Meet the English Language Training Academy at American University

I would advise anybody who would like to learn
English, just sign up in ELTA, and you’ll never regret it. I got a lot of knowledge of the English language,
and to be taught by native speakers – this is really, very, very beneficial for me. ELTA is an intensive English language program
that focuses on preparing students for academic success as a future undergraduate student
or graduate student at American University or other universities. In Washington D.C., the city becomes the
classroom. It offers just so many opportunities for education
outside of the classroom in addition to what they do in classes. One of the things that ELTA prides itself
in is not only its curriculum but its faculty. Our faculty come from various parts of the
United States, from various parts of the world, and all come with a lot of experience. I was even closer to my current professor
in Washington, D.C. at this program than I was in my country. Whenever you need help, they are here to help
you, and they know what you need exactly. I want to make sure that my students are getting
prepared for their next phase in their education. The classmates are really nice, and we can
hang out and have fun with them using English! So, that part is my favorite part. I think that one of the benefits of learning
English in Washington, D.C. is that you can use it as soon as you step outside. You can explore history. You can learn a lot about politics as well. Washington, D.C. is symbolic for the United
States. The structure of the city really is unique. It’s not only that this program is going to
improve your English skills, but also it’s going to change your mindset. It will help you to appreciate diversity because
you are in a place that there are different people from different places. It really is apparent the growth that students
have over the course of the semester. Enjoy the experience, and don’t hesitate to
participate in all activities. Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers. Just, don’t lose one single moment in this
experience. Enjoy it! Students from all over the world join us every
semester, and we look forward to you joining us as well.

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