Memorizing vocabulary in any language | Helpful methods

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  1. so ive been using anki on and off for a while because sometimes it gives me stress and anxiety i suppose because of the daily notification badges on my phone that I have to clear….. and i don't know if it works because i odnt think i have ever kept up with it for longer than 2 months i think.. after that i stop and then restart again. So when you said you don't really use it and you can still speaks well in other langauges is reallly helpful!

  2. 혹시 공부하실때는 여러 언어를 병렬적으로 공부하시나요? 아니면 한 언어만 일정 기간동안 집중적으로 공부하시나요?

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  4. That idea for writing down notes and grocery lists in your target language is a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for the video!

  5. Memrise. Memrise memrise memrise. I LOVE this flashcard app even more than Anki because lets be honest, even avid language learners can be lazy about SOME things (or most, honestly), and I don't really enjoy inputting all of my new vocab into anki manually, i only put in words I seem to be struggling with the most. But memrise is like anki for the lazy language lover.

  6. How do you listen to a podcast whilst working? I can barely listen to something whilst washing up let alone working!

  7. I only know manderin and English. But… I only can speak and listen to chinese, nothing else
    . And I’m dumb at English, like vocabs and meanings of words. And I wanna learn korean. I suck

  8. El vocabulario no suele ser mi problema… es memorizar las letras en Árabe… y los símbolos y como está escribido me confunden. Estudio seis/siete idiomas.

    Inglés (materna)
    Español (segundo)
    Gaélico Irlandés

  9. Hi! Love your videos. I wanted to know how you juggle your job as a graphic designer and learning languages together? Since both of them need time? Thank you!

  10. I don’t like flash card. Because I feel it likes just school study. Learning new language is not a study. It’s a fun training!

  11. I don't even know how I was able to learn English — I just learn it –, so now that I am learning a knew language, I do not know what I have to do to assimilate the knew vocabulary.

  12. Oooo Lindie! Thanks for the grocery list tip! Question: I'm trying to learn Egyptian Arabic and I find all the recordings out there (because I can't read Arabic yet!) are geared to travelers. I'm trying to have regular "human being" conversations. Would love any resources you know!

  13. Lindie, try hebrew. There is surely no other language on earth that is so weĺl supported by subtitles for it tv programs. From news channels to children's programs and soap operas, hebrew script with spoken hebrew all over you tube. Try it!👍❤

  14. i am native in arabic and i know it is very hard so any one want to practice arabic with me you can skype me for free and be my friend and i also can practice my english and german

  15. There is one small thing that I do that helps a bit. I make all my passwords a combination of a word in my target language and its translation. For example, one of my passwords is "ikisatsucircumstances". Then I keep all of my passwords on a list.

  16. Yeah I did something similar to this before. While it was a great short term strategy for me. The best way for vocabulary to stick is by listening and speaking rather than reading and writing (At least for me anyway).

  17. I love all your videos in part because I know you’ve had a lot of success studying languages. I was particularly looking for specifics on how you personally study vocabulary but this seemed just more of a survey on how everyone studied vocabulary. Except the beginning part where you talk about learning new words in context from native material and then writing it down. But what do you do with it after you write it down? Do you force yourself to study it or just look it over when you want to etc.? I guess I change up how I study vocabulary all the time because I don’t really know what’s best 😣 maybe you do too.

  18. label THINGS not people haha
    most of these i already do but the google image search idea is really good
    what i do is i make poems and anagrams and limericks out of them

  19. example: 名 starmouth. Botes is a Star she is Mouthy and Botes is her NAME
    I fucking karaoke like the little bitch I am because shit like this makes me remember: Songs songs and more songs!
    also i do NOT learn foreign curse words because i obviously already have a potty mouth. 🙂 really! I cannot say so many nasty words in so many languages.
    sing songs and do shit to make the word memorable: activate all senses sight touch taste hearing

  20. 拿 nehmen 哪 na 我们 women 这 the 的 de (hope you speak Fr/Sp/It or Ro) 耳 ear 眼 yeux 指 digit 胳膊 elbow 腿 thigh 足 toes 面 mien (Eng) mie (Fr) 蛇 snake 我 ego 水 sweat 给 geben

    I am a slut when it comes to cognates. nu er det slut!

  21. Bro im learning two languages
    French and korean so im mixing them up with english as well by accident
    어디 le bathroom?

    Help me

  22. I am trying to teach myself Irish (Gaeilge) and struggle to find tv shows or books with that language as the main language or even with subtitles. It's unfortunate that it's dying, and I love it so much.

  23. Your shortcut method of taking down notes is actually pretty nifty not only in language learning but in other learning aspects as well!! I mean, yeah, why write it longer when you can just write it in a character or in another language where the word seems shorter XD

  24. Hi, Lindie. First things first: your hair is spectacularly pretty and adorable, I thought you really enchanting 🌷.
    Second things second: My process learning the English was especially gradative, I started in the beginning of this year and now, December 22th, I can consider myself advanced, but not fluent yet due my insecurities and my shyness to talk with the people and show my true potential. Anyway, it's crucial important train every single day, and it I do with all my strength.
    Keep it doing, I liked your videos a lot.
    Ps: Brazilian person right here, anyone else?

  25. Hi Lindie! My comment is late, but I hope you see it. I want to thank you for this video so much. I find those tips really great and useful.

    I studied Japanese in my middle school and Chinese in high school, because I wanted to go to college in China. Recently when I came back to my habit on watching anime, I got a desire to learn Japanese again, but I've forgotten half of what I learned in middle school. I often watch events of anime voice actors which don't have English subtitles, but only Chinese. I thought of it as a great way to even improve my Chinese (since my Chinese was getting down recently as well). Sometimes I watch some movies with Eng sub, then watch without subs and I try to translate my favorite scenes in my own way. I don't know if anyone does these, but I actually find it fun. I also like listening to Chinese and Japanese audio books, but I couldn't find any yet, except audio dramas.

    If you do watch Japanese movies, or listen to any audio book, I hope you can recommend me some good ones. (Any genre doesn't matter, but my preference mostly goes to BL romance XD) There is one movie I'm looking all over internet to find its non sub version. Or with Chinese sub. But I couldn't find. Its name is 'Hidamari ga kikoeru'. If you'd see it anywhere, pls let me know.. Thank you so much.

    I just thought of sharing these few methods that I use my own. I don't know if they're helpful though.

  26. 1. You can google translate, dictionary HIKIBIKIW
    2. LISTEN TO PODCAST, write down a word you dont understand
    3. Read in foreign language, highlight it and write the meaning of it
    4. Watching anything in that language
    1. Labeling – label everything in that language
    2. Goldlist – SEARCH IN GOOGLE
    3. Shopping list, diaries, and Planner -Write it in other language
    4. Flashcards – repetition

  27. Lindie great tips. I wanna learn French and German at the same time. Do you think it's doable? My level is zero. I'm a Spanish native and have a decent level of English though. How do you recommend doing it?

  28. Où est la salle de bain? Oh french be good to me. Dizzy with all the gender considerations. And also it depends on the subject. Everything just changes. Le français est difficile!! 😭

  29. WoW … 😍
    Where can I found girl like you 😇 in my cantry!?
    To ask her for marriage 💍
    I just like you.. I love language and people who love reading 😍😍💓💓

  30. I agree with you about learning new words in context, which is why I rarely use Chinese flashcards – instead preferring Chinese readers. One particular advantage is that a new word often has different meanings or functions depending on the context.

    I'd love to be able to watch Chinese series with Chinese subtitles, but unfortunately Netflix doesn't offer them where I live. I've just put in a request at Netflix for their inclusion in future series… so… fingers crossed. I can occasionally find the same series on the Internet, but they are either bad quality copies or full of adverts that require signing up for a subscription service in order to be able to watch them ad-free.

  31. 왜 한국어로 나온 일본에 사는 프랑스인 교수가 쓴 책을 갖고 계신거죠? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대단하심

  32. Hello, your tips for memorizing new vocab are so great. I'm struggling with listening skill in Japanese. I hope you can share with me some of the website that have videos with titles, so I can improve my vocab as well as my listening too. Thanks a bunch!

  33. English is not my first language and I learned it in 3/4 years (I learned because I take a course here in my city), it got so much time but it worth it.
    Now I'm starting to learn Japanese, i really want to learn, I use so much apps that can help me, and I write everything in my notebook, but sometimes(or days) I didn't study because I'm to lazy, I then I give up…but I'm here, trying again, and getting motivation.

  34. You motivated me. Love to start my day with your videos, it's helping. I learn English, don't have idea …do I correctly write my throughts but I hope . Thankful for you

  35. 정말 x1000큰 도움이 되는영상입니다 제가 본 언어공부 영상 중 가장 유익했어요 감사합니다 ♡

  36. Most people are very uncomfortable with the fact that improving their vocabulary requires repitition. Most people don't like repitition as it is boring; but I don't think there's a shortcut.

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