MA in English Literary Studies

– The MA in English Literary Studies
is all about optionality So there’s no compulsory module
Candidates take two modules each term from right across the range available
They’re encouraged to take, if they wish an elective module from
outside the English department – So I chose to do the English Literary Studies MA
because when I was applying I wasn’t quite sure
what specialisation I wanted to do and it’s allowed me the opportunity
to try a few different things – They might be interested in animals in literature
or clothing, or in poetry, or in anger and they can pick and choose modules
from across the menu to make the most of that
particular private passion Students who’ve graduated with
an MA in Literary Studies have all the strengths that we would expect
from an advanced student in the humanities So they’re able to go
into many areas of the arts into public sector, into areas of archives
or heritage, media, journalism and so on – I’m planning to go on to PhD
Certainly the MA has helped me in terms of developing my PhD proposal
All of the lecturers you can drop into their office hours
which means that when I’m developing an idea for an essay
I can go and see three different people to talk about it before I start
So I get a real range of voices directing me
in terms of what I want to study – The best thing about being involved MA
is meeting a really diverse range of graduates from all around the world
all of whom are passionate about literature and film
and who are forging their own unique and eccentric and individual paths
through our provision and coming out with the most amazing research at the end
of it.

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