Nothing Animates Conservatives quite like a Novel…

if you’re Canadian cover your ears
because the book I’m about to describe it is not
you cannot be legally imported into Canada and I would not want to um insight a crime by encouraging you to
familiarize yourself with that back in nineteen see in the nineteen
seventies a fellow by the name of William Luther Pierce writing under the pseudonym Andrew McDonald wrote eight novel sorta like you know I am Rand Atlas
Shrugged well this is this is another one of those great novels I’m laid off its not non fiction books
that seem to animate the right its novels because the vision love America that comes out of
the right is something as you have to make up
there’s as I like you could write a book said
well here’s a right-wing country that works really well let’s emulate them right i mean i i could. easily write a
book right now saying hey in in fact in my book threshold I read a
whole chapter for takes place in Denmark here’s how it works in Denmark they have
a national health care system the conservatives love it they have good public infrastructure the
conservatives love it telling conservatives hate in in Denmark
is immigrants its its it’s all about racism that’s what conservatism is in europe so
I you know I could write this book it’s 80 Denmark year may have some example some things that we can learn
from but on the right is there any country the right-wingers
can point to I mean they tried to point to Chile you
you had this this you know but not the freemen thought
that he had died gotta have it this was yet this was gonna do it with
the help of the CIA and ITT as I recall the democratically elected government of
chili was overthrown by a military dictator General Pinochet and then he invited milton friedman and
his Chicago boys down to Chile and said okay cool here here’s a blank slate years ago country
for you to try out your conservative economic principles on let’s see what
happens well as first thing they do is privatize
Social Security three you through to the bank’s and so
the prices of security went up the benefits from Social Security went down
the profits to the banksters occurs when up and people got really upset many started
privatizing the schools they started private yeah is just you to share which is basically taking
apart the social welfare state doing away with long-term unemployment
insurance doing away with yeah and and peoples are protesting subpoena
shake killed them he killed thousands of people kidnap people eat tortured people but to this day if you ask conservatives a canoe tell me any country that actually has
done what you guys suggest the sale you noted bun bun pinochet privatize Social
Security down Chile worked wonderfully didn’t work wonderfully in fact it’s
being undone as we speak has been over the last few few years decade actually it was a disaster so anyhow they can’t point anything so
they they they read these novel so in this novel this guy the hero of the novel his name is mister turner Earl Turner is telling the story a novel takes place
in in $20.99 is telling the story love what it was
like when america had its race war and the
good white people love the United States the white anglo-saxon Protestants catholics not we’re not be you know they
weren’t busy as to about catholics although I think maybe tim mcveigh was a
Catholic and two pages this book by the way there’s the two pages containing the
scene above the preparations for blowing up
the J edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC the the FBI headquarters those two pages in
this book the turner diaries were in chin mcveigh’s getaway car this
is the car his hat it is animated the sovereign
citizens movement is animated the the militia movements
the right-wing militia movements police officers around the country have
been murdered because this book and in the book what
happens is that the well the the inciting
incident that thing that triggers everything is that one of these fundamentalists
right-wingers blows up a major federal building in this case is the FBI building here in
DC it blow up a federal building and in response to that the federal
government passes what’s called the Cohen act nice Jewish name getting there
right because the the principal antagonised
throughout this book are Jews the the turner diaries are all about how
the Jews are control everything right there on the
government there on the media their own business and so there Cohen past the Kodak which
confiscated all civilian firearms because the right was you know the right and as soon as the government started
taking people’s guns people stood up and said no you can’t do that and they
started shooting back and they kill the Jews and they kill the
people of color and they killed the government employees and toward the end of the book as I
recall there there’s the they’re they’re sending a bomb to New
York City they took out to try to go Baltimore cities with large minority
populations I mean just sterilize them a nuclear weapons and then at the very end of the book
this this killing all people who are not white
which has been successfully accomplished in North American continent is spreading
around the world all the Asians are being killed only Africans are being killed Hispanics
are being killed this is the vision up the hard right in
the United States and I’m not exaggerating this this this
book the turner diaries is the Bible on the hard right in the
United States they read this book and they read Atlas
Shrugged Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged the principal message
about what shrugged is that you know unions and government are
evil and the saviors a society are rich
people and industrialists and the message to the turner diaries is
that is not even the rich people they
industrialists are gonna save your country although some other might but not if
they’re jewish instead it is the the white militiamen who argue
not gonna go to the mattresses and build atomic bombs and blow up the federal
building and kill lotsa lotsa people they’re the ones who are gonna save
America he refers to order ricans in the book as quote a
repulsive mongrel race the needs to be exterminated in there
Island resettled by white people this is in the epilogue this is first published back in the
nineteen seventies it was serialized in the national
alliance’s newspaper the national alliance’s sort of the American version of the Nazi
Party it’s a you know right-wing white supremacist fundamentalist Christian group as a 2000 the book is reported to have sold the
HAP million copies the order this group from the the area
nations they killed alan berg the talk show host took their name from
the book alan berg the this was long before rush limbaugh back
in the seventies before ronald reagan had done away with the fairness doctrine back when individual radio stations were
owned by local folks there was a right-winger left-winger
talk show host name alan berg was broadcasting outta as I recall Ben BIR
somewhere in colorado blowing a single over twenty states
great big station and he was a lefty he was Jewish and
these guys created the order his white supremacist
group based on this book the turner diaries and the machine gunned him to death in
the parking lot the radio station and that’s just the beginning this is the Thom Hartmann program chemical up the oklahoma city building
based on the turner diaries he was following their script he was
expecting a race for your life

12 Replies to “Nothing Animates Conservatives quite like a Novel…

  1. Yup. When these same crazy white guys read The Lord of the Rings, as kids, they probably idealized – and sought to emulate – Sauron, the Nazgul and the Orcs, too.  That's why so much of America looks like the wastelands of Mordor these days.

  2. I'm not sure what I should be more surprised about, the ability for a republican to write a book, or the ability for a republican to read a book.

  3. You are correct about fictional books animating the Right. The Bible animates them like no other book has ever done! They love wishful thinking. That's why conservative policies and agendas are faith based. They are gullible fantasists who avoid reality at all costs.

  4. And look at Chile now compared to Venezuela and Argentina.  Chile is next to Brazil in terms of GDP per capita.  I'm not saying the ends justified the means, but if you look simply at consequences, the Chilean revolution was a tremendous success for the people who live there.

  5. The National Alliance is NOT a Christian organization, it adheres to the philosophy of Cosmotheism which is a pantheistic religion.

  6. At the end of the novel the takes a nuclear weapon puts it in a plane takes off and crashes it into the Pentagon.

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