Oddball Aeronauts Final Thoughts

okay final thoughts time for oddball aeronauts wow what a very very cool game this is I mean this game get so much out of such a simple deck of cards I mean actually I was a little bit nervous about it when I when I first read in the designer contacted me and said he wanted to send a copy of it cuz i was like that really sounds a lot like Top Trumps and now i should say I don’t think my American viewers probably a lot of them don’t know what Top Trumps is Top Trumps is this ridiculously popular series of card games that is in english children’s card game has been around since like the 60s there’s been billions of these talk trump card it’s really it’s always a game where everybody has their deck of cards there’s three stats on a given card and they pick one and whoever has the highest at wind you know this is the simplest Trump thing in the universe and you know it’s fine for little kids it’s like yo I’m when I was a little kid I grew up playing war as a card game and or go fish and in England bill kids grow up playing Top Trumps and I thought wow there’s not much there it’s not much of a game but this game adds so much because it’s not just the top card it’s the top three cards and each card has a different power and the next cards below those top three cards have more and more powers so you’re not just thinking about well let me choose my highest number you know your arse really thinking about um you know how many cards why why stand to lose o the day choose this that means if I lose I’m gonna have to discard two extra cards I see if I dislodge two extra cards that would actually put this card on the top and that would give me a really good turn next turn and whereas if I won that means it would be this card on the top there is a surprising amount of depth for such a simple little game and I hopefully demonstrated a tiny bit of that in the run-through I just did now I mean gosh I’m I can’t think of anything bad to say about the scheme at all I really like the art style you know Jen I we play this quite a bit now and we have a good time there’s a bit of a learning curve it is kind of hard to get through that first game because you know it’s deceptively so long I guess maybe for bridge people’s knock you say hey we’re just playing Top Trumps except you get to choose the top three cards instead of the top one and maybe they get it but for jan it was really hard for me too to kind of get her head around but then when she did you know again whenever we’re in a car anywhere waiting for anything for you know the place to open or the ferry to show up or whatever it might be this is in the glove box you know we take this with us everywhere now i know i have taken into restaurants it’s just so good it’s so portable and but the important thing is the fact that you can play it all without without any table at all i mean you can play this lying in bed together you could play this on the beach you could play this anywhere and it’s so good and you i mean the system itself is nice the universe is actually quite cool on their website data you can see they’re putting a lot of thought into the fiction of this steampunk world so hopefully they’re planning on releasing more faction with more powers and stuff like that I do I don’t know much about what’s in the Kickstarter yet but what I do know they have said is that the game will not come with just these cards it’ll actually also come with additional cards so that if you want to you can customize the decks or you can ensure the decks are different every time you play that’s really really awesome my only request I really really hope that the game comes with a tuck box that is narrower than this because saying this works really well but it’s kind of a little bit cumbersome for my pockets and I’ve actually almost lost this game twice now because it’s fallen out of my pockets as we were leaving a restaurant or whatever but Wow oddball Aeronautics absolutely blown away you know 2013 was the year that Augustus or rise of Augustus took bingo and made it something really cool and really amazing and then SOS Titanic took Klondike and made it something really thematic and really engaging and really involved in and now 2014 is starting off with oddball aeronauts turning Top Trumps this is this is not your father’s Top Trumps this is cool and different and unique and I can’t think of a reason that any hardcore a board game fan who wants to have something on the go would not keep a copy of this with them everywhere so if you’re interested all you can check it out on Kickstarter you’re the links on screen there I guess yeah let’s say it’s right there I can’t see it at this point let’s say the Kickstarter link is right there it’s also in the show notes you know learn more but um anyway that’s it that’s it folks oddball aeronauts thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the sorry for any mistakes I made I know I me a couple little ones but hopefully you have a pretty good idea of how it is to play and just how neat and unique this game is thanks for watching everybody talk to you later bye bye

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  1. Looks like the cards will take a lot of wear & tear from handling. I don't usually sleeve games – this would be an exception! And with sleeved cards, that box would be a tighter fit…

  2. You have this 'positive about all games' attitude. It would be really interesting to see which games – that get a glowing review – you end up still playing months later. Have you considered 'Rahdo Looks Back' type of episodes?

    What I mean is a sort of a video where you go over 10 games (per episode, I suppose) that you have made videos for more than ~3 months ago and talk about them, what do you think about them today and if they have retained their replayability on your gaming table?

    'Rahdo Looks Back' has a ring to it.

  3. Just backed this – looks like a nice filler for when we are sitting around waiting for the group – Thanks for the review….now just have to wait quite a while to get it….

    Would liked to have gotten a few decks (for a discount) but the levels beyond the standard once were all kinda gimmicks if that makes sense – again thanks!

    Not to name drop but Ricky Royal has a cool review on this also 😉

  4. good overview, I'm a backer.

    FYI they have just announced some cool stretch goals, better card stock at 17K sound nice to me!  

    Go and back it!

  5. In my country there was a trump card game for kids too! Its name was super atou that translates to super trump and there were a lot of themes from cars and tanks to airplanes to spaceships.

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