Novel Updates: What’s Coming? [CC]

Joey Paul and I’m an indie author. And today we’re gonna be talking about the books that
are coming up in 2019. I thought I would share with you guys what’s coming ahead in the new
year as far as releases and all of that goes. So in this video I’m gonna be talking about
the three books on the list to be published in 2019. So let’s start with Dying Thoughts
– Seventh Death. This is, quite obviously, the seventh in the Dying Thoughts series.
If you’re new to the series, it follows now seventeen year old Tara who has the ability
to see the last moments of someone’s life when she touches something that used to belong
to them. While this may seem like a cool gift, it’s not really when all you’re seeing is
past deaths. However, she’s made it work for her, and during the course of the series she’s
solved crimes, she’s caught killers and saved friends from certain death. She’s also been hurt along
the way and of course the seventh book is no exception. This time around however things
are a lot different to where the series started. Back when Tara was in Year 10 , in First Touch,
she was not planning to anything with her life after her GCSEs were done. In book six,
a number of things became clear. One of which was that Tara actually wanted to go to college,
and not onto university. I’m gonna stop for a moment just to make it clear. I’m a UK author
and the majority of my books are set in the UK. And in the time Dying Thoughts is set,
kids sit their GCSEs at 16, they can leave school, or they can choose to go on to college
for two or so years and then uni at 18. So back to it, in book six, Tara started college.
In book seven, a lot of things have happened. Her dad goes on his first tour since restarting
his music career. And along the way, Tara learns things about her parents, their past,
all while trying to stop the worst from happening. This book is currently with beta readers right
now, and they are loving it. The plan is for it to go to the editor in December/January
time and be out sometime in 2019. I’m super nervous but I’m also over the moon about getting
to share it with you all. Which brings me to Dying Thoughts – Eighth Ending. I’ve been
talking about how the Dying Thoughts series would end in 2019 and this is still very much
the plan. I can’t give too much away just that this book follows on from Seventh Death
and it also ends the series. I knew Tara’s ending long before I finished the first book,
but I didn’t know it would [laughs] take this long to get there. At one point I thought
it would be five books and then after finishing Fifth Secret I realised that there was more
to Tara’s story. So with that I penned the last word of the last book in December of
2016. It’s now about to be edited and sent off to the first round of beta readers. I’m
a little nervous about it but the plan for this to be released towards the end of 2019.
It’s gonna be a joyous occasion to finally have finished Tara’s story for all of you
to see, but also a sad one because I’ve had her by my side for so long. The majority of
my career has been spent writing one book or another about Tara for about fifteen years.
But yes, the plan is for this to be the final release to happen at the end of 2019. So that
leaves, third book, Lights Out. This book is my first dystopian/sci-fi trilogy. It’s
the first in the series and I am super pumped with how it’s being received by betas. The
world is basically this. Every person, no matter race, ability, sexuality or gender
is allowed their sixty years. On the day following their 60th birthday, they attend an event
where they are humanely euthanised. The first book deals with one cityship, the UK being
split into about 20. The main character is Lock, who’s disabled and she works as a security
guard for these events in her cityship. She is very much a believer in the system and
while her girlfriend is very outspoken against it, Lock figures it works for them. It’s only
when there seems to be a mistake and a woman reports to an event and she claims to be younger
than sixty, that Lock wonders whether there’s something wrong. I should point out that in
this world because of genetics and evolution, you stop viably ageing at twenty-five, so
it’s possible to look a lot younger. Lock does her job, but this fear that maybe someone had
been aged up doesn’t leave her. She was someone who had every faith in the system, and she’s
now asking questions people don’t want asked. Is the system just? Or is Lock finding out
who she should trust with the truth? This book is, as I said, being read by the first
round of betas and so far the responses have been super positive. My CP loved the first
book and the two that followed. And I plan to release this sometime between Seventh Death
and Eighth Ending. I had a wonderful time writing this story. the idea came to me when
I was having a chat with a friend about something. I never planned for it to be a trilogy. It
was originally a standalone, but as I wrote it I realised it wasn’t the story that I thought
it was gonna be And so it morphed into a trilogy and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned
out. So those are my planned releases for 2019. They will all, as usual, be self-published
through my personal label, Bug Books. I’m super excited about it and I’m also
nervous because three books in one year is a lot! The plan right now is to do that, but if things
change, I will let you all know. Talking about things to let you all know, if you’re interested
in joining one of the two street teams for these releases. I say two because there will
be one street team for the Dying Thoughts series and one for the Lights Out trilogy.
There is a google form in the description below, that you can fill out and register your
interest and I will get back to you as soon as I can. So those are my planned releases
and I’m kinda nervous about them but I’m also really looking forward to them. This is gonna
be a big year for me, it’s gonna be the end of Dying Thoughts the beginning of other things
and I’m just really, really, really excited about getting to share these books with you.
And hopefully everything will go smoothly. So that’s all I have time for today. If you
wanna get in touch with me, you can leave a comment or subscribe. I post new videos
on Thursdays. And sometimes, I post them on Sundays too. You can find me all over social
media. And my books are available everywhere! And don’t forget to check out Darker 2018
where I will be signing books in October. All the links for which are listed below.
Thanks for watching and remember to keep writing! Bye!

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