Meet the students of Goldsmiths – English and Comparative Literature

I went out the other week and went straight
from uni, and I was just sort of, well maybe it wasn’t the other week, and I was just
carrying this huge book of Homer. I was like ‘I’m so sorry, I study English, I’ve
not been home’. So today I’ve done a module called literary
London which is all about writers or texts based in and around London.
And they are just really funny, I didn’t realise it could be so funny. There is like
The Red-Headed League which is all about this guy who could only get a job for being ginger.
That’s the thing at Goldsmiths, it’s such an inspiring place to be and it’s really
supportive No one ever says ‘you can’t do that’,
everyone wants your ideas to work. There’s loads of poetry nights, spoken word,
life drawing, lindy hop, there is a real community feeling in this little street of New Cross,
you feel at home. And there is Will Bond he’s and institution.
How are you doing? I’m okay, how are you? Good what’s happening?
We do radio together. We run, we help, well we… We run, we don’t run. We are part
of the Wired Radio team. That was James Blake with ‘Modern Soul’ Goldsmiths alumni putting it out there…
I’ve got friends on both the Drama and the English course they’re great and again
they are all really involved with whatever they want to do. Whether they have music on
the side as their passion, or writing or drawing they’re always, they’re all into it. which
is, It’s just a really aspirational place to work and it makes you want to work harder. I do find the library to be a bit of a social
hub. And you think it’s a place of just quiet study but also its a place of like gossip and lunch
and… I feel like because Goldsmiths is so close-knit and I’m in like various sort of media based
things you kind of end up being like ‘hello’, ‘hello’, ‘hello’ to everyone, which
is really nice. You have to be quite self-motivated but sometimes
you’ll pick up a reading or an essay or an extract and it’s really interesting and
it captures you and you suddenly have all these ideas that spark
and you can run with it. It’s an enjoyable challenge and it’s hard work and your tired
and your exhausted but all your friends are exhausted
and all your friends are tired and you’ve also got so much knowledge. You
always got really interesting dinner talk conversation, I think but as well as sort
of down to earth conversations that are good to take over in the ‘real world’ and outside
of the student body. That was Drake, R.I.C.O, Meek Mill hope you
liked it. Got some pals in the studio, filming. Next up I’m going to play James Blake, new song ‘Modern Soul’

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