now i regret ever playing this game… Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 5

Hello Last episode… Was VERY interesting.. It took, uh.. 180, backflipped, into infinity. My God, I can’t believe it. Now, I’m actually scared of opening this game. Like- I don’t I-I was even scared to just keep playing I’m like nope! Thank you very much, that’s enough of this. Thank you. Uh- I opened a- Uh- The game files and Happy thoughts. Oh wow that’s That’s Sayori? Well I guess she’s dead now. Let’s start this game and see- what the heck else is gonna happen. I didn’t want to start it before I launched the game- okay, so its still cheerful. *pause* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok, well its definitely not suitable for children now, we’ve learned. Oh, look at that. Ohh..? Wait, what? Can I even load this file? Oh, the file is missing or corrupt. The save file is corrupt, starting a new game. Oh what?? But I have, I had a feeling that this would happen– Oh my God… I had her old file. I don’t want to mess with the game files, but what happens if I copy her in? Oh whatever, lets keep playing for now. I see an annoying girl running towards me- okay we know this. Oh wow. However, I just sigh and idle infront of the cross walk and let oh so her name- Oh. Oh great. Uh is it crashing? Nope. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It’s an ordinary school day like any other. Mornings are usually the worst, being surrounded by couples. Okay, meanwhile, but I have not motivation to join any clubs, I prefer- I’m perfectly content on just getting by – Oh my god. All my saves are gone? I’m- I think I skipped some dialogue but basically uh, it seems like we’re acting as if Sayori never existed I’m perfectly content on getting by on the average while- spending my free time on games and anime. There’s always the anime club, but it’s not like there would be any girls- in it anyway.. (perv) The school day is as ordinary as ever, and the day is over before I know it. After I pack up my things, I stare blankly at the wall. looking for an ounce of motivation, C L U B S. There really aren’t many that interest me. Besides, most of them would probably be way to demanding. For me to want to deal with. I guess I have no choice but- to start with the anime club. Oh my god, who is this? *cute voice* Pewdiepie? OH! Monika! MONIKA. OH my goodness, I totally didn’t expect you… to see you here, it’s been a while.. right? Ah, yeah it has. Oh yeah, we knew Monika from before. Oh my God. Monica smiles sweetly. We do know each other, well we rarely talk. But we were in the same class last year. Monika was probably the most popular girl in class. Smart, beautiful, athletic. Basically, completely- out of my league. So having her smile at me so- genuinely feels a little.. Why.. what did you come here for uh anyway? Oh, I had just been looking for some supplies to use for my club! Do you know if there is any construction paper in here? Or markers. Um, guess you could check the closet? You’re in the debate club right? Ahaha about that.. I actually quit the debate club. Really.. Really? you quit? Yeah. To be honest, I can’t stand all the politics around the major clubs, it feels like like nothing but arguing about the budget and publicity and how to p-prepare for event, we know this. I’d much rather take something I personally enjoy and make something special out of it. In that case, ehhhh what club d-did you decide to join. Actually I am starting a new one. A literature club! Literature…? That sounds kinda of… …dull? Man I just realised Monika. Damn! How many members do you have so far? Aha! It’s kind of embarrassing but there’s only three of us so far. It’s really hard to find new members for something that sounds so boring. Well, I can see that… But it’s really not boring at all you know, literature can be anything. Reading, writing, poetry. I mean, one of my members even keeps her manga collection in the classroom. Wait…really? Yeah it’s funny right? She always insists that manga is literature too. (CUZ IT IZZZ) It’s such a South Park voice! I mean, she’s not wrong I guess, and besides, a member is a member right? Did Monika say “she” Hmm… Hey Pewdsiepie, by any chance are you still looking for a club to join? Oh! What a weird coincidence! Ah! I mean, I guess so, but.. In that case, Is there any chance you could do me a big favour? I won’t ask you to join, but.. If you could at the very least visit my club, it would make me.. really happeyy… (-∀-) Please? Ahhhh… Well I guess I have no reason to refuse.. Besides, how could I e-ever refuse someone like MONIKA. Sure – ah – I guess I could check it out. *high pitched voice*
Oh AWESOME. You’re really sweet, Pewdsiepie, you know that? Ahhh eh its nothing really. Shall we go there? I’ll look for materials another time you’re more important. And thus, today marks the day I sold my soul to Monica and her irresistible smile WOW! Remember that? So… We actually can’t reach our save. SO It’s like the game … reach the next stage or something???? I really thought like we would go back and say some stuff to make things different. I timidly follow Monica across the school and upstairs – a section of the school I rarely visit being generally used for third-year classes and activities Monica, full of energy, swings open the classroom door *in voice*
IM BAAACKK! And I brought a guest with me. Thank you! *softly*
T – what the fffffff- Eh? A…a guest? *in high pitch voice*
SERIOUSLY?? You brought a boy? Way to kill the atmosphere! *in voice*
Don’t be so mean, Natsukeh But anyway, welcome to the club, Pewdsiepieh *back to normal*
All words escape me in this situation This club is full of incredibly cute girls!!! (EEEE so kawaiidesu~ (*≧∀≦*)) OOOHH!! *in high pitch voice*
So let me guess You’re Monica’s boyfriend, right? Wha– *stutters* *in voice*
…nn…shigaimas… No… eeh.. I’m not! *softly*
Natsuki *normal*
The girl with the sour attitude, who… whose name is apparently Natsuki is one I don’t recognise Her small figure makes me think she’s probably a first-year *in voice*
Any-anywaaay this is Natsuki, energetic as usual And this is Yuri, the Vice Presideeeh So Yuri became the vice president. *quietly*
It’s nice to m-meet you Yuri, who appears comparably more mature and timid seems to have a hard time keeping up with someone like Natsuki Yeah, it’s eh… nice… to meet both of you *in voice*
So I… So I ran into pewdsiepie in a classroom and he decided to come check out the club Isn’t that greaaat? *in high pitch voice*
Wait, Monika! Did’t I tell you to let me know in advance before you brought anyone new? I was going to… well, you know… *in voice*
Sorry, sorry Ee, I didn’t forget that, but I just happend to run into him *softly*
In that case, I should at least make some tea, right? *in voice*
Yeah, that would be great Why don’t you come sit down, Pewdiepieh? [Laughs] The girls have a few desks arranged to form a table Yuri walks to the corner of the room and opens the closet Meanwhile, Monika and Natsuki sit across from each other So I wonder.. I feel like someone is gonna die next.. right? Ugghh we gonna get the same thing happening, we know Yuri technically cut herself so she’s could be dealing with the same issues. Maybe – maybe we pick Natsuki this time and Yuki ends up dead? And if we pick Natsuki, Yuri ends up dead? Ehhhh anyway, just speculating.. Still feeling awkward I take a seat next to Monika So, I know you really didn’t plan on coming here… But, we’ll make sure you’ll feel right at home, okay~? As president of Literature Club, it’s my duty to make the club FUN and EXCITING for everyone! I’m surprised there aren’t more people in the club yet ( i wonder why( ̄ー ̄) It must be hard to start a new club You could put it that weyy Not many people are very interested into putting out all the effort to start something brand new… Especially when it’s something that doesn’t grab you’re attention like literature We have already read this. I don’t know. Okay, soooooo This is the end of day one. Oh wait Natsuki, Interesting concept. You’ve unlocked a special poem, would you like to read it? What does that mean??? *reads poem* …and the sounds of my slashing re – reverayed.. reverer?? I dont know how to say that.. Reveberaded??? endlessly.. *poem reading continues* What? What was that for?? I really enjoy hearing your thoughts on the poems by the way. Ummmmm Should we stick with Yuri or try- ahhhh since we already tried Yuri, I – I say we try for ahhhh Natsuki this time. So unrestained, okay nevermind. Playground is definitely her. Uhhh games is definitely her. Ahhh. Socks??? is probably her. Ahhhh- Vanilla is probably her. Smile is probably her. Anime is DEFINITELY her. Ugghh, beauty? Excitement. Cheer, puppy party, peace, flower hmmmm- AHHhhhh Hop. Skipping. Ocean. this is a lot easier than before. I LOVE the music, even when Sayori died, the music was beautiful. Jumping, bouncing. *sings along to the music* do do do do.. Hi again pewdsiepah Glad to see you didn’t run away on us~!HEHEH Nah, don’t worry This might be a little strange for me, but at least I keep my word Well, I’m back at the Literature Club I was last to come to everyone else was already hanging out Oh! WOw! [Laughs] tHanKs foR KeEpiNg yOuRE ProMisE PeWdSiPAh I hope – oh my God I’m sorry.. I hope this isn’t too overwhelming of a commitment for you Making you dive into literature head first when you’re not accustomed to it OHHH! Wow. [Laughs] [Laughs] OHH COME ON! LIKE HE DESERVES ANY SLACK! You already had to be dragged here by MONIKA!!!! I don’t know if you plan to just come here and hang out or what… But if you don’t take us seriously then you won’t see the end of it!!! ╭∩╮(⋋‿⋌)ᕗ OHHHH IMMA HERE NOW HULLO Its meeee Monikaaaaaaa Natsuki finds herself stuck between saying “Monika” and “Manga” *screeches* MANGA IS LITERATURE! alright im gonna skip toooo ahhhh I’m gonna skip to the poem reading. oh wow did it [the music] just change pitch??? The song just changed pitch!! *in a voice* That’s CRAAAAZY! Can you believe this game?! and its tilted a little bit just noticed too – the background oh my god it’s making me motion sick, dude. *relieved* Oh Thank God!! Woah Alright …. Okay *yells* Phuking MONIKA!!! [Laughs] *softly* what the fffck [still laughing] [laughter continues] what the – [starts laughing again] What did Monika d- Monika is definitely like some sort of …sentient being I dont know. It’s funny, I had an idea of a horror game similar to this I think I mentioned this before. Of having like a … game where the uugghh “monster” in the game knows your playing the game or breaking the forth wall before undertale or whatever but I just thought that idea would be so much more interesting its really cool to see this ??? .its such a creative game instead of all the Five Nights at Freddy’s bullshit :/. sorry wrong time to have a lil rant but there you go. Yeah i can see that. and your pimples I know that feel #relatable Consider – OH WOW Don’t judge a book [laughs] Don’t judge a booOOoOOOooOkK CA-UTE!!! My dad would – oohh will beat the shit out of me if he found this. Man her dad must really hate manga. Ohhh so she’s dealing with issues too. They are all girls just dealing with issues. That’s seemingly unnoticed at the surface.. Interesting I noticed her eyes are a bit weird *Johnny from the room imitation* Ah haha. You must be kidding right?? Oh hai – oh hai Nasku [laughs] CUUUUUuUUuUUTE (cute) OOHHH WOW (how many times does he say “oh wow”) [laughs] [Laughing still] oOhh OkAYY *music is distorted* Thats… super *in a voice* *in voice still* Oh it keeps on going OH! Oh Jeez Natsukeh! Are chu okey?! HERE Monika reaches into her bag and pulls out some kind of protein bar… She throws it in Natsuki’s direction Natsuki’s eye’s suddenly lit up again She snatches the bar off the floor and immediately tears off the wrapper I told you not to give mmph… She doesn’t even finish her sentence before stuffing the bar into her mouth So they are like controlled by Monika somehow, through PROTEIN BARS! (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN) You’re not yourself when you dont have a SNACKERS *clicks* my favourite time – the poem reading timmme Who’s poem are we going to read? Natuki? Yuri? Monika? Let’s start with Nasuki Okay we know this *clear throat* okay so during this exhange if we remember sayorki had t- ahh jump in to save the situation *music distorts* (how is it only 25 mins in – why did i decide to do subtitles for this) *music disorts more* *pewdiepie’s voice acting becomes more intense *D I S T O R T E D M U S I C PLAYS IN BACKGROUND* *music no longer sounds anything like the original* ohh OOOHHHH! wha- wha [laughing] wh- wha- what is [still laughing] [laughter] NATSUKI! OH SORRY – YURI OOOOOHHH – NATSUKI THEN AYAYAYAYYA AHHHHH ahhh WOAH *distorted music and sound of static everytime it zooms in* OKAY – OHH HEY HOW U- OH HEY MONIKA [LAUGHS] wow In Sweden we have this song, thats extremely annoying but also very catchy going *singing* hej hej monika pa dig monika hej monika hej pa dig monika [laughs] this so good Oh my god is she going to erase her? but i –oooooohhh *pewdiepie sings along to the tune again* I guess Yuri wanted to tell us but monika it blocked out This is so crazy. *whistles along to the tune* Okay – ahh lets go with ahh- keep on ahh Nasu… uhhhh Oh Wow!! (He says it again lol) What a GREAT option!! I think I’ll go with whistle [laughs] ummmm fireworks, peace, cute, melody candy, kitty, smile, bunny, vanilla vacation, fluffy, pink, blanket, promise, pure, awesome AND puppy *claps* I need extra points for that God Damn that was awesome. *continues to read it out loud* *Ain’t typing which is already written on the screen* -_- Im not sure if its me oooorrr if its yuri’s expression but the way of yesterdays horror (?) still hangs in the air a little Did Monika delete her memory? – We’ll see now if its true – Im gonna skip ahead a little bit because i remember this – Sorry ehhh oh my god ooOOOHHHH I ahhh want to check the fucking game files – I just realised. Ahhhhh – steam, steam apps, yadda yadda, doki doki there we go theres a file called e i hate this *continues reading* this is wha- this is what the game looks like okay ill keep it u because this is really intersting such a wonderful picture!!! ahhh Natsuki what happens then oh she is here ohhhh!!what a great poem natsuki!! this is sooo good! is this a code?? i wonder oh *music slows* OOOHHH SHIT!!! *yelling* ohhh no *softly* oh my god – WHO should i show my poem next? WHO okay we know this, we know this this so weird oh this is different what “I love you” “Thanx” OHHHH OHHHHH OKAY – OoooHHHHH Psshsy Is she bleeding from her eye??? she is! *singing the tune again* – OOOh wow we are going to do a save here and end that episode there that was QUITE the episode its really picked up a lot, im lovin this thank you for all your support, ill see you tomorrow squad fam *sings along to tune again* (have a nice day!!!)

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  1. Monika: Thats why I akways keep a snack in my bag
    Pewds: u r not yourself!!
    Me: yes he figured out the truth about. Monika's true nature
    Me: -_-

  2. The special poem was probably about how Sauyori felt when she…well hanged herself because the last sentence speaks it all..saying “her” lungs are getting tired…

  3. Guys it's 1AM and I am feeling really uneasy rn and can't seem to get myself to sleep pls send help I have work tomorrow

  4. Portrait Of Markov thats… supposed to be Team Salvato's folowing game in the "series,, in 2018… BUT ITS FOKING 2019 8TH MONTH AND NOTHINGS OUT M8

  5. Normally with a game like this I'd have closed the computer and run away but with Pewds I'm just laughing wat the heck is this

  6. This should be pretty scary…then you hear pewdiepie doing as high a pitch voice as he can manage and you calm down a bit.

  7. This is one of the first games my husband ever showed me. It seriously freacked me out!!! It's very well done but when you don't know what to expect at all it's kind of a lot 😂

  8. I want to see the God of Conquest play this game, if anyone can get a good ending, if there is one, its him, but at last..

  9. What if monika isn’t the bad guy what if this “virus” that is seen throughout the game (killing them all, the glitches, all the weird letters and numbers) is from a different world (game) and that’s it’s language in that game it first came from, it takes the body of monika and uses it to be a physical connection to this world that’s why at 43:49 that thing pops up it’s the REAL monika trying to talk to you.. pretty much monika and the virus are fighting throughout the game…. that’s my theory

  10. Pewds: So they are controlled by Monika somehow….

    Pewds: through protein bars..
    Me: ok nope, too soon

  11. As soon as monika said ‘you kinda left her hanging..’ and she kept breaking the fourth wall I knew somthin was up with that thot

  12. M:Hey Natsuki-
    M: are u ok?
    N: no
    M: here,its snickers
    N: why did you gave me it
    M: Natsuki,your not yourself when you are hungry

  13. 🏇 if u find a literature club and president is named monika and she has long brown hair get on jÖergen and run away

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