Maa | Roshni Lalwani |Half Cut Poetry | Lit-o-Sphere 2018

Mother! The word containing the world in it.. Mother! A power Which could save from earthly domain. Mother! Its you Who held me to balance every step of mine. when I stay away from you today then I feel empty inside I find an excuse in the name of food Just to return back to abode. Remember how..!! to make me go school You used to wake me up When I used to ask for 5 minutes more You used to inquire in every 5 minute or so and it used to be 10 minutes sometimes when i didn’t wake up you scolded to to wake Cooking tiffin early morning And listening to all my gossips after I return. you used to groom me before every competition And become happier at my every achievement. Although nothing much has changed less in person, But we meet more through phone. Now we express bliss less with eyes And more on whatsapp. Lose some weight!! Then feeding more in. You need more butter? You ask this too. Even after being tired for 12 hrs You take me for movie And … :’) … And for every piece of happiness of mine You do all you can That early morning’s loony bin I’m longing today Single chapati from your hand could fail a 5 star “When someone says You’re just like you mother!” It makes me really happy Its dream to become a person like you. I argued at times for no reason Just to regret afterwards. I’m little grown up now wish to thank you now. And still when I fall today, I just cry your name “Mother”

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