Novel News: What’s Coming 2020? [CC]

Joey Paul and I’m an indie author. And today we’re gonna be talking about what’s coming
in 2020. 2019 was a big year for me when it came to novels, but it’s that time of year
again when I start looking forward to the coming year and talking about what’s up for
release then. This year I released the first book from the Lights Out trilogy, and I’m
glad to say that the second, Lights On, will be coming in 2020. The Lights Out trilogy
is a young adult sci-fi/dystopian where aging ends at 25 and everyone gets their 60 years
before they are humanely euthanised. It follows Lock who worked as a security guard at the
Lights Out events. She was a loyal follower of the regime, and it was only when some flaws
in the system started showing up that she began to question everything. She was unsure
of who to trust, or who to tell, and what to do, so Lock made the choice to stand on
the right side of history. Only she was mostly alone and everyone was gunning for her. But
she and Clara decided to do the only thing they thought would work, they ran, trying
to leave the cityship and bring about peace in their time again. Lights On follows almost
immediately on from the events of Lights Out. You get to meet new characters, old ones too,
and it brings the fight to both Lock and Clara first hand. It’s due for release in about
May/June of 2020 and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. The second book I will
be releasing is the first in a brand new series. Cramping Chronicles: The First Twinge. Cramping
Chronicles is a young adult urban fantasy/paranormal series that follows 15 year old Jessie Oliver
who has several chronic health conditions that leave her in a wheelchair. She has chronic
pain but she has also picked up the ability to feel other people’s emotional and physical
pain. She’s basically an empath. The issue is that she’s now starting a brand new school
for accessibility reasons, and the only person who know the truth about her ability is her
best friend, Gray, who still attends her old school. Jessie is thrown in at the deep end,
and not sure if she will sink or swim. She’s never found making friends easy, but when
you add in, the cute girl with the problem that triggers Jessie’s ability in an extreme
way, you get to see a little about what’s in store for her. The question is, will she
be able to make friends, and if she does, will they believe her when she’s talking about
her empath ability? All thrown together with, why does the cute girl hate her? And how can
Jessie help her if she won’t even talk to her? The first book should be released in
around September/October time of 2020, and I can’t wait to give you more. So those are
the two I have planned for 2020. You may be asking why I won’t be doing three releases
again next year. And it’s simply because I don’t hate myself! This year has been really
stressful, really hard, and while most of the releases have gone smoothly I just am
not in a place where I’m well enough or happy enough [LAUGHS] to keep doing that. I did
it mostly to end the Dying Thoughts series in one year, and because Seventh Death and
Eighth Ending were so closely related, but also just because I wanted to. So now it’s
kind of, I’ve done it and I’ve realised that it’s not good for me, and it’s not the best
option for me. So I’m back to doing two releases in a year and spreading them out slightly
so that they’re not all bunched together and it gives me more time to relax, to rest, to
breathe, and to focus on getting everything done in time. So that’s all I have time for
today. If you wanna support my channel, you can comment or subscribe. I post new videos
on Thursdays. You can find me all over social media. And my books are available everywhere.
And don’t forget to pre-order Dying Thoughts – Eighth Ending. And if you do pre-order,
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watching, and remember to keep writing! Bye!

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  1. Lots of work. You almost have to do that initially to get a few books out there in the public eye…but very much don’t like that aspect of self publishing. Glad to hear you’re able to get back to taking a little more time 🙂

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