Mini Essay 1 Final Topic Proposal Comments by Dr. Ward

Hi, It’s Dr. Ward! I have reviewed your final topic proposals
for mini essay 1, and grades are posted. Please review my comments in the rubric for
more help in understanding this important assignment. Some comments on the postings and grading
for the post The issue choice for almost everyone was great. Remember, you must use the exact issue from
the class text, ok? The rhetorical situation analysis for many
of you needs more work before writing your essay. Exigency: Remember that the exigency explains why this
issue is important, not to you personally but to the overall society in which we all
live. Most of the time, for almost all these topics,
the importance of the issue lies in economic and social areas. With problems in areas like family, relationships,
war, the ecology, the use of technology, education, and public health, immigration, and issues
about race and ethnic identification, the society suffers both economically and with
social unrest, or even outright fighting. Constraints: Almost always the limits on social, economic,
educational, personal, or technological problems are about the money, and the political and
social will to solve these issues. The differing positions: These positions must come from your research,
not your own opinion. Find experts who give good positions on differing or opposing points
of view on your issue. Do not just make something up, ok? This essay
is a presentation of the positions of experts in the field, not personal opinion. OK? The thesis for everyone needs to be the same. Make sure you use the actual thesis (in your
opening paragraph) given in the assignment: An evaluation and analysis of the differing
positions on the issue reveals the major point of view and the complex nature of the issue.
Use this thesis, as the essay is �exploring differing points of view from research
on an issue. It is not a problem/solution or advice column. Keep these ideas in mind when you set up your
opening paragraph for your essay. Good luck on Mini Essay 1. Subtitles by the community

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