Michael Cunningham and Anna Nemzer: A Literary Conversation (Part 3)

Last question: I suspect that anyone that is unusually well versed in history who has studied the arcs of history and the ways in which it sometimes repeats itself, sometimes does not repeat itself… could you talk a little bit about your sense of the future in Russia? If you don’t like this question, there’s a trap door, and you could hit the button and I just disappear. Only if you feel comfortable with a question like that. I just had a conversation with a friend on Facebook, when I saw that Committee on State Secrets, not sure how you are going to interpret this has prohibited to declassify archives up until 2044. It is a huge blow. Closed archives, it is a long conversation, but it is a great misfortune for the Russian society today. Until 2044 archives that contain state secrets are closed, and I posted this on my Facebook and one of my friend on Facebook wrote that: “yes, of course, they passed many such laws in 1983”. Meaning that in 1983 such laws were adopted, and in 1991 the Soviet Union was already destroyed. And we had a conversation that he is a historical optimist, and that he sees development as cyclic, and that he fells OK. I am a historical hypochondriac, and it is quite sickening to me (what is happening) and it is difficult to talk about the future, because I can take his side and hope for the best, or bury myself in my hypochondria and do not hope for anything anymore.

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