My Bookshelf Tour: Literature, Bookshelf Organization, & Unique Books to Read 2017

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  1. Oh mah glob, I love long videos about bookshelves and book collections! So many aspects of this video I loved. I like the way you organize your books into sections and subsections. I also love that you pulled out a few and talked about them. I was curious about book on your fiction shelf. It's the second book before Night Circus and I was wondering what book it was. The color of the cover drew me to it. I also love that you have your DVDs and records on the shelf as well. I would do that if I didn't have the volume of books that I do XD
    Speaking of volume of books, how many do you actually have? I'm almost at 200 and that's in a tiny ass apartment living with 3 other women and a lot of clothes between us XD children's books, especially the illustrated ones are awesome and it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who loves them and wants to collect them. I love the cameras, the typewriter, the record (trying to get one at the end of the year along with some more records), and just overall the little quirks that make your bookshelf personal to you.
    Thank you for the recommendations in your description and I wanted to recommend some of my own just from certain parts of your video if that's okay?
    1) Illuminated by Erica Orloff. It's a YA fiction book about a girl and a boy whose relatives are friends and they spend time together and end up falling in love while chasing the history of a page having a connection to the child of two lovers who were ripped apart by war and just society not accepting them. I've nearly worn out my copy because I've read the book 4-5 times now.
    2) The Letters of Heloise and Abelard. To add to your letters category, I'd recommend these letters because it coincides with Illuminated as these letters are the real life accounts of the lovers mentioned in Illuminated. I've haven't fully read it, but I did start when I first found it at one of my favorite used bookstores ever (if you're ever in LA again, Read Books in Eagle Rock is awesome. It might look small on the outside, but they have so much inventory on the inside and I've bought a lot of books from there already and still have some on my list for later.)
    3) Relationship by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst (I hope I got their names right). This is both a history/biography/memoir of the pair and a photography book. The book is about a transgender couple who at their time of dating were both transitioning and they took photos to commemorate that time. There is also a brief history of them in the beginning as well notes/letters from the pair themselves. I stumbled across this during this past semester at my college campus (one of the best parts of going there and it was just incredible to read/look through.
    I am so sorry this comment is so long, but I just a literal crap ton to say 😀

  2. Just found your channel this evening! For someone who likes poetry and likes letters I highly recommend "Anne Sexton–A Self-Portrait in Letters" edited by Linda Gray Sexton and Lois Ames. It's the correspondence of the American confessional poet Anne Sexton who died in 1974.—A book lover should have at least 20 unread books on their shelf? Then I am an over-the-top book lover: I have around 2,000 unread books! I think I'm set for life even if I never get another book!

  3. "If any book lover doesn't have at least 20 books on his shelf that he hasn't read then he isn't a true book lover" 🙂 My life motto! Great video

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