McTucky Presents: Camp Cutlery Graphic Novel on Kickstarter!!

Hi I’m Robin Carnilius and I’m the
creator of Camp Cutlery. Camp Cutlery is a graphic novel series
that is new that follows a trans genderqueer teen named Peanut, who’s also a peanut. Peanut is sentenced to a military-style correctional facility called Camp Cutlery and while at Camp Cutlery Peanut must fight for freedom
and fight to expose the truth about Camp Cutlery’s corrections programs. Peanut’s journey a Camp Cutlery represents a way for us LGBTQ folks and allies to change
the system especially when all hope seems lost. Camp Cutlery is my very first
graphic novel. It’s 124 pages of full-color queer adventure and it’s ready
to print, but I need your help to print it. With your support, you can help bring
Peanuts story to life and also help create inclusive queer media. By supporting the Camp Cutlery Kickstarter not only will you be able to get your
copy of the graphic novel but you’ll also be able to get really cool perks
like bookmark, a dog tag keychain, and being able to name your own character in
the book! Also if you want to see how Camp Cutlery started there is a prequel online that I created. It’s an animated web series called McTucky Fried High and
you can watch it now for free at or in Fried High. Thanks for your support and pledging to help Camp Cutlery be printed. Thanks!

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