MIETI || Spoken Word Poetry

THINK I use to be the guy telling you to think what you said after you said it. Happily through out the years I’ve grown a bit. THINK They ask you to change. You have to be careful not to stay in place remember, in life there’s lots of variables just like we’ve been programmed Through a filter on your life and hide behind a mask THINK When you’re scrolling through your friends feeds I’ts just a highlight reel, don’t be staring at it. Concentrate on your own life THINK Are you happy? What makes you happy? Is it the job you are doing should you change it and say thank you next? THINK You always say if if if, stop thinking too much and do something! THINK On linkedIn they be bragging about work On Instagram they be bragging about food On facebook they asking about owens In the papers they writing about what Sara Sieppi did in a shopping mall Shopped clothes..hah THINK Tomorrow everything with a positive aspect Think about how much love you could spread Think about how the negativity can affect someones life Think about the positivities you see while closing your eyes and lying on your back THINK

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