New Dissertation Defense App for iPhone and iPad

– Hey everybody, this is Dr. Guy. Author of the Dissertation Warrior, and founder of The
Dissertation Mentor dotcom. And I wanted to tell you
about an exciting development for me, and something that’s going to be immensely useful for you. You see, over the past three
months, I have been taking Harvard University Extension’s Introduction to Computer Science Class. And for my final project, I’ve developed an Iphone
and Ipad application that can be used by you, to prepare for your dissertation defense. The Dissertation Warrior:
Dissertation Defense Coach, is the ultimate Iphone
and Ipad application to help you build confidence,
so that way you are ready for your dissertation defense. So let’s take a minute and
let’s delve inside the app so you can see what it
offers, and then I’d like to tell you where you can find it. The Dissertation Warrior:
Dissertation Defense Coach, is the ultimate application
to rise up your confidence and to prepare for your doctoral defense. This is more than a flashcards app. It’s almost like I wrote a second book. But granted, it’s not as
long as a second book. For each of the questions you
are presented on your screen you have the opportunity to seek guidance, about how to answer the question. And how to make the most of
that moment, that that committee member, or–(laughs)–your chair, asks you a challenging question. Not only are basic, intermediate,
and advanced questions available inside the app.
You also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of
subject matters that can arise in your dissertation defense. From introduction chapter,
to literature review, to methodology, to findings, and so on. This application is the
best way that I know a doctoral candidate can
prepare for his or her dissertation defense. In terms of the questions
that could be asked for you. And my hope, is that you
will find this application immensely useful, as you are preparing for your doctoral defense. Well everybody, that is it. The Dissertation Warrior:
Dissertation Defense Coach is available right now on
the Iphone and Ipad app store through Apple. And my greatest hope, is that you’ll go and you’ll download that app. And you will let me know
what you think of it. Give me a rating. Tell me
how I can improve the app. And best yet, if it serves
you well, tell me about that. Reach out anytime. Tell me
what questions you would expect in your dissertation defense, that are going to stump you most. Take care, team. Thank
you again for watching.

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