My Life at Bangor – Francesca Sciarrillo, English Literature

I’m studying English Literature and I’m in
my third year at the moment, but hopefully going to be going on to do a Masters as well
here at Bangor next year. I chose to come here based on my experiences
at the Open Day. The weather forecast for the Open Day was supposed to be horrendous. And
we were driving up to Bangor and it was the most beautiful sunny day, and I could see
the sea and the mountains, and I thought just the location in itself looked beautiful. So
I knew that was definitely a selling point for me. And when we got to the actual University,
the Open Day was so organised and we knew exactly where we were going. The staff and
the student helpers were really really helpful. The tour of the department was brilliant,
and the tour of the halls of residence, and we even did a bus tour around Bangor itself
so I got a feel of what the town or city was like. And just generally seeing the department
and getting to know the lecturers. And the lecturers were really helpful for answering
questions. Just telling us really about what it would be like to be studying English Literature
and for me because it was so friendly and welcoming and so informative, that’s what
kind of sold me. Because English Literature is so varied, obviously
there’s so many different areas that you can go into. You can study anything from Medieval
Literature all the way up to Contemporary. And what I really like about the course is
that we even have opportunities to speak to contemporary poets or writers who come and
visit the University and give talks to the students. And the lecturers themselves actually
know these writers or work with them. And all of the lecturers in our department are
actually studying and publishing their own work. So everything that we’re being taught
is from their own research, which is really really good because it’s as if we’re getting
the information as soon as it’s coming in. I would say that the staff are absolutely
brilliant. They’re so good in terms of even if you just email them with a query, they
reply really really fast. And they have their office hours you can go and see them during
their office hours or just email them and ask, can I come to see you at this time? And
they’re always really really hands on and willing to help. They help so much in terms
of the seminars and lectures as well. They give you lots of information but they don’t
overload you with it so it’s not scary. In 6th form I was used to having small groups
of classes, and that’s what I like – learning in that way. I don’t like being in a massive
seminar with lots and lots of different people. We’re always put into smaller seminars where
the lecturer will know us individually. We’re not just a number in a crowd so I think that
my favourite thing is that you feel part of like a collective team. And obviously you’re
alongside people that have the same interests as you and like the same stuff that you do.
So I’d say that my favourite part of the course would be how it’s catered for everybody and
how the lecturers are willing to make you feel part of a team. I’m a part of the newspaper, newspaper Seren. I write book reviews and things like that
for the newspaper. I love it, it’s so much fun. It’s really really cool. There’s so many
different societies that you can join. And I have looked at different ones since I’ve
been here. Obviously I’m in my third year now, so I have tried different ones, but the
newspaper stands out for me. It’s been my favourite. And it’s great because they’re
all free as well. I think a lot of people think Bangor is a small place
and there’s not as much going on, but that could not be further from the truth! Obviously
there’s a really really good nightlife here in Bangor in terms of nightclub and all that
sort of stuff but also in terms of Pontio, the Arts Centre. I really really really have
an avid interest in theatre so I really enjoy going to see different productions, and there’s
always travelling productions from all over Wales or all over the UK, which is great.
It’s nice to have an opportunity to see lots of different things. And also things to do
with the university so for example recently I’ve just been to the University’s orchestra
to see that. I’ve never been to like that. I’ve been to ballets, and all the things that
I’ve never seen, and it’s great. It’s a really nice way to pontio, to bridge the community
with the university. And also I’d say as well socially, the thing that I really love doing
is exploring the area. So obviously there’s trains and buses that can take you all over
north Wales and north of England, and it’s great to get out and see the landscape cos
it’s such a beautiful to live. I would really like to stay and do a Masters
if I can and I would love to hopefully then to go on to do a PhD if I could. I love being
here so much, and I don’t want to leave to be perfectly honest!

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