OCEANIC | Poetry by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

“Oceanic” to me is one of those large words that encapsulates the world, but also a sense of the abundance and bounty of love that I wanted to put out there in the world, especially in a time of facing darkness and not feeling safe on this planet. A couple of things motivate me: the conditions of this world and wanting to kind of record it, just to celebrate its beauty and its existence. And also, to say that “hey, I too have a voice in this. This brown girl from Chicago also loves the outdoors, too.” “Never let me see the dolphins leaping into commas for this waterprayer rising like a host of paper lanterns in the inky evening. Let them hang in the sky until they vanish at the edge of the constellations— the heroes and animals too busy and bright to notice.”

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