starts runnin his mouth: “Yo Oedipus, stop frontin. You don’t even know who your parents are. And when you do find da truth, it’s gonna
be lights out, playboy.” Then, Oedipus’s hunny, Jocasta, tell
him not to pay that hater no mind. First off, Laius was killed by a crew of gang bangers. And second, some prophecies don’t mean sh*t. Laius was supposed to be murked by his own son, so he and Jocasta tossed dat baby. S’all good now, right? But after Jocasta describes where
Laius got shanked, Oeddy be like, “Oh, sh*t. Now dat you mention it, maybe I did kill dis fool. My bad.” Back in the day, Oedipus cruised over to Apollo’s Oracle and heard that he was gonna murk his own daddy and pork his mama. So, our boy flips sh*t and bounces outta Corinth, never to return. On the way to Thebes, he wrecked some haters cuz they got all up in his grill. Turns out, one of those haters was Laius! Then, Oedipus gets the word from a messenger that Corinth wasn’t actually his original hood. Naw, Baby Oed was found chillin near a mountain. And according some nappy-ass shepherd, Lauis’s son was dropped off at the same spot! Oh sh*t! That means Oedipus been bonin his mama! His mama! And his kids are his brothas and sistas? Aww, man…that’s nasty, man. Disgusting. So, they do the only logical thing: Jocasta kills herself, and Oedipus stabs his eyes out wit gold pins. Then, Oedipus throws up the deuce to all of Thebes and spends the rest of his days wandering the earth. This sh*t, right here, is widely considered to be the dankest of all Greek plays. Even Sigmund Freud, the big daddy
of psychoanalytic theory, say errybody got such a hard-on for this play, cuz we all just like Oedipus — “his destiny moves us only because it might have been ours — because the oracle laid the same curse upon us before our birth as upon him. It is the fate of all of us, perhaps, to direct our first sexual impulse towards our mother and our first hatred and our first murderous wish against our father. Our dreams convince us that this is so.” Lemme lay this on ya, playboy. Sophocles droppin images of knowledge and ingance on yo bitch ass like you ain’t even know. For example, Oedipus’s name recalls the Greek word “oida” which means “I know,” or “I have seen.” Ever since showin out by solvin da riddle of the sphinx, King Oeddy been gettin mad props for droppin knowledge on all dem Theben suckas. And now he got a big ol’ head cuz of it. But after gettin bitch-slapped by the truth, our boy recognize that he don’t know a damn thing. So, Sophocles spittin some top rank
paradox up in here. When Oedipus had his eyes, he couldn’t recognize the truth. But when dat fool blind as Tiresias, he can finally see what’s up. That’s a big-ass reversal son. In fact, Aristotle was all up on dis play’s nuts cuz of dat swole reversal, or “peripeteia,” in ancient Greek. Cuz the playa who was askin da question, ended up being da answer; the doc who was searchin for the cure, ended up bein the sickness. In a situation that f**ked up, it’s hard to believe the gods ain’t got his ass on a leash. Hell, every single prophecy bout daddy-slayin and mama-lovin turned out to be the raw truth. So if the gods got Oedipus’s game on lock, does he get to do any shot-callin? Some ivory tower Gs think he do. In spite of all the wack-ass mess that Oedipus gotta grind through, he still got da freedom to chase da truth. Every single step of the way, there
be haters tryin to tellin him to slow his roll. But Oedipus ain’t no bitch. He goes hard in the paint and finds the truth, even if it means losin his throne, his eyes, and never havin the ability to get a boner again. Naw I mean? So, was it worth it? Maybe. But no
matter what, you gotta give it up for our boy, Oedipus. Cuz chasin da truth may be the only
real human freedom we got. Yo, thanks for watchin. Make yo V-Day
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  1. I did both psychology and classical civilization, and got to Oedipus in both at the same time. It really bothered me that Oedipus technically didn't have an Oedipus complex as he didn't know who his real parents were.
    Another thing that frustrates me is that by ancient Greek terms, Oedipus was a great king – just, wise, defeated monsters, and was a good father. He was cursed with the prophecy and his eventual fate because of something his father did. He was a tragic hero – emphasis on hero.
    Yes, he did kill someone- however given his status and the culture at that time, rather than it being a horrific event to be severely punished, he would have gotten very little retribution as it wasn't considered as big of a deal. So Oedipus was even more of a tragic hero back then!
    Made a mistake, and was given extreme undue retribution.
    Not saying what he did was right. But in the end, the person to blame for Oedipus' horrible fate was not himself but his father.

  2. Thank you so much. Now I finally understand what the hell was going on. I mean I kind of got it when I read it but you made it so simple and humorous so it was so enjoyable.

  3. Aside from his spot-on summaries and analysis, I like how he incorporates small details related to the book, like his clothes, props, or introductions.

  4. I have to read this thing for my college literature class… for thanksgiving break, this is helpful very much so- thank you.

  5. Moral of the story: don't attempt murder on your babies. They come back. And they will fuck you. And they will kill you.

  6. Dis summary and analysis overlooks a very important thang!!!
    'Fore knowin' what's what, Oedipus up n' curses the boi who merc'd the old king, THAT be his tragic flaw.

  7. I’ve had to study this for 2 classes now and this is easily the most hilarious summary of the story. I mean, I like to make a habit of retelling old stories in casual language, but it’s not NEARLY as entertaining at this one. Love this series!!

  8. He wrote a whole book about a guy smoking his dad and fucking his mom, and they make us study this shit

  9. Typical. Your just sitting there minding your own business and some oracle shows up in your hood and fucks everything up.

  10. Love this as a teacher, but unfortunately cannot use it in a catholic school because of the raunchy language. Maybe an edited version of the obscenities?

  11. Could you please do the other two parts of the play, I would love to see videos on Oedipus at Constantinople and Antigone

  12. That intro though😏
    *I saw what you did there*😏😏😂😂😂
    But the last line was like some serious slap of truth on our faces.

  13. I'm an English major and honestly, this man helps me get through almost everything. I have a presentation tomorrow on Oedipus complex and the part where he mentioned our first sexual impulses and murderous wishes will help me out big time. Thank you so much thug notes. When you think standard English in the classroom is the way to go but thug notes do it raw and much better.

  14. Greek mythology is weird. When the gods give you a prophecy you don't like but accept it, it doesn't happen. But if you go against it, it happens.

  15. as a Greek i feel the need to correct a mistake here… according to the myth the play is based on, the name Oedipus that btw is written in Greek as Οιδήπους comes from the fact that when he was send by his father in Thebes to die on a mountain abandoned by a shepherd that shepherd had tied the baby by the ankles and hang it over his shoulder on his back and that made his ankles swollen so name comes from oidema ( swelling) and pous = foot, and not related to his ability to see

  16. Why was this the easiest, and most coherent overview of this story I could find? Is there something wrong with me? Lol loved it!

  17. This is gold. "Make your V day extra hot with some dope swag" (As he refers to the shirt he's wearing). And it was uploaded a few days prior to Valentine's Day. Dayyumm!

  18. We all are fucking our own mothers: when i see persons partner, they are really similar as their parents. Thats why hos with daddy issues end up with man who beats her and is cold and distant, for example.

  19. My how the Greeks love their tragedies. I blame the oracles of wanna be gods who seem to cause the problems, not solve them. Had Oedipus decided never to mess with divination, he would have lived a peaceful life, but the gods weren't having it. The story of Oedipus the King should be enough to warn you to stay far away from Apollo and his minion oracles in caves.

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