N..NoodleBoy? | Doki Doki Literature Club! Act 5 (Mod) Part 1

Hey spaghetto here today we’re playing
doki doki literature club again this is another mod i found it’s called act 5 or
whatever so it goes past after you delete monica from the game and also new
thing I’m using a different microphone so that’s if my voice sounds different
or not let me know what you think of it down below anyways let’s get into this
this is just information about the mod saying it has nothing to do with the
original game and that it’s supposed to be played after you complete the game
because of spoilers and whatnot so yeah yeah this is fan theories and stuff
alright here we go can you hear me I guess I should
introduce myself or something my name is actually that’s stupid you
obviously know my name it’s noodle boy but a lot of people know me as main
character what a coincidence we had the same name hello noodle boy hi
noodle boy oh hi it’s been a while since I well existed okay hi that’s it this
okay it’s like I’ve been asleep this whole time it’s like the world went on
without me last thing I remember oh gosh no what’s
a Orie in her room I’m not gonna go into further detail then it all went black
this was my fault I can never take it back and that was my last memory but now
I’m awake truly awake I’m remembering everything that’s happened everything I
have some kind of omniscience I know that wasn’t my only story and I think
everyone else has had the same kind of experience some kind of deja vu I
remember a world without me or say Rory Yuri and netsuke nearly tore each other
apart over you you learned that what makes netsuke so lovable and cute what
was rooted in abuse from her father here you can URI confessed her feelings
towards you she couldn’t handle your response that she lost her mind you know
what happened next I remember a world with only you and Monica she was the one
that caused all this just to be with you then you deleted her I can’t blame you
for not wanting to be there forever then there was a world without Monica today
Aria was the president she wanted you all to herself
just like Monica Monica realize that no happiness could be found in the club she
did what she had to do and deleted almost everything and everyone took
their last breath that’s the sounds of Monica’s voice Phil was what was left of
this world and that was the last time you were with us did you notice how
during this time you really heard me think to myself or speak to our friends
that’s because it wasn’t me who was there it was you nevermind that’s stupid
you probably already know that when Monica deleted the world she left nobody
to quote to be club president so because I was only left the position fell upon
me that’s why I can see this all now now I could tell you now I could see all
you’ve done I want to thank you for being good to my friends you were there
for them even if I actions allowed them to be taken away from you in a
horrifying way you were all willing to forgive them especially Monica for what
you saw you’re willing to forgive them for hurting everyone for forcing you to
say goodbye to them and learning to love them at least I hope so or I will see it
see to it that you experience it all over again
it’ll even be more hellish it will genuinely be all your fault this time so
do you forgive all my friends oh gosh yeah good noodle boy I’m sorry for
always being you know never mind I know that’s wrong
this is my story it’s my time to be a freakin hero both of us noodle boys say
I wasn’t exactly telling the truth when she said that everyone was happy and
getting along they couldn’t have been happy after all that had happened I
would have just happened it would have just happened again she told you that
she told you that because she loved you and didn’t want you to know that she
couldn’t give you any more time with our friends in return but here’s my plan
what to do now to stop all of it from happening again I think we might be able
to go back wherever you want to put it and go back and tell them what’s going
to happen if they know ahead of time then they’ll be able to avoid it they
should if they remember their time with me in the other worlds they should
remember what I tell them noodle boy we have to show them what you
experienced and may horrify them and may fill them with hate it may make them
lose a sense of purpose in this program world yeah we still build sandcastles
but it is far better than leaving them in a blissful ignorance they can only be
truly happy if they know what they went through it should be noted by corporal
friend that there’s no way for you to speak with our friends the only time you
were the one talking with them is when you were writing her poems so I’ll be
doing the talking I promise to be better than the first time
I’ll show them that we love them and I’ll prove to them that they deserve it
it should be easy with my newfound omniscience I think that’s about
everything the second creator wanted me to talk about hmm you have to make
scripts for the player in order to them to see your world I have included the
script for the first day from there you should focus on fulfilling the
objectives I set for you however you want
I made them open to interpretation you know what you know what’s best if you
don’t follow the objectives the player will think that you’ve malfunctioned
didn’t delete you you don’t want that to happen
stay within the rules I for you look malfunctioned treat the
player well and they only give you the ability to have a second chance don’t
talk about these instructions it doesn’t look very good to them great we’ve
covered everything with all that out of the way it’s time to load up the world
oh look it’s been corrupted on purpose there’s probably a reason for this hmm
there’s no happiness in this literature Club what did they just expect the next
president to just give up you don’t mind right if I’m going to download another
copy and patch this one up including everyone see CHR files I’m the president
of the club now that’s that means we can make their lives happy it must be
happiness in the literature club we don’t have it any other way
Hey I see say are we running towards me from the distance waving her arms in the
air like she’s totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself we
used to walk to school together on days like this but starting around high
school she would oversleep more and more frequently oh man like the game
restarted of course you and I both know why oh gosh let’s just let her catch up
to us she has a reason to pursue us like this ha ha I overslept again but I
caught you this time so Yuri what a pleasant surprise we have to we have to
get you to stop what we’re sleeping yeah I kind of been a heavy slippery sleeper
since high school begin they should start it later maybe remember we had to
write essays about it in class yeah you probably still oversleep though yeah I
probably shouldn’t have said it that way I was just joking sorry I know you want
us to walk together and I can’t wait until we start doing it again that’s so
sweet of you noodle boy I can’t wait either I think that deep down she knows
that she would never accomplish that goal normally I think she were I think I
recovered that situation but you never can be certain how she or he feels with
her rain clouds as we learned in the past we cross the street together and
make our way to school as we draw near the streets to
become increasingly speckled with students making the daily commute by the
way say Ori are there any clubs you’re thinking of joining a club
I wanted you to pick up the club I wanted you to pick a club so that you’ve
had something to look forward to at the end of the day your happiness is really
important to me you know that sounds like something I would say yeah it is oh
yeah I remember now you asked me to pick a club have you picked one yet yep
but I’m keeping it a secret till the end of the day I’m heaping you in suspense
all right I’m just glad you didn’t forget it seems that the first stages of
our plan are going along smoothly hmm hmm do you think se RA is going to be
joining the literature Club a school day was as ordinary as ever and it’s over
before I know it good thing we don’t have to actually
experience it you’re right noodle boy if I Nestle or eh they’ll be coming here
and soon telling us what the club she’s decided to join hello hey sir are you
going to tell me what club you’re joining now maybe if you let me go get
some words out silly I’m willing to be joining your literature Club
I don’t think Suri has any interest in literature she must be interested in
something else the club has to offer my old shock what does that mean I mean
what a surprise that’s that’s great see all right well get to spend more time
together you’ll get to make new friends with the other Club members I know it’ll
be so much fun let’s make her away there we don’t want the cupcakes to get stale
yeah I love cupcakes and thus today will mark the day I sold our friends
innocence oh gosh dang it noodle boy don’t please just let them be
happy for the happy ending they deserve well maybe today might be too early to
refresh everyone’s memory but we’ll see how while it plays out say you already
cheerfully follows me across the school hmm and up the stairs a section of the
school I only visit for club days I open the classroom door hey everyone we have
a new member this is se or e se re she was the last thing I saw my childhood
friend told us she wanted me to find a club so that I didn’t become a meet and
so I I had adequate adequate social skills before the real world that raises
a question did she genuinely not want that to happen or did she take us to the
literature Club to get closer with us but that doesn’t matter because either
way she did it because she loved us and she didn’t believe that we loved her
back well back to my world welcome to the literature Club as a
pleasure meeting you you must be a friend of noodle voice seriously do we
need another member shut up mad Suki now Suki glances at me
for a quick second you know what never mind
middle boy thinks it’s a good idea then it probably is typical thanks dad Suki
that’s Suki is scared of changing the club everyone escape from her abuser
abusive father first yeah we figured that out in her side story that I played
the one place she can be happy hello oh gosh no you get out of here
just like the last time all worlds all words escape me not because of my
realization that this club is full of incredibly cute girls but because
everyone is happy again and we’re going to keep it that way
this is NAT Sookie she’s the one who baked the cupcakes and she’s always full
of energy yep that’s me NAT Sookie last I was with her she seemed fine a little
tense but fine but we’ve discovered the truth about her since then why she’s
really here why she’s constantly tense why she’s overly cutesy her dad who
would and I quote beat the crap out of me if she found this this of course
referring to her escape her joy her mom we’re going to be ridding her of this
suffering but it’ll have to start with her dad I’ll delete that oh man from
this world and if we have to let’s hope that remains the worst case scenario of
course that’s going to be based when what Nats if he wants this is Yuri the
smartest in the club hey it’s ok stop being nervous don’t say things like that
Yuri the smartest in the club and with that the least expressive and that book
of her is portrait of Markov truly a story within our story perhaps even the
story of our story I hope you don’t mind me using your browser this list this
limiting thing might be important I’ll fill you in later
Yuri was manipulated to the point of insanity by Monica speaking of Monica
let’s introduce her to C or E and this is Monica our vice president and what a
nice surprise it’s great to have new members join
welcome to the literature club Monica you will who do we ever learn anything
about her personality all I cared for was that she was out of my league just
Monica I bet you haven’t heard that in a while
the one pulling the strings all along the one who was truly alive in the world
of fiction the one who eliminated our friends from our from your view she
entered the minds of our friends convinced them that they didn’t deserve
our love encourage their self-destructive behaviors convinced you
that they were all crazy remember we agreed on one thing before we started
that she deserves our love and forgiveness her sins will be resolved
she will be happy just like everyone else ok everybody
now that’s well everyone’s introduced to our new member let’s break out the
refreshments I’ll get the cupcakes I’ll make some tea that’s Yuki and Yuri walk
over the corner of the room where netsuke grabs a
rap trade gary opens the closet we’ve arranged a few desk
to form a table let’s sit down say Orie I take a seat in that Pat a seat next to
me say you already sits down next to me this is so nice little boy Nance you
keep proudly marches back to the table tray in hand okay are you ready
tada whoo that’s a cute list the files the tray
reveal a dozen white fluffy cupcakes decorated it look like little cats but
whiskers are drawn with icing a little pieces of chocolate were used to make
ears hmm I’m experiencing some kind of days off you have a feeling that the
fateful day I sold my soul for a cupcake is happening all over again so cute I
had no idea you were so good at baking that Sookie yeah well you know just
hurry and take one Monica grabs the first one than I do and say Yuri follows
it’s delicious so you already talked with her mouth
full and it already has managed to get icing on her face
I turned the cupcake around my fingers looking for the best angle to take a
bite Natsu keys quiet I can’t help but notice her sneaking glances in my
direction is she waiting for me to take a bite I finally bite down the icing is
sweet and full of flavor she made it herself this is really good
Thank You Natsuki you don’t have to thank me I made these for everyone in
the club I know she’s telling the truth she’s not here for me and then these
girls are but we are here for their happiness
Yuri returns to the table carrying a tea set the teacher lets her store here she
gesture wrinkled sleeves nonchalantly letting out a slight wince oh gosh no
she carefully places a teacup in front of each of us before setting down the
tea pot next to the cupcake tray Wow you keep a whole tea set here hmm oh man I
don’t like yawning so much this is great don’t worry the teachers gave us
permission after all doesn’t a hot cup of tea
help you enjoy a good book it sure does so you always not exactly in the
literature but that doesn’t matter to you in me yeah don’t let yourself get
intimidated you’re just trying to be friendly with you I mean yeah even when
she just went even when we stop her from cutting herself open we’ll have to make
her more socially comfortable before she’s happy I mean that you know I’ll
bet that when I get to know you that you’ll be a friendly person URI
and this tea is so good thanks I’m glad URI faintly smiles herself and relief I
look over to say Orie so say you re what made you want to join the literature
Club you and I both must know the answer to this question why did I ask it well
that’s what the President does if I’m being honest there’s no way she’ll be
honest in front of everybody it’s because I wanted to be with se RA chokes
on her words I wanted to be in a small club they’re so fun well it was a good
effort that’s great we all know each other pretty well he’ll feel at home in
no time as president of the literature club it’s
my duty to make the club fun and exciting for everyone thanks noodle boy
that’s so sweet of you I didn’t know you liked clubs or literature so I was
really surprised when I saw you were founding this club I was – what life is
full of surprises oh yeah how can I surprise myself huh
well you’ll be surprised noodle boy is really great leader yurid also nods an
agreement man thanks nan Sookie the he’s okay
Oh Nats Sookie you’re so cute when you do that don’t say that I’m not trying to
be cute well that’s where you’re wrong it pays me a scene at Sookie this way to
constantly see her in their stated offense but we must have patience in
execution of our plan anyway noodle boy what are we planning
for the festival we should always be focusing on getting new members I’m
confident that we’ll really grow in this club before we graduate thanks Monica
but I have it covered for now Monica a natural-born leader it’s like she was
designed to lead this club oh wait that’s exactly what she was made
for she was also designed to change this world into one that she would keep you
with her forever hopefully she will feel remorse about her actions but she will
be happy everyone will be happy so say Aria what kind of things do you like to
read well say already seems that a loss for words I like anything that’s happy
not much of a reader I guess well I I could really get into it
what do you what do you like to read Yuri well let’s see my favorites are
usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds the level of
creativity and craftsmanship behind them is amazing to me and telling a good
story in a foreign world is equally impressive Yuri goes on clearly
passionate about her reading that this just shows that she finds her comfort in
the world of books not people and why shouldn’t it be both but you know I like
a lot of things stories with deep psychological elements usually immerse
me as well huh this isn’t amazing how a writer could so
deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination and completely throw
you for a loop I feel like she’s referencing something but I can’t put my
finger on it anyway I’ve been reading a lot of horror lately say you already is
smiling but I could tell she doesn’t quite know what URI is talking about
really I wouldn’t have expected that URI for someone as gentle as you I guess you
could say that but if a story makes me think where may takes me to another
world then I really can’t put it down it’s real horror is often very
successful at changing the way you look at the world if only for a brief moment
okay now I know what she’s talking about I must say it’s very clever of the
creators of this world uh I hate horror oh why is that
well I just that Sookie I start over huh NAT Sookie’s I start over to me for a
split second never mind that’s right you usually like to write
about key things don’t you not Sookie what well gives you that idea
you left a piece of scrap paper behind the club last meeting it looked like you
were really working on a poem called don’t say it aloud and give it back
fine fine yeah your cupcakes your poems everything you do is just as cute as you
are Matt’s Matt Sookie I’m not cute and it’s not Sookie right it’s good to see
that you’re you’re already friends if she was president Monica would probably
talk about poem writing now I’m not going to worry about that now we’ve
already read their poems poems aren’t really necessary for what I’m planning
we all sit in silence for a moment alright everyone that’s not all people I
met our new member I think it’s time for to end today’s meeting
we don’t have an assignment for today I’ve had something special planned for
tomorrow the girls all start gathering their things a noodle boy since we’re
ready here you want to walk home together
of course yay we make our way through the halls of the
school hey noodle boy we stop walking I just
wanted just to thank you for encouraging me to look for a club letting me join
your club and being so nice to me you’re such a good friend
say Ori are you okay yeah let’s keep walking oh I’m so sweet yes everyone’s
finally being happy finally tomorrow we spring our plan into action
we will save them from the horrors of this world they will be happy once and
for all Hey looks like I caught you today say
Ori I’m glad you came we have something big planned today
hello everybody all you’re all ready for today’s activity I’m so I’m so excited
so am i airy smiles silently well I’m not getting out of it don’t worry Natsu
you’ll have plenty of time to read your manga after today don’t say it like that
well since everyone’s either ready or consenting that’s time for activity to
begin the world stutters for a moment well the girls collectively let out a
brief shriek everyone remain calm everything’s fine
what is this where are we everyone I’m going to refresh your memories memories
of what your memories of other worlds and what exactly does that mean our
world is a computer program pre-written code for some of the billions of
personal computers in their world fiction created by corporal beings just
to simulate being with all of you in the literature Club but how can you know
this because I am the president of the club whoever made this world allowed me
allowed the president access over the players computer we have lived in the
many versions of this world and I’m going to show you what happened in them
this is the first world the player experience everything is normal here
Monica is the president say or he convinced me to join the literature Club
you all become my dearest friends I think I’m remembering now you were
really a friend to everyone in the club I think I’m remembering to me to say Ari
starts to frown as she remembers we write and share fall rent and share
poems we prepare for the festival everything seemed fine I even changed
change time to be with all you guys on the weekend then say Orry starts acting
a bit weird what I check on her she tells me that that through her life
she’s had depression and that this club is the first time I’ve been seeing it
she later confesses her love to me it’s the only time she brought me this club
after she loved me then noodle boy I promise what I’m about to show them is
for their own good please trust my judgment noodle boy they
only know true happiness if they know true horror oh gosh no I want someone to
do the same to me ah see aureus depressive thoughts overcame her she
took her own life why are you showing us this so I can show you why we have to
work together to prevent this from ever happening again
so I can help you all be happy once and for all but we’re not done yet huh
here’s the second world the player experience a repeat this time without
say Ori without our positivity in the club things soon went awry things are
mostly the same until we start sharing poems we observed the new club like
ghost observing the world that Suki are you that full of yourself if I was that
full of myself I wouldn’t deliver ego out of my way to make everything overly
cutesy the argument continues that Suki will be careful he might cut yourself on
the edge Yuri that’s Sookie oh my bad you already do
don’t you did you just accuse me of cutting myself what the is wrong with
you in your head the display shows Monica pulling me out of the club room
noodle boy this is part you’re never going to see you never got to see URI
netsuke started shouting at the top of their lungs NAT Sookie you’re such a
freaking creep in a weirdo nan Sookie being it being deep and using big words
doesn’t make you smart I don’t know why you try to impress him he’ll probably
just mess up every relationship you have with your cruddy social skills no sane
person will ever love you no matter how slutty you act did you get that one from
your dad your dad who knows you as a mistake and hated you from birth your
dad who starves you he only acknowledges your existence when he’s beating the
crud out of you and Sookie runs out of the door
URI instantly proceeds to put her head in her hands and started rocking back
and forth please stop we’ll do anything you know
we still have a quite a bit to go through the display skips to Yuri’s
confession and our resulting suicide it shows the following weekend that
Sookie discovering Guri then Monica comes into view of the display Monica
butyl why did something happen oh haha well that’s a shame just give me a sec
Monica deletes NAT Sookie and URI the other girls start to stare at Monika
with a Vittorio um hate in their eyes they’ve relays that Monica is the one
responsible for all of this Monica sheds her first here we’ve seen everything
that we’ve needed to see you’re right you just have one last thing I just have
one last thing to show you all the display skips over act 4 over to act 4
it shows Sherry’s attempt at keeping me all herself
but it shows Monica’s final act protecting me from the president the
world stutters for a second now do we all see why I need you to work with me
on this why I’m going to need you to step out of your comfort zones all the
girls silently nod yes while drawing the rice I promise you that you’ll never
have to see that again even if it kills me
the girls look at me with the spark of hope in their eyes everybody I think we
could trust noodle boy he showed us this for a reason he’s really changed and
wants to make us happy he’s not going to leave saiary alone when she’s that way
he’s not going to just let the whole thing happen again that’s why he would
rather fix our problems then selfishly convince us that to be with him all over
again or even worse manipulate us to make us
want to be with him everyone truly smiles for the first time now feigned
smiles which mask the pain within them a true joyous smile let’s get started from
now on this is going to be a group therapy Club we need to establish a few
things before we start being honest and true to yourselves is going to be a
requirement or else we’re not going to be able to achieve our goal well with
that this is going to be a judgment-free place but you can always pull me aside
to have a private talk I might also ask one of you to stay after some days but
don’t worry I am incapable of judgment I’m the president of this new club after
all it’s my responsibility to make each of you happy with that out of the way
let me introduce you to the suggestion box which is totally not a contrived
plot device what is this place for you to anonymously suggest topics for us to
talk about in the club you’re able to write multiple things and topics on one
card let’s all put in the box right now I want you to be
honest with yourselves what is this thing that stops you from reaching your
full potential what from what you saw from the other worlds impact to you in
the most I place a box on the podium in front of the room
little girls I’ll take their seats from each other I’d do the same I write my
suggestion on my card I walk I’ll walk it to the box and put it in the girls
seem to like look seem like they’re still in shock they all seem to focus on
after a while they write their suggestions they soon follow putting
their cards one by one all right everybody that’s all we’re going to do
today we don’t want to jump in too soon do we but noodle boy what about the
festival don’t worry Monica I have a gut feeling
that we’ll have plenty of time for the festival
okay everybody tonight’s assignment is to come back tomorrow
safely say Yuri I want you to know that we all love you oh I love you all too I
promise I’ll be back tomorrow Yuri I want you to resist the urge to
feed that raccoon I understand what you mean I’ll try my best
Monica I want you to know no matter what you’ve done very well you’re always
welcome here Thank You Nancy okay I want you to have
this I conjure up a cookie out of thin air
and I give it to netsuke she take it and looks like she can’t decide between
smiling or looking offended thank you everyone starts packing up their things
quieter than their usual selves a noodle boy can we walk home together of course
say Orie yay so you’re already a surprisingly quiet as we walk home se RA
stops at the place we usually split up noodle boy so he already hugs me tightly
wrapped her arms around I wrap our arms around her too we release each other and
go our separate ways noodle boy do you love them enough to help them with their
problems to do whatever it takes to help them be happy
yeah excellent hey everybody are you guys all ready to get started
with our first session the girls all appear to be anxious to do anything but
smile let’s start by picking a suggestion out of the box
from there we’ll have group discussion on it we’ll go over what it is and what
to do about it I might call on some of you to explain your personal experience
with it the girls all shift around uncomfortably like they don’t trust me
to keep their plane they’re paying secret I never thought I’d be the one
leading a serious discussion but sometimes you have to do things out of
our comfort zones I open the box and pull out a card this one says what to do
when you think your friend has a mental health problem oh that’s not Suki
how lucky this is going to be an excellent one to start with the girls
all have a let out a sigh of relief they probably don’t want to be the first one
to have their card read the girls all the girls and I start to organize their
desks into a Pentagon we all take our seat so what do we needed so what do we
already know about what to do I’ll start you should reassure your friend that you
care about them maybe even love them make sure they’re convinced that you’re
selling the truth but also make sure to be honest that wouldn’t have helped
significantly that would have helped significantly in my past experiences I
think it would help to included invite them in your plans it never hurts to
keep trying if they declined and you should never encourage any unhealthy
behavior thank you that’s great advice Monica what else you should you should
be listening an attentive when they need it and above all be compassionate
empathetic and respectful exactly you should be there for them and be
listening here when they need it Thank You Yuri anything else
you should remind them that they’re not that there is always that they’re not
alone and that they should get care exactly Thank You netsuke these are all
good answers now say Ori why you have some experience with this especially
since you made it clear that the day you needed help and I failed you know you
didn’t it was all my fault she already glances around and everybody
say Ori nothing that happened in the world in that world was your fault
please believe us are you sure he told me he cared deeply for me and I didn’t
believe him Yuri’s still right you didn’t honestly
believe that he was lying to you your depression made you doubt him
you’re not really like that say Ori exactly the oppression can make you
think differently many mental illnesses caused you to do so but who else’s fault
could it be but mine it was my fault say Ori no it couldn’t be
I didn’t put any effort into actively convincing you that I loved you and
cared deeply for you I didn’t truly listen to your concerns and I certainly
didn’t help you find care and most importantly I gave up too easily if I
had persisted I think I could have convinced you I’m not even sure if that
is true that’s what say or he needs to hear right now noodle boy you must
really believe that if you’re willing to confess that it must have took a lot of
courage to say that thank you that’s tsuki perks up say Ori I think I
need to say that everyone here is willing to support you if you ever need
us I think everyone here is ready to support one another if they need it
everyone nods and in affirmation Thank You netsuke that’s right anyone here is
able to find it and able to help any of you if you ever need it one last thing
if you or anybody else in the club needs care talk to me I
show you other worlds I can get care for you or them I’m even finally if you want
to stay at my house during the day and remember you can always text me
especially as we’re going into the weekend
I know I don’t think we have your number noodle boy oh let’s all check our
contact list to be sure the girls all pull out their phones look so surprised
if we’re in the girls faces they see them as they see noodle boy in their
contacts oh thank you with that I think it’s time to close
today’s meeting hey noodle boy the club de festivals are on Monday and we don’t
have anything planned yeah about that the festivals are going to be delayed
until next Monday that’s good I guess but why let’s just say I I had it moved
back noodle boy is it this was supposed to be my literature Club
I understand Monica but I wanted to make everyone feel happy even you I don’t
think I have to remind you that under your leadership we never make it to the
festivals before the disaster strikes Monica I already know how you’re going
to answer this but do you feel bad for what you did yeah I do
well I can make you feel at peace with your actions I could take it they regret
you feel go away I could teach everyone how to forgive you please Monica there’s
nothing I want more than in this world to make you and everyone else truly
happy don’t you want that too yes that’s good to know Monica will when we’re done
here with solving everyone’s problems I’ll let you preside over the festival
preparations I won’t let you be the president of the club although it’s I’ll
still technically be president does that sound good yes that would be perfect
noodle boy Monica Sui FLE Lily reaches out and hugs me I don’t hug back because
well this is totally unexpected she’s hugging me of all people thank you
but just like that it’s over I’m glad we could work this out Monica also that’s
some really weird music for that part okay with that it’s time for the weekend
to begin I don’t have anything planned so I’ll make sure I make it to make it
quick the weekend is going as it normally does the only person who’s
texted me is say Orie and despite what we’ve been through this week she’s
surprisingly cheerful hopefully hopefully she can keep it up until we
talk about it in the club we talk about normal things while I’m doing what I
usually do spending my free time on games and anime or at least I probably
would be I’m obsessed with these live streams
it’s amazing how humans could be so entertaining for hours some of them are
even playing my my old world my phone emits a usual its usual ding I’m
expecting say Orie to have responded back I pick up the my phone and see the
netsuke is texting me I know this is weird but can can I come to your house I
text back sure I don’t have to ask why because we already know I continue to go
about my business I hear a knock on my front door I opened the door netsuke is
standing there although I’ve seen her before
I’m once again surprised by seeing her and something different than her school
clothes hi can I come in I nod yes but you’re already in my room ok as she
makes her way in I noticed that she’s holding manga parfait girls what it’s
not a volume I recognize she also has a backpack head looks like it’s been fully
packed thanks for letting me be here I know this is really weird I just needed
to it’s ok NAT Sookie make yourself at home if you need anything for me just
ask thanks with that netsuke seats herself he
begins reading her manga quietly she seems so much more relaxed now I resume
with my usual and entertainment we remain silent for the rest of the day
wow it’s already nighttime I expect that Sookie to want to go home soon I
wouldn’t really mind her staying longer my largest concern is that she is if she
feels welcome here or if I’m even doing her good by letting her stay here with
the way things are at home no Sookie gets up from reading her her
reading place thanks for letting me stay here
I know must have been weird not at all in that Sookie is there anything else
you need that Sookie looks at me and starts to blush I know this is weird but
can I have something to eat sure NAT Sookie help yourself and Sookie make
sure selection starts walking to the front door she starts to us she starts
to reach for the handle she stops and right hand before the handle she starts
to shake Natsuki I can’t and Zuki turns around I
can’t go back my dad will hurt me if I do noodle boy
please don’t make me go back my dad won’t even know I’m gone please let me
stay here you don’t need to give me anything I have everything I need with
me I’ll do anything you want I don’t care if you want me to sleep in some
closet I don’t care if you want me to do if you wanted to do oh gosh just please
let me stay don’t make me go back there and Sookie of course you could stay here
you could stay as long as you want to I would have offered it if I knew you were
comfortable with it I won’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do you
can’t even sleep in my bed if you want really you you really let me stay oh
gosh that’s a lot of yeses mm-hmm I think about the last yes yes NAT
Sookie I’m telling the truth I’ll do everything I can to keep you here I have
everything we need to support you you can have anything you want and Sookie
calm sound stops crying she dries her eyes she wraps her arms around me
loosely as if she still wasn’t sure I hug her back huh man this is so sweet
finally and also I’m actually really starting to like that Sookie like I
thought I didn’t think this would happen but like I’m really liking her character
and it’s so sad the hearing about what her dad did to her what not and finally
seeing her happy like this it’s just it’s it’s touching
you know just heartwarming we hold each other tightly after what it seems to be
forever she lets go I release her to noodle boy
thank you I’ll do anything you want me to do and he won’t even know I’m here
that’s Sookie I meant everything I said I said you don’t need to do anything you
don’t want to if there’s anything you need you can have it that Sookie starts
to smile she must have started really believe me now is there anything else
you wanted to eat no this is good enough alright well I guess I should start
clearing off my bed no I could sleep on the couch I like
sleeping in my bed so I concede on this one well I’m pretty tired if there’s
anything you need I got it thank you noodle boy and so you start some packing
their things blanket school clothes dental stuff but no pillow I grab a
pillow when I walk down and I hand it to her I’m fine you don’t need to we have
plenty of pillows now Sookie if there’s anything else you didn’t pack I can buy
it for you I have everything I need that Sookie should I have asked you if you
wanted to stay sooner did I leave you with no choice but to stay here you
don’t have to ask that it doesn’t matter to me
Thank You netsuke good night I hop in my bed my mind racing I should have offered
this to her it was obvious that she didn’t like living here
living there sorry but dwelling on this is unhealthy I don’t let all the stupid
things I did weigh me down and I’m not going to let this either I finally feel
at peace say already happy and that Sookie safe a sense of urgency is gone
but we’re not done yet I drift off to sleep I wake up it’s
still dark check I checked my phone’s clock its 3:23 oh gosh I can’t sleep
which is weird because I’m usually pretty good at this I decided to go
downstairs and get a snack after taking the last step I feel a wave come over me
it’s telling me to look in that Sookie’s bag it’s weird very weird
I must has something to do with my presidency but I can’t resist it it
feels like a matter of life or death I walk over there wearing that Sookie’s
sleeping she’s sound asleep she must have had a long day and that is where
I’m going to end this episode guys I’m sorry for another another cliffhanger
but this this mod has been so good I love it it’s like everything I wanted
the game to be so far and the sense of dread is like really nice in this moment
so I thought it’d be a good way to stop it thank you guys so much for watching
make sure to LIKE and subscribe recommend any mods you want me to play
down below and I’ll see if I’ll check them out if you want me to message
beyond discord if you like check out my other Doki Doki videos if you haven’t
already and as always I’ll see you in the next video you

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