Northern Young Adult Literary Festival!

Hello everyone! I am Ashleigh, and today I’m
going to tell you about something exciting. I’m basically going to tell you
about Northern YA Lit Fest. So just before I begin, I will just say that I’m
not being paid to do this. I just want to help promote this literary festival
because I feel like in the UK, whenever there’s any sort of bookish event going
on, it pretty much is always in London. Like if you’ve heard of it, then it’s
probably London just because that’s where all the big things happen. But a
lot of fellow bloggers and booktubers like me can’t get to London very easily,
whether that’s because of distance or timing or even just money. So whenever there’s any
kind of bookish event that’s further north in England, then it’s pretty
exciting. So I just thought I’d do a little video and help spread the word
that there is a Northern Young Adult Literary Festival on the 16th of March
of 2019 in Preston. So this event includes panels, author signings, Waterstones will be there so that you can buy books, there will be a book exchange,
there’s also publishes stalls and publishing tours. And all of the tickets
to this event are free, which is incredible. So you do
have to get a general admission ticket and also individual tickets for the
panels, but they’re all free, so that’s incredible. And the theme for this
year is mental health and inclusiveness. so it sounds like it’s gonna be good!
So the panels include feminist fantasy, young adult thrillers, inclusiveness in
young adult books, mental health and shame-less. And I’m just going to read out
some of the authors that have been announced so far, so bear with me because there’s
quite a few. But so far it’s been announced that there will be Will Hill,
M.A. Bennet, Melinda Salisbury, Samantha Shannon, Laure
Eve, Rose Edwards, Non Pratt, A.J. Hartley, Bali Rai, Mel Darbon, Katie Webber, Melvin Burgess, Laura Steven, Tamsin Winter, Lisa Williamson, Alice Broadway, Sara Barnard, Akemi Dawn Bowman and
Alexandra Sheppherd. Be sure to check out the link to the website that I’ll put in
description box though because there might be more authors announced. I don’t
know whether they’re done announcing things or if
not. So be sure to go and check out the programme, I’ll leave a link to it down
below. This event is also in association with the University of Central
Lancashire specifically for their BA and MA publishing courses, which you can kind
of sign up to go on tours to learn more about, so if you’re interested in going into
the publishing industry then that might be something that you want to get
involved with. And I think that is the basic rundown of the event. Of course
there will be more information on their website so like I said, that will be
linked down below. And also I’ll link their twitter page because that’s where they
do any announcements, so if you want to keep updated head over there. I’m very aware
that this sounds like a sponsored video but I promise you it’s not. It just
sounds like a good event that I wanted to shout about some more because I
always see people talking about how they can’t attend events because they’re
always in London so… surprise! One’s not in London! Again, I just wanted to let you
know about it. I’m going, which is why I’m so excited about it. But I’d love to know
if you plan on going. Please come and chat to me if you are even thinking
about it at all. I know I’ve been talking to a few people already who will be going and
it’s just making me even more excited. I am quite nervous, I have to admit, because
I’ve not been to a big kind of bookish event so it’s very new to me. But it should
be good. And also if you are going then… if you see me, come say hi! That would be
amazing! I think on the day then I will be updating my Twitter, probably posting a
photo just to kind of show what I’m wearing so that people who do want to come say hi to me,
then I will be recognizable. So if you want to to keep up with my updates as well, my twitter is
always linked in the description box. So yeah, that’s… that’s the Northern
Young Adult Literary Festival! It’s happening! And I’m going! And I’m very
excited! I hope that I get to see some of you guys as well!. So yeah, that’s – that’s
it for today. Just a little announcement of sorts. And
so, I hope you’re having a lovely day and I shall see you next time with a new
video. Bye!

10 Replies to “Northern Young Adult Literary Festival!

  1. Aww this sounds fun! I was considering going, but for some reason getting home that weekend would cost loads (home is not too far away from Preston so I'd stay there), and I don't know many of the authors, so I'm going to pass. It's so great there's something happening up north though!!! Have fun💕💕

  2. I really hope you enjoy the day! I usually make the trek down to London for events and get to see my sisters when I do so which is always a plus. Sounds like some good authors – I hope you’ll enjoy seeing Samantha Shannon especially as I know you love her books! I have seen Will Hill and MA Bennett and love listening to what the latter has to say about bookish matters especially. I would’ve loved to go and see Sara Barnard because I really enjoyed one of her books!

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