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today on typical bucks so we’re going to
be talking about some upcoming horror fiction now I’m going to try something a
little bit new those and the nono that I curate the members books page of the
Horror Writers Association website at horror org and a little bit of inside
track I get to see and read some of the synopses of these books coming out
before they’re really generally launched and it’s not like that much secret
knowledge and if it were I wouldn’t be broadcasting it because not that it’s
under some sort of non-disclosure but I feel the need to honor such a
non-disclosure but these this page is publicly available and I post it on my
Twitter often with just the thumbnails of the pictures and I realize that
sometimes people don’t follow people on other platforms right such as Twitter
and even then might look at the pretty pictures and I often refer to it as
eerie eye candy because it is eerie eye candy I love looking at the covers you
may not click through beyond that the members book page is a bit of a quilt of
all the covers so when I post 9 covers on my social medias or if it’s shared on
other pages it doesn’t have that full quilt and you definitely need to go into
horror org slash members books or well the members books on the menu but slash
new releases to see them all and seeing what is up lately we have died ball by
Kathleen Kaufman pseudo Psalms revelation by Peter Adam Solomon blood
right an Ivy Granger a psychic detective novel by E J Stephens in Canada by
Brandon Faircloth in human error murder in Montague Falls bill Halpin has
written the cult of Eden Devil’s tree by Susan at Macaulay the
reattachment that doesn’t have the author’s name on the front cover the
remaking by Clay McCloud Chapman taua the VIPRE by Linda Watkins
the science of monsters so a lot of these have the author title too small
and this is one thing that I have learned in an author land is having a
very large print on the cover not only because of in the storefront when you
see books that are front facing it should be like title at the top author
name at the bottom if unless you are a big name like Stephen King it doesn’t
matter what the title of the book is you just put your big author name at the top
but when you’re looking at thumbnails on Kindle and stuff like that you really
need to be able to read all with that I have a hack for that you can click
through anything on that page and they’ll bring you to a full description
so it’s Kelly Florence and Meg hostel that have written the science of
monsters the truth about zombies which is werewolves vampires and other
legendary creatures so that I I Erie I candy has caught your eye and definitely
click through like seriously because these are very small images so we can
cram a whole bunch on a page in human error is written by James leaf and Reed
Alexander and I really like to a cover of that book a lot of that in car not a
is the one that had caught my eye if anyone had seen on my Twitter when I had
said guess which one of these has made me want to pick it up no questions asked
it’s definitely in car nada by Brandon Faircloth very excited to read that so
what is in the bucket a future eerie eye candy today so I’m not going to read
entirely what everything is going on to some of the things that catch my eye
that aren’t on the page yet that are coming up and nothing that is too
spoiler so the other things that have already been out so you feel free to
search the interwebs for them or things that will be coming to the wall shortly
or being posted to the wall like today so Sean Hamill has released a book
called a cosmology of monsters and it is a novel about a family running a haunted
house in the suburbs of Dallas Texas and the monster is both real and
metaphorical that haunt them very much looking forward to that the Bone Cutters
is coming from Eraserhead press it is written by Renee S. DeCamillis. Dora wakes up in the middle of a padded room in a psychiatric
hospital and soon finds out she’s been blue papered involuntarily committed she
and willingly gets mixed up with a group of patients cutters who harvest bone
dust when they find out she’s fresh they want to carve her open and chisel her
bones whoa see I’m really liking that I’m really liking the sounds of that you
know it’s not always that I get what I’m going to read next from my own list of
things that I’m about to post on new releases I get a lot of what I am going
to read next from other YouTube shows other booktubers like myself horror book
tubers specifically and podcasts although there isn’t enough of that so I
thought that I would do what I can in sharing what I get as far as new
releases coming up so every so often I post
usually around the first and fifteenth of the month for the new releases too
unless a whole bunch of come in because I try and wait till some have built up
but inevitably when I do post it sparks other people to send in their new
releases so I thought I might as well take a few minutes make short videos
here and there and let you know what’s coming up in horror fiction so let me
know if you think this is a good idea if I should elaborate if I should go back
and read every single one that I’ve posted online for convenience sake or if
you already do click through and check out the eerie eye candy on the new
members page of horror org you

6 Replies to “NEW RELEASES: Horror Fiction – Sept and October 2017 – typicalbooks – 64 – booktube

  1. You don't have to elaborate on every single one, but it is nice to hear about the newest releases. I totally fall for eye-candy and click through when the cover art catches my eye.

  2. I’m a lazy raccoon ☺️ so I would love to hear you tell us about the new releases! I also need to listen πŸ‘‚ to your podcast ASAP.

  3. I like this idea for a series! I don't really stay on top of new/upcoming releases so a quick run-through of them would be interesting.

  4. Did you say you need a hack for the thumbnails, or you have one? If you have one, let me know. I think it's so annoying, especially on the e-ink devices, to have to click into a small thumbnail and wait for it to load. I mean, I guess it's not that bad. But still. πŸ™‚

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