New G1 primary education textbooks in Myanmar 2017

Imagine the future where our children will live What can we do for our children to be good citizens in such a changing society? In June 2017, new primary grade 1 will be launched with new textbooks New textbooks will be full color and contain a lot of illustrations and pictures that stimulate students’ interest in learning, help them get clear images, and understand deeply New textbooks are developed by considering genders, ethnicities, disabilities, etc., so as to nurture children who can respect diversity of people Explanations and instructions on the new textbooks are very clear and accurate, so that students can learn by themselves New textbooks provide students with a lot of opportunities to think, research, analyze, communicate, create, present own ideas, etc., which will inspire students to gain various skills Students will cooperate together and learn together with classmates through pair works and group works, which can help them understand more, get new ideas from others, and help each other when they encounter new things To make it happen, teachers are required to shift their style of teaching from “providing knowledge to memorize” to “facilitating students to learn” In new lessons, teachers talk less, and give students more chances to learn proactively New textbooks will maximize the potentials of students New generation will start with the new primary grade 1 textbooks Technical assistance is provided by JICA

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