Marija Peričić discusses The Vogel’s Literary Award

Hi my name is Marija Peričić I’m the winner of the 2017 Vogel literary award I’m so thrilled to have won this award, it’s totally changed my life. The Vogel award is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for an unpublished manuscript, by a writer under 35 and it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity for young writers. The Vogel winner has their book published with Allen & Unwin and they also receive $20,000 in prize money, which are two things that are totally life-changing and amazing. As well as that, as part of the process of having a book published you work with an editor and proofreader at Allen & Unwin that will bring your manuscript from the version that you see in your Word document to a real book in the world, and it is such an amazing learning experience. The Vogel for me, I think the most important thing that I found about it was that it just gave me permission to think about myself as a writer and I felt like it is transformed me into a writer. The prize money has given me the freedom to be able to take some time to start working on my next book and I hope that it will launch my career as it has done for so many other great Australian writers.

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