O Captain, my Captain! | Thank you to Robin Williams (HD)

What is poetry? That page has been ripped out, Sir! Well borrow someone else’s book. They’re all ripped out, Sir! What do you mean ‘They’re all ripped out”? Sir, we… Nevermind. Read! Understanding poetry by doctor J Evans Pritchard, PHD To fully understand poetry we must first be fluent with its meter,
rhyme and it figures of speech. Then ask two questions. One: How artfully has the objective
of the poem been rendered? And Two… How important is that objective? Question One rates the poems perfection,
question Two rates its importance. And once these questions have been answered determining the poem’s greatness
becomes a relatively simple matter. If the poem’s score for perfection
is plotted on the horizontal of a graph… – Mr. Keating, they made everybody sign it…
– Quiet, Mr. Anderson! – You gotta believe, its true!
– I do believe you, Todd. – Leave, Mr. Keating.
– But it wasn’t his fault! Sit down, Mr. Anderson. One more
outburst from you or anyone else and you’re out of this school. Leave, Mr. Keating! I said: Leave, Mr Keating. Captain, my captain! Sit down, Mr. Anderson! Do you hear me?
Sit down! Sit down! This is your final warning, Anderson. How dare you…? Do you hear me? O Captain, my captain! Mr. Overstreet, I warn you. Sit down! Sit… down! Sit down. All of you. I want you seated. Leave, Mr. Keating. All of you. Down. I want you seated. Do you hear me? Thank you, boys… Thank you.

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