Novel 3-D manufacturing builds complex, bio-like materials

At Washington State University my group has created a manufacturing method that rapidly creates and precisely controls a material’s architecture from nanometer length scales to up to a centimeter. This allows the fabrication of several very difficult to make materials which are strong yet lightweight such as wood and bones. The way we make the 3-D architectures is by using something called an Aerosol Jet Technology. This technology we locked the nanoparticles into tiny solvent droplets or liquid droplets to create literally a fog-like structure. This fog is then driven by a gas that will deposit the fog at the length scale of around 10 micron. We use heat to remove the solvents and along the nanoparticles in space in three dimensions. Highly intricate structures can can thus be created by this method. By arranging the nanoparticles in space we can make use of the nano scale properties in many practical devices which would otherwise be not possible.

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  1. All of the intelligence and technology that is required to design intricate architectural materials that measure in the centimeters, and what is produced in the laboratory appears similar to the angular and symmetrical structures of snowflakes when they are magnified 50,000 times.

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