NC Lit Map Module VI – Exploring Cultural and Literary Resources

Hi there! It’s Jada coming to you from sunny
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Video module six shows you all of the cultural resources available on the Lit Map and different ways to explore them. Welcome to the North Carolina Literary Map. This module will walk you
through how to navigate the “Resources” and “Literary Magazines”
tabs of the the toolbar. To supplement your
research of the authors and literature of North Carolina, you can move up to the second toolbar
and click the “Resources” tab. Here you will find
many helpful links with information relating
to North Carolina’s culture, literature, and history. For example, “North Carolina Historic Sites” has a map
of interesting historic places around the state, as well as an event
calendar and additional resources. These resources
can be used independently or they can be pulled into your research of
authors and literature included in the Map. For
example, if you were researching Thomas Wolfe or
his book, “Look Homeward, Angel,” in the Lit Map, you
could visit “North Carolina Historical Sites,” to check if there were sites related to
Thomas Wolfe. He happened to hail from Asheville and
in fact, there is a Thomas Wolfe Memorial Museum. This site can lead you to other related
sites as well. For more information on Thomas Wolfe, you
can go back to the “Resources” page and choose “NCpedia.” Type “Thomas Wolfe”
in the search box and find further materials on Thomas
Wolfe. If you try “VisitNC” and type “Thomas Wolfe” in the
search box, you can find all kinds of links to
Thomas Wolfe. For example, if you scroll down to “Thomas Wolfe Memorial-the video,” it will link you to a YouTube
video tour of the house. As you can see, the links included on the
“Resources” tab can help you explore supplemental
information to your Map search or it can also provide an opportunity to browse the many cultural and literary
aspects of the state. If we return to the Home Page, to the toolbar, we can explore other
literary resources, such as “Literary Magazines,”
focusing on North Carolina writers. When the criteria for the Literary Map
was developed, it was decided to limit inclusion to books.
Excellent North Carolina authors who have published in literary magazines are absent, but we wanted to find a way
to incorporate them into the Map. We were able to do that with a separate
tab, which includes literary magazines. Under “Literary Magazines,” you can see
that this tab provides numerous literary journals
and magazines to help with research or just to browse. For example, if you choose, “Appalachian Journal,” you
might want to search “Thomas Wolfe,” or you could perhaps find articles
written about Wolfe, or reviews of books about him. If you are
more interested in browsing works by North Carolina poets, you could browse by volume, or you could
just choose a particular poet. Please take a few minutes to search the
“Resources” and “Literary Magazines” tabs on the toolbar. If you have any questions about this
module, please contact the Lit Map Team. For information about exploring
educational resources included in the Map, please go to the next module.

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