Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

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  1. One of the most intellectual discussions I've stumbled upon – learned a lot and lots of food for further thought. In particular i liked the short tangent on postmodernism – it affirmed a lot of impressions i came to after some research on a thesis on the matter while i was at the university.

  2. People are catching on that the accelerating fall of America is the result of Marxist ideology, so these two are tasked with fabricating some distance between the “good” Marxists of the past with the evil ones of today. Look into the background of these clever but damaged people if you find yourself falling for their perverse propaganda.

  3. Came here for Jordan and ended up loving this woman! What a great antidote to that feminist robot in his British GQ interview.

  4. This is a person who is – in her own words – pro kiddieporn, you know… childpornography. She’s also sympathetic with Foucault POV on the ‘right’ to have sexual relations with kids as young as… well let’s not say how old. She has books, in which she clearly states her beliefs confirming my claims about her. Conclusion: disgusting

  5. I wish some legitimate group of dedicated professors and educators would start an affordable university someplace with a classical curriculum.
    They would be the true rebels.

  6. these two, represent a dream of what we could be; sensible, intelligent, diligent, quality humans. A dream, but our life is struck with the nightmare of Portland USA.

  7. In the late 80's I fell in love with Camille Paglia. I discovered Peterson calendar year 2018 and relied on other channels to get his content. I'm giddy to have stumbled upon this channel and video.

  8. public schools are just a form of imprisonment

    So true

    I mean can you imagine if some ancient person saw us, we are forcing our future persons TO LEARN.. FORCING TO LEARN

    I mean can you imagine if in your time learing was amazingly expensive and a privilege, now, it's more like they punish us by making us lear physics and maths…. i mean yeah wtf xD

  9. 43:29 Camille Paglia just attached capitalism with the emancipation of women from housework. And off in the distance, from a thousand points of light on campuses all across the nation, came the sounds of…….."REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

  10. More Kermit hysteria, seriously cultures evolve and move forward get to fuck over it, what is not needed will be disregarded what is new and needed will be brought forward, every nation, every continent is the same. You would think they world was ready to implode listening to this nut bags, even Greta is less hysterical than these fools

  11. It strikes me that our species needs to protect traditional masculinity at the least as a failsafe. The power in our technology creates the illusion that humanity is invulnerable. But if you disable the power grid, in less than a week most of us would be unable to put food on the table. If we do drop back to the stone age, we need the hunter.  Gender equality is a symptom of electric toasters.

  12. What is wisdom if not experience. We have that – without governments or 'scholars' – if we have parents who care enough to pass it on. Governments have made sure that simple equation is unthinkable and seen as ridiculous, much like religions have extrapolated it. Which came first is irrelevant but interesting for anyone who needs confidence, perhaps because their parents were distracted from their purpose

  13. Hey do you know those list-of-books-type books, e.g. Fadiman *Lifetime Reading Plan*, Bloom *The Western Canon*? PLEEEEEEASE I want you two to take an hour in a room with a secretary and come up with this kind of list that would constitute a liberal education for an adult in 2019. Just publish it as some kind of copyright-free blog post and let it propagate into the world.

    Please. I need this.

  14. Its very sad that this type and quality of thinking and discourse is so rare, and becoming even more rare. I would call it common sense, if it weren't so rare.

  15. One of my most favorite videos on all of YouTube. I believe I have watched and listened to this video at least a half dozen times and I suppose I will listen to it again. Great job by both of these truly honest, authentic intellectuals. Bravo!

  16. Andy Warhol sucks my toddler can paint better than him, just like architecture in science all been decimated by these assholes they are talking about post-modernism

  17. Camille is beautifully intelligent and fiery in truth. Very passionate in her understanding of the arts. Jordan seems delighted in watching her deliver her thunder like the perfect storm.

  18. I still feel it's possible to be a biological female, while identifying as such, and have the qualities that are associated with masculinity. I and other women attorneys I encounter are very adversarial, with a few exceptions. At least that's how it's been in my field of civil litigation in NY state courts in NYC.

  19. This was very interesting to listen. Both speakers said what they thought was important, both made their case by providing data. The interesting part in case of Camille Paglia is that she spoke so furiously and fast, that it was clear to me how annoying some things were for her.

  20. I think people forget that Dr. Peterson is exactly that. His opinion is based on fact and data and can safely project based on findings. If you come to him with “ya but I want” it just won’t cut it.

  21. Wow. At 36:57 Jordan really NAILS THE BOTTOM-LINE RAGE of feminists: "women whose relationship with men has been seriously pathologized by their experiences with men cannot differentiate between men with a healthy sense of self-confidence and authority and male tyrannical power – they fail to differentiate because all they see is the oppressive male. . .you have to have a LOT of experience with men, and good men, to be able to make that differentiation." Brilliant, Jordan! I have long said that feminists are the walking wounded, the bloodied daughters of an earlier, blinded generation. I want to commend Camille that though her orientation is as a transgender, she can still recognize the need to respect men as men, to actually "stand up for themselves". God bless you, Camille! Camille at 53:10 "civilization is not necessarily about power-grabbing but . . .what is good for the civilization as a whole (role differentiation)". Excellent! What a great, well-balanced discussion — I wish THIS would be shown (and extrapolated upon) in public schools! At 1:03, Camille discusses the possibility that the disappearance of the extended family, with a child being raised in a "hot-house" environment of a nuclear family may not be healthy". This is such a great examination of what is/has gone wrong in our society. Amazing.

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