My Cats Reenact Scenes from Victorian Literature

Hello and welcome to Spinster’s Library I’m Claudia and I hope you enjoyed my cats reenacting scenes from Victorian fiction So this bit of the video is to explain What the heck you just watched Earlier this year I collaborated with a designer to come up with some cat and classic literature inspired designs for merchandise such as t-shirts, jumpers, tote bags, all of that kind of stuff and I’m mildly annoyed that I mistimed the recording of this video in such a way that both the t-shirt and the jumper that I have from that first cats and classic literature design are in the wash and that the mug that I have is in the dishwasher, so well done me! I can’t actually show you any of the things that I own but I’ll link to the previous video, where I show of those items, in the description box if you’re interested in looking at the first batch of designs. But today I want to talk about the second batch of designs So, I worked again with the same designer and I thought: it’s Victober So let’s do some Victorian-inspired designs and I’m really pleased with how they came out So let me show you all three of them and talk a little bit about them. The first one is absolutely adorable Dracula as a cat, so there you can see little kitty Dracula sleeping in a coffin Also, I know none of this is canon, but just go with it! I love this because it’s the right mix of creepy and adorable And the quote “Despair has its own calms” is from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker as well And I think it’s fitting to the cat sleeping in the coffin. So adorable ♥ Oh! All of these designs, by the way, are *hmm* Sorry, my voice is going. Also, my hair is wet. I’m sure we can all deal with it though All of the designs are going to be white on black or white on different colors So if you go and check out the shop There you can select, you know, different colors.
I quite like them on dark red that might be the ones that I’m going to buy for myself because I haven’t made my own order yet Also, the shop is linked in the description box. I really should have scripted this, shouldn’t I? Let’s move on to the second design
and this is- -This is my favorite I think this is the best one out to the three I think this is so adorable and also the book that it’s based on is one of my absolute favorites and Here we have The Sherlock Holmes kitty, okay? And this isn’t really based on a single book and the quote “The game is afoot” is from a story in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, the paw prints are a nice reference to the Hound of the Baskervilles, which is my favorite Sherlock Holmes book But it is, you can see, it’s set in London I just think that Kitty Watson is the most adorably chonky, mustached, Watson I have ever seen So move aside Martin Freeman. I think this is my canon Sherlock and Watson now Super cute ♥ And then the final design is- from a new Victorian favorite I only read this one last year and this is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and it is of course the famous scene where little kitty Oliver is in the workhouse and he’s finished his horribly meager breakfast goes up to the Beadle and asks “Please, sir, I want some more” And that is the beginning of the tragic tale of Oliver Twist I won’t spoiler how the book ends or where it goes. But this is what sets it all off. So, like I said previously you can find all of these on or click the link in the description box. You can get t-shirts hoodies, jumpers, tank tops- -annoyingly and I’m really sorry about that but that’s just the way that tee spring works and knowingly the feminine cut tank tops are much more expensive than the “standard” tank tops but – I tried to keep all the prices as low as possible because I’m not out to make a huge profit from this I just think it’s such a cute idea and- So hopefully it’s going to be affordable. But yeah, unfortunately, if you want the “flowy” tank top style that’s- -annoyingly more expensive than the non flowy tank top style But anyway, you know, we’re going into October now And I’m not going to be wearing any tank tops anytime soon So let me just tell you what I’m probably going to purchase for myself Although I haven’t made the decision yet because I’m really undecided between all of these I’m thinking I might get these Sherlock Holmes design on a t-shirt or a jumper I don’t really wear hoodies because I have long hair and, you know, It just gets in the way.
So I’ll probably get myself the Sherlock Holmes designed on a t-shirt or jumper. With the jumper, I’m going to size down this time. For the last one, I got a size large because that’s what I normally wear in clothes However, the jumpers are also “standard” A.K.A Men sized. So you might want to size down if you’re getting the jumper I also really want to get the Dracula design on some clothes, so maybe I’ll get The Sherlock Holmes ones on a jump and the Dracula one on a t-shirt and then I really want the Oliver Twist one on a mug because It’s just kind of fitting: I can just hold it up to my lovely husband and say “Please, sir, I want some more coffee” You gotta do it, right? So that was all I had to say about these I hope you enjoyed it the little clip at the beginning, I think my cats are the most talented cats, anywhere in the world, they should be film stars. In particular Minerva. She is a master of facial expression and- I hope you appreciate them as much as I do Thank you for watching. Bye!

19 Replies to “My Cats Reenact Scenes from Victorian Literature

  1. Lol, you had me smiling and laughing first thing in the morning — not an easy feat. Congratulations to your filmstar cats — well done! And I love your Victorian literature line — I am making up my Christmas list and will add these to it.

  2. Ha! What a wonderful way to kick off the Victober season! You have definitely succeeded in your quest to teach Minerva and Beedle new tricks.

  3. I can’t handle the cuteness of these designs! Who knew kitties and Victorian literature would be such a winning combination? #shutupandtakemymoney

  4. Your cats are fabulous. Their re-enactment of Oliver Twist made me laugh out loud. I love the designs too. I agree that the Dracula one is the perfect combo of cute and creepy and the Oliver Twist is perfect for a mug!

  5. "Please, Sir. I want some more." That scene from your cats was too funny. Super idea for the video. I also always misremember that quote as "May I have…" The designs are great. Love all of them.

  6. OMG I love this!!!
    Beedle's Watson face was PERFECT 😂
    also great job on editing these! the Dracula fight was so perfectly timed LOL

    ooooh YES so excited for these new ones too! Dracula is one of my favorite classics!
    –side note, why did we as a society decide wet hair was bad manners or something?? I've never gotten it. And as someone who usually has very long hair and always has had very thick hair, it basically means I can never ever shower in the daytime if I'm going somewhere later LOL

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