Objects That Are CURSED – FACT or FICTION?

Innocuous items can be found all throughout
our homes, but are they as harmless as we think they are? This simple garage-sale vase looks benign,
but though it may not be inherently wicked, can we be sure that it didn’t pass through
malevolent hands or has some vile past? Generally, we trust the things we surround
ourselves with, but the following three tales of innocent-looking cursed objects are going
to have you questioning whether your stroke of bad luck is a coincidence, or attached
to something in your home. You may question the validity behind the concept
of curses, but that shouldn’t stop you from determining which of these supernatural tales
are inspired by fact… or fiction. The line that divides the factual from the
unreal has long since blurred, the tales we once thought fantastical now implanted as
truth. To decipher verity from the imagined, you
must break from the ordinary and consider a universe where the outlandish prevails. Can you expand your mind to see beyond our
perceived reality? Can you decide what’s fact or fiction? It was a proud day for Mike Stetson, but he’d
soon find out that the opening of his very own pizzeria would wind up being a nightmare
he could never prepare for. We take the innocence of those items around
us for granted, not considering what may be attached to them; and as Mike found out, curses
come in all forms. Story # 1: The First Dollar
We’ve all seen them hanging behind the cash wrap, that first dollar bill received once
a new establishment is open for business. For many, that bill is a symbol of luck and
prosperity for their new business. Others simply like to use it to remember their
roots and where the business started. Then there are men like Mike, owner of a pizzeria
that opened in the early months of 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut, who quickly found that
not all dollar bills are alike. Like so many others, Stetson displayed his
first single behind the register, framed in a cheap but workable picture frame. He couldn’t remember who exactly had handed
him the currency, but what he experienced once it entered his establishment was something
he would never forget. It started mildly enough with the breakdown
of a brand-new oven. Covered under warranty and easily replaced,
Mike thought nothing of it, but a day or two later the replacement would break. Mike, frustrated, chalked it up to the businesses’
growing pains, but the curious statement of a patron one day had his mind drifting to
something more sinister. “There’s a heaviness in your restaurant.” It wasn’t a customer Mike recognized, but
there was a look in his eyes that seemed to borderline madness. Though he tried to continue business as normal,
a third oven would fail, despite being a different brand and installation team. On the same night, a flame sparked within
the oven and threatened to burn the pizzeria down, while the alley behind it hosted a “drug-deal
gone wrong.” Both parties involved died in the shooting,
one being killed instantly while the other survived his mortal wounds into the early
hours of the morning. Patrons started to talk about Mike’s bad
luck, some even suggesting that his restaurant was cursed. He thought nothing of it, allowed the locals
to have their insane stories, and went about business. And then it happened. Mike received a phone call at around 2:15
AM on December 5th. By the time he reached the pizzeria, the fire
had been put out, but the damage had been done. Though he expected initial reports to point
to the oven, which he had replaced with an entirely different brand, there was no indication
of where the fire started or how. Mike got his answer when he entered the scorched
building and saw it laying there in near pristine condition – the dollar bill, still framed
in a blackened case, sitting atop the rubble of the cash wrap. Poor, poor Mike. Can his misfortune be attributed to a lowly
dollar bill? Maybe business wasn’t doing well, so he
burnt the restaurant down himself. But then there’s the patron, the one that
felt something “off” about his pizzeria. Could he sense the negative vibes being emitted
from the mysterious dollar bill? We’ll have an answer for you at the end
of this video, but for now, tell us what you’re thinking in the comment section. Next, we have an old, ugly, antique mirror
– the perfect example of trash-to-treasure. But as John and Marla find out, there may
be something very strange about their new household addition… Story # 2: The Mirror
John hated it. The moment his wife, Marla, brought home that
gaudy, golden frame and that imperfect glass, it grated on him in a way that seemed insane. It was a garage-sale find, somebody else’s
garbage that now adorned his walls. She said there was a story behind it, but
he let her tell it while his mind drifted to something more interesting. Weeks later, he wished he had listened. After the first few days, all seemed normal
with the dirty glass and antiquated frame, but one morning as he noted to himself just
how ugly it was, something happened to the glass. The dirt that permanently coated the surface
moved and parted as if to take a silhouette of a shape. He questioned his eyes and his own sanity
as the outline of a small hand appeared in front of him. He would have chalked it up to an early morning
after a night of minimal sleep, but he wasn’t the only one to have seen something in the
mirror. It was three days before his wife had approached
him and inquired about the unusualness about her proud find, wondering if he, too, had
tried to clean the liquid marks that dripped down the glass. Though he hadn’t seen such a residue, she
was receptive to his visions of handprints, a curiosity she noticed when she bought the
mirror but thought it was a smudge from the homeowner’s children. She relayed the story to him again and this
time, he listened. He absorbed the mirror’s history, its original
place in an old Louisiana plantation and the tragedy of the family that once owned it. He and his wife spoke in front of the mirror,
and as she relayed the history, he swore he could see the handprints forming again. That’s when she got to the part where a
mother and her two daughters were murdered. John didn’t care to hear the rest, figuring
he knew how it ended. They let the mirror remain with them, at first
wondering if their imaginations were getting the best of them; but the occurrences wouldn’t
stop, regardless of how much John and Marla tried to reason with their minds, the handprints
returned and that liquid stain refused to dissipate. It hadn’t been a month when Marla decided
she couldn’t live with the possibility of owning a haunted mirror and, with no objections
from John, donated it to a local thrift store, feeling a slight bit of pity, for whoever
owns it next. Was what John and Marla experiencing a case
of an overactive imagination? Could the dripping simply have been an imperfection
on the old glass? But what of the handprints? Did John see them form right before his eyes
or were they there this whole time, imprinted by the hand of a former owner’s child? We’d love to tell you whether you should
believe this tale of the antiquated mirror, but we have one more story to share. For now, let us know what you think in the
comments and then sit back for a story about a painting so haunted and cursed that it’s
known from around the world… Or is it? Story # 3: The Haunted Painting
When Thomas came to the decision to become a firefighter, he expected to hear some weird
stories. He’d heard of the lonely housewife that
calls simply to garner the attention of the firemen of her local house and the child that
called in a panic because his ball got stuck in the roof and his parents refused to help. He never expected to have a weird story of
his own to pass down, especially not within the first few months of joining the Mountain’s
Edge Firehouse. The start of it came with a case of arson,
a homeowner tired of paying his overprized mortgage. After the fire had been extinguished, Thomas
took notice of something peculiar in the ruins – an unscathed painting that had somehow
survived the raging fire. It was an unsettling depiction of a crying
boy, a little too lifelike for his tastes. It was peculiar that the painting hadn’t
been burnt, especially considering the house was a pile of ash on the ground, but that
peculiarity didn’t quite hit him until a month later. When the call came in, the entire firehouse
recognized the address as that of their colleague, Frank. Luckily, Frank nor his wife were home when
the fire mysteriously sparked, but there was something at the scene that Thomas recognized. It was the painting, again found face down
on the floor, seemingly untouched by the fire. When Thomas finally did get a hold of Frank
once the shock of his damaged property subsided a little, he asked him about the creepy painting. When Frank found it in the ruins of the first
house, he knew his wife would like it and so he removed it from the scene, a revelation
that started to initiate discussions of curses and misfortune. Thomas tried to ignore the claims of a cursed
painting but found it impossible to do so when, two months after Frank’s fire, there
was a third fire that the painting curiously survived. Frank swore he had the painting destroyed,
yet there Thomas found it, coated in soot and nothing else. He attempted to rationalize the painting’s
presence at three different fires but found himself unable to do so. His presence in the firehouse didn’t last
much longer as he transferred to a quieter side of town, one more suitable for a child
to be raised in – one not somehow linked to a creepy painting of a boy. Could one painting cause so much trouble or
was it just a matter of coincidence? Was the first house really a case of arson,
or maybe there is something sinister about this painting of a crying boy? But what about Frank’s home, clearly he
wouldn’t have started the fire. We’re dying to know what you have to say,
so let us know in the comments. Are you ready to find out if you can decipher
between fact or fiction? Let’s look back at tonight’s three stories
and find out which were born from reality and which were fabrications of the imagination. Where do you stand on the story of Mike and
the cursed dollar bill? Do you think there was some connection to
reality in that tale? If so, we’re sorry to say, but we fooled
you on this one. This story was a creation of our own minds. Would be a tragedy to happen to a pizzeria
though, no? What about story # 2, the gold-trimmed mirror
with a bit of a ghostly handprint problem? We probably made that one up on our own, right? There’s no way it was inspired by a true
story – oh but it was. The mirror in question is that of the Myrtle
Plantation. As the story goes, the 200-year-old painting
is haunted by the spirits of the Woodruff family’s matriarch and two daughters. Their murderer was allegedly a slave named
Chloe, who used an oleander-laced cake to poison them. Their souls are thought to be responsible
for the handprints and dripping marks. Finally, we can trust a story about a fireman
finding a cursed painting, responsible for the burning of three homes? Believe it or not, you can. The story was inspired by The Crying Boy,
a portrait of an adolescent boy. Legend has it the Giovanni Bragolin painting
was found in multiple burned down houses across Essex, England, completely unscathed by the
fire. While it’s believed the original was covered
in a fire retardant, there has been no follow up on the other copies of the eerie painting. How well did you in tonight’s video? Did you look past the deception of our world
and define the oft-blurred line that struggles to separate lies from the truth? Let us all know in the comment section below
and should you find the urge to test your perceptions again, be sure to subscribe and
join us next time when we ask you to decide what’s fact… or fiction.

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  9. Story 1 could have come from the film Dog Soldiers, but in that it was a piece of tattooed skin that survived a landmine. Story 2 was almost like the film Mirrors and story 3 I'd seen in the national papers cos I live in London, England, and there was a picture of the original painting !!

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