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Hi everyone, it’s Stephanie. I hope you’re doing okay during the hurricane. we’re right about in the middle of it, and so far so good here in North Durham. I’m not going to show you my face – I’m just gonna record audio though — I’m gonna claim the hurricane blame it on the hurricane. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to talk about how to find articles for your lit review. We’re going to review what we went over last month and orientation (seems like forever ago) and we’re going to translate from your proposal topic to search terms. I’m going to show you how to do that with a couple of different search topics. We’re going to arrange your terms in a Venn diagram and then go from that to an EBSCO search and I want you to have a little bit of practice doing this with your topics before we meet. As a reminder you can find EBSCO here. I’ll put some links in Sakai as well and hopefully you’ve already bookmarked this page. As a reminder you’ll be meeting with me sometime next week. You’ve either already signed up for an appointment with me or you will be doing that very soon. That’s part of what you need to do next week. We’ll be using Zoom which is what I’m using now. It’s super easy, but if you need some reassurance there’s a little video here at youtube and it’s also embedded on the course page that I made for your class. The one thing I would like you to actually do before we meet is to send me a link in EBSCO to your best search in EBSCO, because that way I’ll know that you’ve done this and I’ll know what kinds of things I might want to work on with you individually. So we’re going to start by sort of breaking down a topic into a Venn diagram and then [see] how to make that search even better so I’m using Meg’s topic and Meg it’s totally fine if you’ve changed your topic we’re just going to use this for for the purpose of example. So Meg’s topic was journalists’ use of social media and its effects on perceptions of objectivity. So that’s the original search terms and those go into a Venn diagram kind of like this: journalists / social media use / perceptions of objectivity. Hopefully we’d all pretty much agree on that. The only problem is when you search for these in EBSCO, you get no results, so that’s no good. We have to figure out a better way to do that so we’re going to enhance the search terms. and I came up with journalists or reporter and objective or bias and I’m going to give you a couple seconds to think about / remember what the asterisk does. in this case so journalists or journalism, objective or objectivity or objectively, bias or biases, right? So that’s sort of expanding out from just journalists and then with social media … they’re not exactly the same thing obviously social media and Twitter Facebook snapchat Instagram they’re not the same thing — but for our purposes they’re similar enough and so we’re going to use those sort of synonymously and that’s what we’re going to put into this search.This search gets about four hundred and fifty results and it translates to the EBSCO search in that [each of the search] each of the circles or little petals here … each of the petals turns into a search row so: social media or Twitter or Facebook or snapchat or Instagram AND journalis* or reporter* AND objectiv* or bias* and this is how it actually looks in the search and just as a reminder here’s the URL to get to EBSCO for yourself. What I’d also like to you to do and you could either do this before or after the Venn diagrams — I want you to come up with your search terms so this is for your topic. These are related words for your topic, and I also want you to think about WHO has similar issues who CARES about this because that can sometimes lead you to additional search terms or additional places to look. So I’ll use another example for that and this is Anne’s topic — again it’s totally fine if you’ve changed your search — but “corporate involvement in social issues” so that’s the topic and the related words are corporate or company or brand it’s not synonymous with corporate but for this purpose it could be. AND social issues obviously, but then social responsibility and in fact there’s a whole body of literature on “corporate social responsibility” so that would come right up with these search terms where it wouldn’t if you were just doing corporate involvement in social issues even though that’s exactly what “corporate social responsibility” is. And then who has similar issues? So in this case clearly Nike does right because they just have the ad the Colin Kaepernick ad and I think that’s really as I understand Anne’s topic that’s certainly related to Anne’s topic. It should be something that you’d be looking at Walmart also Starbucks right? Lots of different companies so you want to look for corporate but you also want to look at some specific companies. Hopefully this gives you some ideas about how to fill out that search worksheet and then translate from this into a Venn diagram That’s what I’d like you to do and so sort of the short and sweet is: Search, Save, and Share before we meet so Search in EBSCO save articles that you find useful. Make sure that you’re logged into EBSCO first! Because they won’t save much longer than your search session so make sure that you’re logged into EBSCO before you save your articles. Email me the URL for your best search. The way to get to that is in the search results page, you want to click on the Share button, and then go down here and you can copy and paste that persistent link. It’s really long looks like this. It’s totally fine you can just copy and paste that whole URL and send it to me (there’s my email address). As a review, write your proposal topics & related words & entities that have similar issues, put them into a Venn diagram, search in EBSCO and then send me a link to your search results. You can email me here, You can chat me — I’ll be online on and off over the weekend, if you if you see this before Sunday or Monday. Then I will send you an email about the URL to get you the Zoom session with me sometime next week. If you feel like you’ve had enough of watching a PowerPoint and listening to me talk, you can end now. I am going to go over a couple more things in the video, just little extra tips that might be helpful. So citing in EBSCO just as a reminder, over on the right hand side you have the cite option. You also have the permalink option which will get you a persistent URL. This is what the cite looks like when you do that. I said this earlier, but I want to make sure that if you’re going to add anything to your folder here to save it for later, you want to make sure that you’ve signed in – otherwise you’ll be very sad. And just another sort of tip. II talked about this (I think briefly) in orientation, but one of the things you’re going to need to think about is how to manage and format your articles because you are going to be identifying a lot of articles, and you may want to organize some in folders by topic. You can do this in EBSCO, you can format them in APA citation style in EBSCO. But there’s something else it’s very time-consuming and there’s also a product called Zotero which is open source which lets you quickly save things into your folder and reformat your articles into hundreds of different citation styles. If you’re interested in learning about Zotero, we are offering a workshop this is in person next Friday the 21st in Carroll you’re welcome to come to that. but I wanted to also let you know that if you’re interested in this, you can email me or you can mention it when we meet or I’ll post it to Sakai I knew Dr. Comello is … she’s a big Zotero user and I know it would make her happy if you learned about it. It’s completely optional, but if you are interested we can either do a Zoom session with you, or with it with a bunch of you, or we can do them one on one. My grad student Julie is going to be teaching the class, and she would be happy to meet with you individually in Zoom and help you learn how to use Zotero. So again, this is what I would like you to do before we meet next week and if you have any questions please let me know good luck.

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