Maintaining multiple languages at the same time | Which to learn, schedules, pronunciation etc

Hi everyone a question that polyglots usually get asked probably the most is: How do you maintain? How do you keep up speaking? 5 or 8 or 10 languages and people also generally tend to ask when should you learn the next language? How do you know when you’re ready to move on? Or should you just dive in and learn all the languages at the same time? So I made it a video about this the other day, but it was kind of vague and it was like half-Korean half-English So I’m hoping this one clarifies a little bit and that people will stop asking me this because of hopefully now I can answer it Ok, let us dive straight in Number one is it actually possible to learn two or three or ten hundred or five hundred languages at the same time? Yes, it is if you have enough motivation Enough time enough dedication you can do anything but you have to make sure you are dedicated and hardworking and you open your mind to the Possibility that it will be difficult There will be time consuming you will be frustrated and your pockets will actually be a little slower I mean, obviously if you dedicate all of your time and resources to one language You’re gonna progress in it a lot faster than you will if you’re learning three languages at the same time That’s why Dedication and motivation is important so you can try and work out a schedule for yourself to dedicate enough time to all of those languages There’s something on my lens What is that If you do not decide to learn two languages at the same time try and pick languages which are different So if you learn Korean and Japanese at the same time You might get confused because some words and grammar structures are similar on the other hand You might think that that is beneficial to you and that it will help you understand concepts in both languages So it’s totally up for you to decide but my advice is rather try and learn one language to an upper beginner intermediate Upper intermediate face-like become conversational and confident in the level AHA Become conversational and confident in the one language before you start the other one, I learned *murmurs: what did I learn?* Indonesian and Vietnamese at the same time and for some reason and those two languages are kind of Unrelated and I’ve kept mixing the two up in my mind. I thought they were similar southeast South East Asia And I kept saying and like I kept thinking of the Indonesian word when I wanted to say it in Vietnamese I didn’t like speak mistakes But I was really struggling to find which word is which so as you can see you may get confused So, I mean if you’re learning French and Chinese It’ll be a lot harder to get confused between words obviously because they have a different script. The pronunciation is totally different They’re on opposite sides of the world. So I recommend choosing two languages that are different now You may ask Lindy what if I like Korean and Japanese, can I learn them both at the same time but my recommendation For doing that is to focus on one for a while pick the one that’s your favorite So many people have asked me like I want to learn like Mandarin and Korean But I don’t know which one to pick please choose for me good chance for you. It’s your life your decision ask yourself Which one do you have? The most passion for which one is going to be the easiest to start with make a pros and cons list Pick the one you want to start with Get to it in an advanced level and then bring in the other one and then you’ll still be learning to at the same time You’ll just have a good solid base in the one but you can dedicate enough time to the second one So on a similar note make sure you have enough interest. A ton of people are like well I just want to learn to speak 15 languages that it’s not a good enough reason To learn many languages because you will get bored you will get frustrated and there have been times where I’ve been like Angry at the Korean language. You will have a love/hate relationship with languages I mean I’ve been learning Korean for like almost nine or eight or nine or ten years I started in 2009 and I can’t do math and There have been times where I’m like, oh my goodness. I’m so tired of this language and like that’s it, and I’m not studying anymore You will get those times where you believe you will be angry at the language You need to be prepared that that will happen. This might not be everybody’s experience. I’m just talking about myself here I have a love-hate relationship with languages. Another thing to focus on when you’re learning languages at the same time many of them Totally messed up my sentence structure in English there. It is to focus on the pronunciation Make sure you have your pronunciation down really well Before you move on too far, you know how in high school and middle school We used to put on accents and imitate people, you know, the Indian people sound like this and in today’s politically correct society That’s very rude but um try and mimic the accent of that person if they were speaking English, but when you’re speaking that language So you don’t have the francais the French people speak like this, right? so when you’re speaking French you put on this accent *français: Si on parle le français la prononciation est vraiment parler même c’est différent de l’anglais est (bad accent: si on parle comme une personne qui est anglais c’est pas bien) On dois parler comme une français, alors you need to have the accent; comme une parler en français. Do you hear how similar I am sounding maintenant it is because of my pronunciation. We millennials lead people who are used to instant gratification Please remember: things take time and success is not overnight You will need to work very hard. It took me about 3 to 4 years to get at a comfortable speaking level in Korean and only then did I start bringing in ..uhh.. Japanese Vietnamese and so forth and that’s why I said it’s really important to have passion and dedication and motivation for the language Because when you are angry at the language, when you are tired of memorizing grammar structures and verb tables You will need that motivation and you will have to remind yourself: little steps, baby steps at a time Nothing is gonna happen instantly. We are so used to instant gratification and we just all want to be polygots who speak 50 languages It’s gonna take a very long time And now you may be asking so how much time do I actually need to spend per day learning each language? This is totally up to you. If you want to make the language learning schedule go and do that. Personally, I don’t have a language learning schedule. It makes me very anxious It makes me angry at myself if I cannot accomplish things I have a full-time job and a part-time job And I don’t want to come home tired in the evening and look at my schedule and it says “Read three chapters in Japanese” That is the last thing I want to do So I kind of study languages a bit more haphazardly whenever I feel it how whenever I feel like it Whatever language I feel like doing that day. But, if it works for you to set up the schedule try and prioritize Which languages are the ones you want to advance in the most, the quickest. Put those first on the list. So you have seven days in a week. Why don’t you take that most important target language and do it three times a week? You can figure out what you want to do. If you want to study one chapter each day or have a day for textbooks, have a day for music, I mean that would be weird because you can integrate music into your day anyway, practice talking to native speakers You can work out your own schedule based on the priorities. If learning Italian is something you really want to do But it’s at the bottom of your list you’re planning to visit France for a scholarship, obviously, French would be first. You need to dedicate the most ..uh.. portion of your free time to French and have Italian still be there in the week You don’t want to lose it, but just put it a bit lower down. So make your goals realistic Don’t tell yourself you want to finish an entire textbook in a week. I’ve done that I have so many textbooks where I’ve written in the front started on 1st of January 1 to complete by 20th of January, 5 chapters need to do XYZ amount of chapters each day. I don’t know how many people actually can get that right because life happens, things happen. You meet people you do stuff Your hamster dies, you have to attend hamster funerals, but life happens You’re not gonna get to finish that textbook as quickly as you want. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being realistic based on my own Experiences. So beside yourself realistic small bite-sized goals half a chapter, 15 words, memorize two kanji and Once you’ve memorized two kanji, if you have the energy and time to do five kanji more Well done, you have over achieved your goals and you’ll feel great about yourself And then lastly how do you make sure that you’re using the ten languages that you speak or are learning? You need to integrate the languages in your life. Find native speakers to talk to, write a diary Listen to music of all languages, watch various TV shows, just make sure you do something in that language every day But it’s up to you to decide how you’re gonna balance your time discipline Resources, immersion, and time management. You have to work this up for yourself. I don’t have all the answers, but I really hope that I’ve Piqued your interest, your curiosity, and helped you think about how you plan to maintain these languages Please comment and let me know what your tips are. How do you manage to keep these languages up? Because I don’t have a schedule I just do what feels nice to me because it’s something I do for fun Which relaxes me. If you have to do it for work, if you have to speak five languages at work You might be the type of person who needs a schedule. Thank you guys for sticking through with this long video It’s great to chat to you guys and see you in the next video. Bye

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  1. My native language is English. I acquired Spanish some time ago. so then later i learned some German – when i was reacquiring them i used Duolingo First 2wks Spanish From English then 1wk German from English – the next week I started learn German From Spanish … then I continue
    Lesson 1 Spanish from English (new vocab )
    then lesson 2
    German from Spanish (review start from the beginning)
    lesson 3 German from English
    (next new lesson )

    so basically I was about 14 lessons learning Spanish
    7 lessons learning German both using English when i started the Learn German from Spanish lesson 1

  2. This vídeo is really informative! Especially the part where you talk about our need for instant gratification. I feel that, when learning languages, that's the main problem

  3. OMG. I am learning French AND Chinese right now. French is my second language (not fluent) and I just started learning Chinese for work – but I just think it's funny that those were your examples!

  4. How do they do? They BS a lot. I used to be involved in the Polyglot club in Paris and I soon realized that so-called Polyglots were full of shit.

  5. I’m learning korean now for 3 years & yes I can speak it comfortably, but I’m still so jealous of Lindie’s korean skills 😂
    I still have such a long way to go!

  6. I learned Spanish and Italian at the same time, I think I invented a new language when I spoke, each word was in a different language when I tried to speak

  7. Thanks for the video.

    I personally found switching my phone to the language I am focusing on was a great way to immerse myself daily.

  8. This was so helpful because I started learning Korean a few months ago but I also have to start learning Spanish next week for school. 🙂

  9. Anyone learning Korean? I am not a Kpop fan.. i just cant get Korean… I learnt Mandarin and Japanese …. Just started Korean yesterday

  10. I have found the method that works for me is to learn the languages in the same family and then I move on to the next family. I didn't start this way though. I learned to speak English around 3 y.o. and then around the age of 5 we moved to Korea. My mom is Korean and she said that I picked up the language fluently around 4 months but then I forgot English so when we came back to the US, I had to learn English and unfortunately my mom didn't speak to me in Korean anymore, thus I forgot that language, however when I hear my mom speak to her sisters I can pick up words here and there and I know some Hangul. I just have to take time to learn it fully so I can memorize the "letters".
    When I was 10 we moved to Belgium and I learned French and when we returned to the US, I happened to see a Spanish language book and noticed it was very similar so I picked up Spanish pretty quickly. I took it upon myself to learn Russian and want to learn the other Slavic languages it I find if I learn to read it first it makes it simple to learn the speaking, Right now I'm able to speak, read and write in French, Spanish, Italian and Russian…read and write in Portuguese and a smattering of German and Arabic. My only problem is i don't have speaking opportunities for the other languages except Spanish so how do I practice conversing with no one to speak to in the chosen language?

  11. funny thing is india in itself has 22 distinct languages . i was living in a few cities during my childhood wound up learning a few.. I think the best way to learn is to practice with indigenous people ..So when westerners say Indian people sound like this… we Indians go sigh. because each of these languages sound different and that makes the pronunciation of English different for whichever state and city district the person is from….the funniest part is when people say the indian language.. in reality there is no "the indian language".. (biggest mistake is when westerners go to the south and speak in hindi…its actually better to just speak in english in the south than hindi )

  12. I wanted to learn Persian, Japanese, Spanish, and German at the same time XD I think I’ll just stick with German and Japanese for now 😂

  13. I studied Russian in High School, then tried to learn Czech and Polish together at university, as well as another unrelated language. All my Slavic words and grammar crashed together and I couldn't speak any single Slavic lang. and I dropped them for the unrelated language, which I now work with. I have since forgotten Czech and Polish and just know bits of Russian

  14. sebenarnya terasa sungguh aneh ada polyglot lover luar negri yang memilih bahasa Indonesia sebagai pilihan, but anyway anda sangat amazing.

  15. I need German because my family is swiss , I want Norwegian because its similar to German apparently , I want to learn Korean and Swedish because they sound appealing and Japanese because I like Japan. I think I m too ambitious haha. I m 21 I m already in my second year of German still cant speak fluent I do 40 minutes of German probably a tad more each day I split and do 20 mins of listening and 20 mins of speaking everyday have you a rough estimate on average how long it takes to learn a language Ik theres no definite accurate answer just curious on your thoughts

  16. I'm living and studying in Spain for almost 2 years now. My case is that I've been learning it for 2 years and still not be able to use it that well, so I started to hate it for most of the time of the last year, really dodging the language, a really dramatic love/hate relationship, but now the negative feeling is gone and I'm starting with it again, more calm and structure. I speak Vietnamese, English, now broken Spanish, but most of the time I mixed everything up, i talk to my Vietnamese friends but my head keeps thinking in English and Spanish and vice versa. A bit of a mess but I love those kinds of linguistic troubles, they remind me that I have enough knowledge of a few languages to mix them up.

  17. Oh well I'm learning korean and japanese at the same time and I'm doing fine, I think that if u can establish a schedule and study a little bit every day and listen to a lot of entertainment in both languages u will be fine, for me they're both different even if the sentence structure is pretty much the same

  18. 4:57 That is a great advice on pronunciation. I'm currently learning Chinese with a native teacher and when she speaks Spanish (I'm from Argentina) she has a very strong Chinese accent. Mimicking (not sure if that's correctly spelled) her accent helped me improve my pronunciation a lot.

  19. 린디 언니 너무 멋있다.. "언어와의 애증 관계"라니.. 언어 공부 언니처럼 많이 한 사람만이 할 수 있는 말 ㅎㅎ ❤❤ 언니 영상들 너무 좋아요 they're so motivating

  20. I'm a Polygot. I learned German via Shortwave radio in the 80s and I recently started to get back into it and hasn't forgotten anything I learned.

  21. i m 14 and I aculy have pretty good plan of how I'm learning at the same time couple of languages. first of all .
    1.French. I m learning at school and listening to music lessons and ather as well as grammar at home.
    2. Korean. learning at home grammar music as well I aculy inspired my classmate to learn it so we try to help each ather, I have word cards.
    3 Russian . I m aculy living near that country so my mom knows how to speak it . my classmates picked Russian so they gave me there notebooks and athers things so I rewe and learn from it.
    My native language is not English . the funny thing is that i aculy kinda learned English on yotube more then in my school 😉
    My native language is REALY DAM HARD BUT unique and georges as well as old so i had pretty dam nice start cuz my native alphabet has realy hard to pronounce sounds .
    idk if I have super big goal but I want to speak 10 languages by the time that I will go to university …
    I alredy know 2 that I can pretty fluently communicate thro and learning little by little 3 at the same time. after that I m thinking Spanish cuz its kinda close with French English as well as the grammar is easy. I m in love with Japanese as well as Korean so next round would by xd Spanish and Japanese XD

  22. Estudio español y sueco en el mismo tiempo y a veces cuando intento pensar en español, los parabras en sueco son todos qué puedo pensar. Para mi, es muy dificil de aprender dos idiomas

  23. I speak Chinese Japanese and English and trying to pick up a Scandinavian language because I’m interested in the life style and culture. I wasn’t sure which one to pick so this video really helps! Thank you

  24. I started to learn french in 6th grade, but other than english, I didn’t use it (buy watching movies in english etc) so I sucked at it.

    Then it 12th grade i started learning japanese by myself, and now I‘m doing a work and travel in Japan, trying to become fluent within this year in Japanese.

    So I have mexican friends, who want to study in Germany (I‘m german) so i natrually REALLY wanna start studying spanish now (always wanted to learn it).

    So what I do, I focus on Japanese and learn it with all the ways there are.
    I repeat french by trying to watch videos and read books in french (hard to keep doing that regularly). I am not fluent but I‘m conversation and while my grammar sucks, I feel pretty comfortable.

    So I learn Spanish with the french version of duolingo, every time when I learn new grammar, like past tenses, I write them down in french and spanish lol. When I finish the Duolingo course I plan to just keep learning most common words in both Languages and watch movies (bc they‘re not that hard, so learning grammar is not as important as say Japanese)

  25. io can't even handle my own language… i speak spanish (mother language) i am learning englis, chinese and french, and korean but not too serious as the other ones and sometimes i mix the all lmao idk thisd is too much too handle

  26. I’m learning Korean and Spanish at the same time (Spanish because of school) but I keep mixing Japanese and Spanish like I really don’t understand

    And I also keep mixing English and French (my native language) but I understand this more 😂

  27. Hi, may I ask if, you get to skip to N3 or N4 without having to do N5 for the Japanese exams? Because by September I should start advanced level and I really wanted to know if I can skip some exam levels.

  28. Thanks for these tips.
    No matter how I try to learn other languages with Korean which is the main language I have interest for; I end up studying only Korean unintentionally. It eats up all my dedication and determination without giving room for others.😥😰

  29. I watched this video last year while preparing to go abroad in France, and tbh ur tip on imitating the accent in my native language vastly improved my French prononciation. It made me able to recognise how French sounds are different from the sounds in my own language. So big props to u Lindie, I’ve lived in France for four months, and thanks to u I’ve been given some very nice comments from French people about my accent :))

  30. Waw ,I used to learn Russian and Swedish, it was so enjoyable, now also I'm going on for learning them ,at the same time my English❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. I happen to be a native to Russian and Romanian, but for some reason (I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm a translator), sometimes I have trouble remembering Russian words, so I use English to remember them.

  32. I want to learn both Chinese and Korean at the same time. I love them both. When I decide to start Korean, I keep missing Chinese, if I decide to start with Chinese, I end up missing Korean. So my only option is to learn them both

  33. I am only learning one language, so it's not that difficult for me, but my goal is to read one chapter of a book (out loud) per day.

  34. I've sort of developed a strategy for myself since I wanna learn 5 languages in 2020, which areeee:
    German (I study it in school but imagine learning it for 5 years and still unable to communicate or even be at an A2 level😅)
    (Note: I was typing this as you said don't study languages that are similar to each other at the same time and I here went and picked nearly all of the romance languages, go figure 😂😂😂😂😂)

  35. Pray for me. I am learning Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French and the same time. I also have some more hobbys, like drawing, writing stories, reading books, piano and I'm learning programming from basics and I HAVE SCHOOL. Why? Because if I abandon one of them for more than a week, I start to miss them, which is really weird, and just have to kinda stick them together. I kinda like got my motivation from Horikoshi, the creator of Boku no Hero Academia. He used to say: "I force myself to believe that if I don't do my best, I'll die''. That's really thrilling. The downside of having so many objects of interests is that some people don't take me seriosuly, because ''I'm stupid for doing so many things instead of focusing on one", and that I'll never be good in any of those things. Nobody believes in me, apart from my friend, but that keeps me motivated, because I want to prove them wrong. Everything's possible, you just have to be dedicated and have fun, guys. To anyone who read this whole rambling: Don't give up! I know you can do it! Someday you may not have as much time, so use it wisely and chase your dreams 🙂

  36. Not because this has anything to do with the video but I’m already fluent in 3 languages and in 6th grade I’ll start learning Spanish. I’ll be proud of myself:)

  37. I always struggle to understand this mixed up two languages thing. I am learning for three years Spanish. My level is something around B2 and there is still a lot to do. But from time to time I learn also french. So, it is clear : Spanish is my main target language and french "only" number 2 at the moment. My french is still on a beginner level. But often I see similar patterns between french and Spanish, which help me a lot and not confuse me. When I speak to Spanish native speaker I never used a french word instead of a Spanish one, except I did it on purpose.

  38. I'm currently trying to learn only 1 language. but i find learning from polyglots is the best way even if youre learning 1 language!
    I'm learning Portuguese! i can barley converse with a native speaker because i lack so much vocabulary and sometimes its really difficult im approaching my first year of learning but really ive only been serious about it for 7 months. and now im making a ton of process because i was very new to learning when i started.
    i learn when i get that spurt of wanting to. Luckly my boyfriend is a native at portuguese so speaking with mistakes is okay because i can explain in english or ask for help in english or mix both

  39. I've been studying Japanese exclusively since 2012 using a variety of self teaching methods and I've visited Japan a number of times and try to regularly talk with my Japanese friends often. I am not an advanced speaker yet. This is maybe the most frustrating thing about my language learning, is that no matter what I learn about language learning I can't seem to find a way to truly efficiently learn and not waste my adult life figuring it out

    I wish I had studying tips to give but I genuinely cannot swear by any study methods I've found, they haven't worked yet lol

  40. Whenever I don't practice one of the languages I know (am learning) I feel bad about it, but when you get to speak 5, 6 or more languages, it's hard to practice each one of them every day

  41. Currently I’m doing Turkish, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Yakut, Russian and Spanish, was doing Hebrew tried to start Pashto, welcome to polyglot world

  42. I think I want to quit Russian, but I also want to keep powering through, I got super good at Turkish, Spanish, and my Uzbek and Azerbaijani progress super fast, but Russian is so stagnant for me, Yakut is too, .. sometimes I think as a polyglot u have to put some languages on the back burner

  43. A quich question here😊, How can I start learning French,Persian and Japanese? I have no idea where and how to start and don't want to start from the wrong direction. Just to tell, I am also an Arabic and Turkish speaker. Thanks in advance😍

  44. well, my favorite languages are Spanish and Japanese. but I didn't level up at all this 2020 I wanna be fluent and certified. hahaha but I'm kinda like to learn mandarin too. because it uses in China, Taiwan, and Singapore these are my target workplaces. 🙂

  45. I hate my stupid language teacher in school who taught me all the wrong things about language learning n did vocabulary memorizing n timetable.. took years to unlearn all wrong things they taught me.. lindie says d right thing

  46. I was afraid about learning two language in same time, so after this video, I feel more comfortable to learn Italian and French being those are two romance languages. I hope a day, I will learn German too!

  47. I've always loved Japanese there has never been one time I hated it 😂 I've been studying for 4 years now and I consider myself pretty fluent

  48. if you are a high school student( which I think you are because you look like a teenager)how could you catch up with your lessons beside learning languages???

  49. Usually I need two or two and a half years to learn a language to level where I can use it confidently and fluently. I never mix my learning languages, because when I focus on a language, I still want to maintain my already learnt languages (and learn even more vocab etc.). Also, I feel learning languages takes more effort the older I get (I'm in my mid-fourties now). When I was 20, I could learn more and faster, like I needed only 10 months to learn Old Greek to pass my Graecum exam at university. When I started Spanish, I was 36, and I needed 2 years. But the good news is that it gets easier when you can connect new languages to already learnt ones…

  50. Haha you speaking french with an accent reminds me on how I tried to teach my british friend french😂

    Btw I love you videos and all your tips! It already helped me a lot:)
    I am german🇩🇪, live currently in France🇫🇷, study korean🇰🇷and Japanese🇯🇵 at the same time and sometimes I am also really frustrated😂

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