Miss Karta hu Main – A Poetry | Akash Sethiya (Akki)

I miss the noise of the children in my street Makar Sankrati’s kite’s strings I miss the awkward conversations with my friends Those parties night in the name of late night studies I miss the fluttering walk of the girl next door a fight between two aunties (married ladies) I miss everything, because I am far away from all of this I desperately want to get back all these I miss papa’s scolding when I came home late in night His anger, his kick of words I miss my mom’s cooking make all my favorite dishes without asking I miss each and every fight with my sister and the very next moment, forget everything and eat agra’s sweets together It’s very difficult to find that love here Now I have left my home, so i have to accept his path of loneliness This is the truth of life, if you want something, you have to leave something behind straight life will have to be folded somewhere I miss everything, everytime. Thank you

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