Lord of the Flies – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Yo yo this here is Sparky Sweets
PhD and this week we gettin buck wild with Lord of the Flies by
William Golding. Dis book starts when a G5 full of
prissy British boys crash lands on a remote island in da Pacific.
Among the survivors be homies Ralph, Piggy, Jack, and Simon. In
order to get their boys in line, Piggy and Ralph snag a big ass
shell that they can use to holler at their boys and talk bidness.
They call this shell “the conch.” Now all these kids appoint my boy
Ralph as the leader and lets Jack be the head hunter. At first,
Jack be too much of a bitch to kill for food, but soon enough dis
gangsta busts his cherry and gets some of dat good pork. All the while, the youngins be
actin scurred cuz some little fool say he saw a monster, but Ralph be
all like “chill shawty, that shit’s all in yo head, son.” Then one day Jack rolls up to camp,
blows the conch, and say that he saw the beast with his own eyes and
that Ralph ain’t got the balls to be the leader. Ralph say “Boy who
you think you talking to?” And Jack be like “look. If you all want
some of that bacon, you gonna have to leave Ralph’s posse and join my
new crew. Straight up.” So Jack and his crew shank another
pig and impale its head on a stick as an offerin to the beast. Then,
my brother Simon has a vision of dat pork talkin to him! That pig head
be referred to as “The lord of the Flies” and it start spittin cold
truth up in Simon’s ear: He say that the beast ain’t somethin them
boys can hunt cuz it ain’t nothin but the violence in dem kids
hearts. When Simon hauls ass back to camp,
all dem little homies mistake him for the beast and waste that fool
in a cracked out frenzy. Even Ralph and Piggy get some licks in. Wheew,
this shit gettin real. After that whack ass dance, Jack
and his posse storm Ralph’s crib and steal Piggy’s glasses, which be
the only thing they can use to make a fire. Ralph just ain’t having it with
this honkie Jack. So Ralphie boot up and starts brawlin wit this
fool. During the tussle, Piggy gets thrown off a cliff and the conch
shatters. Outnumbered by Jack’s homies, Ralph books it for the
shore and just when he about to collapse, Ralph peeps a Naval
officer chilling in the water. When this playa sees dem kids tryin to
kill Ralph, he be like “Have you kids lost your damn mind?” Then he
puts dem kids on the boat and takes em back to civilization. But they
innocence is long gone. Alright listen up play boy. dis
book be an allegorical effort to take all the fucked up shit about
society and find its origin in human nature. By watchin these
little white boys lose their mind, we reminded of humanity’s capacity
for evil and how man-made moral systems be straight up superficial. But you wanna know the wackest
irony of all, my man? Even though adult life may look all righteous
once dat navy playa drops in, the truth is, that soldier boy be smack
in the middle of a war. In fact, this fool was trying to get the
drop on his enemy when he found these kids. So the real tragedy up
in here is that they ain’t nobody to save civilized humanity from
they violent nature neither. You feel me? You also best recognize that the
central symbol up in this heezy is that pig-head on a stick, or what
the narrator be callin “The Lord of the Flies”-another name for
Beelzebub, the prince of demons. AKA THE DEVIL. And like the Devil
be doin, he representing the destruction, decay and
demoralization of man kind homie. Yo, and if you wanna get all
Freudian up in this bitch, you can say that The Lord of the Flies be
representin “the id,” which functions only to ensure survival.
Laws, moral codes, even intelligence itself don’t mean jack
shit when the id be in charge. Look, You just ain’t rollin with
the big dawgs unless you know bout this here motif son. All throughout this book
dey be recurring patterns of fallin- Piggy
fallin off the cliff and the conch falling with him, the falling
parachutist, Ralph fallin at the navy man’s feet. All dat shit be
emphasizing the “fall of human kind.” Also, the Loss of Piggy’s sight be
a symbol for the fall of reason. When that punk Jack boosts Piggy’s
glasses to make a fire for his gang, it straight up indicates the
transition from the reign of reason to the reign of savagery. Ya heard? Thanks for watchin Thug Notes.
And I’ll see you next week.

100 Replies to “Lord of the Flies – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. No, Piggy didn’t just fucking flew and cracked his head open. Roger killed him by dropping a boulder on him which caused him to fall down the cliff and spilling his brains out. Seriously you’re not the first one who ignored Roger’s existence in the book. Nice analysis, tho.

  2. In school we made connections to Ralph being a Christ like figure. It wasn’t mentioned, but Ralph was the CARPENTER of the group.

  3. I'm pretty sure the "monster" they saw were paratroopers in the distance. I seem to remember something like that about 10 years ago when I read the book

  4. Piggy and Ralph didn’t get on that action on simon😂 they watched in fear, and Piggy didn’t get thrown, he got him in the head with a big ass rock

  5. If most of us were sceptics the world would be peaceful and joyful . Stop following leaders . We do that and we won't be cannon fodder for war . most people on earth want to live with other people on this earth in peace . fuck the politicians and the corporations .

  6. There's a lot of irony in the novel, too. For instance, Piggy complains the littluns act "like a crowd of kids". Plus, the only reason the Officer finds them is because they set the whole island on fire trying to kill Ralph.

  7. Another thing I’ve learned from this book: eating only fruit, makes liquid of your poop 💩 poor little boys suffered from diarrhea caused by only eating fruit…
    I LOVE fruit! I’m happy I didn’t had to learn that lesson the hard way – or shall I say liquid. 🙈

  8. These videos are all summaries of books I have read and wrote papers on in the day.
    Phenomenal recounts with wisdom mixed with ebonix.
    Very good!

  9. If y’all want to talk about Piggy’s glasses, I found them to represent civilizations stableness because as soon as they get cracked, that’s when Jack and them turn wild

  10. I remember I had to read a passage out of this book once for a test or something.
    And it just had to be the scene describing how Piggy's head cracked open like a watermelon or something. It creeped the whole class out and I myself never could find the courage to read the whole thing since XD.

  11. I didn't know if Thug Notes would get the book, but he got the main part of it. I didn't know if he would recognize Lord of the Flies known as a fallen angel called the Prince of the Air. Also when the boy states he saw a monster, the self proclaimed king does not listen to his subject. It is then that everything goes wrong. The monster is demonic which is the result of falling of angels and of mankind, thus the tragic events and loss of innocence. Despite others who wishing to rule, reason, and a shell that conveys messages to others, it still doesn't deal properly with the situation they are faced with.

  12. …And the degradation of the culture continues. A "thug" (criminal) taking time between murders and drug deals to give notes on LOTF. And the children think gangsters are role models.

  13. Would love if you could not use swear words on the videos so my high schoolers could watch this in class after discussion! They would love it but the language is a no no in our schools

  14. Might be going on a "everyone is Jesus in purgatory" tangent here, but: wouldn't the theft of Piggy's glasses also symbolize the shift from the observation of reality without personal bias to the utilitarian and myopic interpretation of all that surrounds us as potential instruments to achieve personal goals?

  15. Man, I've got to be honest, and this is definitely controversial statement, so be prepared. Lord of the Flies, while it's a fucking brilliant story and idea, loses its magic with the fucking FLOOD of overdescription. Like seriously, Golding! I don't need a fucking page and a fucking half to understand what a goddamn conch looks like. I loved the story, but DAMN I could barely get through this book out of pure boredom in between the fucking paragraphs of what things fucking looked like. FUCK WITH ME.

  16. Simply the best synopsis of Lord of the Flies. I wish Wisecrack had been my H.S. Literature teacher.

  17. I love your videos you make some really complex books soo much easier to understand and you make it fun to listen to!! Subscribed!

  18. Shit man I wish I had this analysis back in my day in high school instead of a thespian wannabe creepy as mofo teacher I had that was pervy to all the teenage girls!

    This video be dope af!!

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