Novel Writing vs Screenwriting

Hello! I’ve been asked about screenwriting versus prose writing. Well, to be honest everything I’ve learned about writing good stories has come from this book. “Screenplay” by Syd Field. The three-act structure really works in any form of writing. In the form of storytelling I should say. And it probably explains why when somebody read my first novel, they said, “I think there’s a screenwriter in you screaming to come out.” And it’s because I’ve always wanted to write screenplays, too. So I do both. But there are differences between writing prose fiction and screenplays–very significant differences. One of them is that there’s a very strict formatting requirement for screenplays. Another is that In order to achieve certain results in the screenplay you have to be able to adhere to a certain type of story structure, which you don’t necessarily have to in book fiction or, I don’t know how to put it, prose fiction and I’ll talk a little bit more about that in future videos, but for now just know that this book “Screenplay” by Syd field is one of the best you can buy in terms of just understanding how story structure works and how to structure any kind of plot. More to come. Thanks for watching.

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