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Hi it’s Lucie and today I’m here to do my
November TBR So the Lighting’s not great because I waited till the evening to do
this so apologies I still haven’t taken out my lighting kit I actually
don’t even know where it is and also my new cat is going crazy right now this is
my new cat his name is Tucker I love him he loves me he looks like he loves me
doesn’t he? Anyway this is my November TBR So I have my bullet journal spread [talking to the cat] hey
hey stop it! I keep getting distracted Ok so I have my Bullet Journal spread This TBR is gonna be pretty short and sweet I’m not fully planning out my
month. I’m not taking part in any read-a-thons as far as I know. First
let’s talk about the book that I’m currently reading: I’m currently reading
The Little Book of Hygge. hooga? I don’t know how to say it. by Meik Wiking. I’m
like 45 percent of the way through it and this is basically about like the
Danish way of happy living because Denmark as a country it’s like the
happiest country and Meik Wiking thinks the reason that is is because of hygge,
hooga I don’t know how to say it so… it doesn’t actually tell you how to
pronounce it. Yeah which just means kind of like
happiness, it’s closest to according to the book like homeliness
or homey-ness in english so it’s about how they live happily and
it’s a pretty interesting read right now and it’s also… it’s not really for
nonfiction November because I started it in October. I’m gonna try and add on an
additional nonfiction book this month kind of for nonfiction November but like
not really I don’t know I’m like sort of taking part in it but it’s not really
a readathon. I’m not following any of the prompts or anything. Next let’s talk
about my random pick if you don’t know every month or whenever I feel like it I
choose three books randomly usually through the numbers you give me in the
comments and I choose one of those three random books to read during the month
and they all come from my Goodreads TBR and if you want to be part of next
month’s random picks just leave me a number down below between 1 and 439 and
the first random pick for this month is a blade so black by LL McKinney. I
actually started this book a couple of months ago and I got like 10 or 15% of the way
through but then I didn’t listen to it fast enough and I had to give the audio
book back to the library so I just requested the e-book and the audiobook
again and I got the e-book we’ll see if I get the audiobook in time. A Blade So Black
is a modern Alice in Wonderland retelling. We follow Alice who lives in
modern-day Atlanta which is where I live and she ends up going down the rabbit
hole so to speak and she has to go to Wonderland I don’t remember if that’s
what it is actually called. sorry if you can hear the jumping I don’t know what
my cat’s doing. [LOUD THUMP] [Talking to cat] what are you doing? And she goes to Wonderland to defeat the
monsters that are there so they don’t get into the real world and then
something happens where the person who like trained her goes missing and it’s
up to her to save him. And she’s also dealing with like regular
teenage living. Next we have Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman I feel like this has come
up multiple times and I just never get to it I don’t know what this is about
exactly. I think it’s about a man who discovers like the underground of London
is like a different world and that’s all I really know. And the third random pick
is A Madness So Discrete by Mindy McGinnis. This would be my first Mindy
McGinnis if I decide to read it and this follows a girl who gets sent to like
an asylum I think and then she’s like enlisted to help the doctor there. I
think that’s this book I’m not 100% sure as you can guess but it does sound
interesting to me and that’s why it’s on my Goodreads TBR and hopefully… I’m not
sure which of the random picks I’ll get to most likely it’s it’ll be Neverwhere
just because I already own it or it might be whichever one I get the
audiobook for. The next section of this video will be arcs that I have to read
this month. If you don’t know arc stands for advanced readers copy and publishers
send this to reviewers in order to review books hopefully before they come
out but in my case it’s usually not before they came out. Both of these books
have already come out but I still want to read them so. Both of these books also
came from NetGalley. The first book is Full Disclosure by Cameron Garrett. This
follows a black girl I don’t remember where she lives but she is hiv-positive
and I remember in someone’s like reading vlog or something they read this and
they said that it reminded them of Simon vs. the Homo sapiens [agenda] because someone
finds out she’s hiv-positive and is kind of like blackmailing her
or like threatening to tell people about it but mostly I know
it just follows her living her life as she’s hiv-positive. I’ve also heard it’s
pretty sex positive I’m not sure and I also like looked up the author and
apparently they’re like younger than me which is really interesting so good for
her! Yeah I think she’s like 19 or something like she’s a freshman in
college which is really cool. Oh and full disclosure came out on
October 29th I want to say? The end of October. So it’s like recently out if you
want to get it and the second book is The Grace Year by Kim Liggett. This is… I
feel like I’m so bad at giving a synopsis. This is basically put into a
MORE sexist society I guess where girls can only dream of like getting married
or getting chosen by men or something but before that can happen when the
girls turn 16 they’re sent away for their Grace year and like I don’t really
know what happens but not every girl comes back so it’s dangerous and
I think men like try and take them or like harm them
wherever they go so yeah sounds really interesting I’ve
heard it compared to like The Handmaids Tale and some other books like that so I’m
interested in reading it hopefully it’s good and lastly here are just some books
that I either got the audiobook for recently from my library or I just want
to read them for whatever reason these aren’t all the books that I’m going to
read this month just because I want to give myself some leeway but I just
wanted to share some books with you since this is my November TBR. So first
we have House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones this is the third book in
the Howl’s Moving Castle series I’m not sure what the series is called but
the first book is Howl’s Moving Castle which I’m sure you’ve heard of it’s a
very popular Miyazaki movie so yeah and I love that movie I’ve seen it like…
that’s probably my most seen movie and I did read the first and second book in
the past few years and they’re fun reads. I don’t love them but I’m interested in
just finishing the series. I don’t know what my cat is doing what is that he’s
like on the hunt constantly oh is it okay I have to play with him after this
because he’s crazy. Yeah so this one I don’t even know what House of Many Ways
follows. This is like a companion series but I think it might follow the
characters from Howl’s Moving Castle. I could also be making that up so don’t
quote me next we have We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby.
This is the other nonfiction book I want to read kind of for nonfiction
November and this is an essay collection by Samantha Irby. I’ve heard it’s really
funny when I bought it I like read a couple of pages and it seems funny
to me that’s a bookmark and yeah I’m interested in reading it.
And Lastly we have When The Moon Was Ours by Anna Marie [stutter] McLemore or I don’t
know how to say her name exactly I’ve been saying “Mclmore” but
I think it’s like “Mcleemore” so yeah. I’ve been really interested in reading
Anna Marie McLemore’s books since I’ve read like three of her short
stories in various short story collections and I loved each of them so I really
want to read one of her full novels this was on my 2019 TBR that I’ve kind
of let go by the wayside so I want to try and get back on track. I’m really far
behind so I’m probably not gonna get all of them read but at least give an
attempt and this follows I don’t even know what this follow’s. This follows two
best friends I’m really not sure. I know that this has a lot of magical realism
which is why I loved Anna Marie McLemore’s writing I think it’s really
beautiful in like the short story collections that I’ve read. I know that
the boy grows like roses from his wrist and then people in the town like want
those roses for whatever reason and the girl or may be the girl grows roses and
the boy paints moons and the boy is a trans boy I think so I’m excited to read
it I love magical realism. So those are all
the books that I’m going to be talking about in this video like I said these
aren’t all the books that I’m going to be reading but my cat is really going
crazy or actually he’s eating he’s fine Once again if you want to take
part in next month’s random picks I might not do TBR next month,
the next random pick I do leave a comment down below with the number between 1 and
439 also leave a comment down below if you have any opinions about any of the
books that I mentioned if you want to tell me what’s on your November TBR
that’d be cool. Let me know if you are participating in nonfiction November also
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help me make my channel better so I’d really appreciate if you took
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you my next video bye!

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  1. I just completed Prince: The Beautiful Ones and currently reading Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and have a few others I'm reading for Non Fiction November.

    Full Disclosure and A Blade so Black sounds good. I have added both to my Goodreads TBR

  2. I was really excited to read "When the Moon Was Ours" but I heard from Alex (@pucksandpaperbacks) that the trans rep was horrible πŸ˜•

    Also, my number for you is 76

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