Lolita – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Sup playas? I hope you like R Kelly – cuz this week we mackin jailbait with Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Humbert Humbert ain’t yo average horndog.
This fool only got eyes for a special little girls age 9 to fu**in 14, or
“nymphets” as he like to call ’em. See, back when he was a young’un,
Humbert had a lil sweet thang with a girl named Annabel. But since she up and died before
he was able to get some, he spendin the rest of his days lookin for a girl who gonna remind
of his first hunny love. Well lucky for Humbert, he rents a
room in the house of Charlotte Haze, who got herself a 12 year old daughter named Dolores,
but Humbert call this tease Lolita. And he gettin all riled up just thinkin bout this baby dip. Unfortunately Lolita ain’t the one
tryna freak wit him. Charlotte’s old ass, though, be all up on his nuts like nobody’s bidness.
And when Humbert can’t duck her no more, he decides to marry her so he can stay close to
Lolita. S’all good til one day Charlotte goes sniffin
around in Humbert’s diary. After learning that he can’t stand
her stank ass but loves little Lolita, Charlotte gets all crunk and storms outta the house
when BAM – girl gets TOOKEN OUT by a car. She dead. So Humbert scoops up Lolita, brings
her to a motel, and finds out that this little girl knows more about freakin than he thought. Man this nasty y’all. So they hit the road swangin from
spot to spot all round the country. All the while, Humbert think there be some scrub creepin
on em. Eventually Humbert park it in some
hood and sends little Lolita to school, but when Lolita start talkin wit otha boys and actin all shady, Humbert won’t stop baggin on her. Outta nowhere, Lolita say they should
peace outta town. On the road, Lolita gets ill and
Humbert drops her at the hospital. But when he return, da nurse tell him “her uncle” already got her. What? She ain’t got no uncle. Humbert all torn up bout losing
Lolita and spends YEARS lookin for her. One day, he gets a letter from Lolita saying that
she married, knocked up, and need some cash. day, he gets a letter from Lolita saying that
she married, knocked up, and need some cash. So Humbert drops everything and slides over
to where she at. named Clare Quilty, and he was the one creepin on them since back when, but that fool long gone now. named Clare Quilty, and he was the one who
creepin on them since back when. But that his ass down, he throws her some dough, finds Quilty, and fills his bitch ass with some hot ones. So Humbert gets thrown in a psych ward, and then the slammer, where he write his memoir. his ass down, he throws her some dough, finds
Quilty, and fills his bitch ass with some narrators up in this text. Not only is Humby all whacked out in the head, but this fool straight up lies to us. Real talk or no, this thug’s memoir
spillin clean over with literary references and fancy talk. he writes his memoir. fly-ass prose and dank jokes, they don’t find the monster they expectin. Instead, they find a funny, book-smart
hood who got his own problems – and a bitch IS one. Eventually, the reader ends up sympathizing
with this crazy mofo. But that ain’t all Humbert doin by
showcasin his verbal skillz. By spittin all dat fancy descriptive jive bout the world
around him, Humbert messes with the reader’s That’s part of what makes this book so damn
cray. When homies peep game at Humbert’s So when you readin this and start
questioning what’s normal? Then Humbert expectin. Instead, they find a funny, book-smart
hood who got his own problems- and a bitch IS one. Eventually, the reader ends up sympathizing
with this crazy mofo. But that ain’t all Humbert doin by
showcasin his verbal skillz. By spittin all even made the
reader unreliable. Damn! Ain’t that some sh*t? head and makes them think bout regular erryday sh*t in a new way. So when you reading this and start
questioning what’s normal? Then Humbert dun got you by the balls sucka. Cuz when all dem pretty words pull you into his reality, his whack-ass passions ain’t so whack no mo. So not only does this book got a narrator
who ain’t reliable, but this fool gone and even made the reader unreliable.
Damn! Ain’t that some sh*t! Peep game at this mythological
reference, home boy. In Greek Myth, Nymphs are often chased by hustlas who can’t keep it in their pants. Take Daphne and Apollo, for instance. When Daphne was duckin Apollo’s
grubby paws, the only way she could escape is by transforming in to a Laurel Tree. Turns out, it ain’t no different
for nymphets neither. By the end, Lolita ain’t Lo. Ain’t Lola. Ain’t
Dolores. She now Dolly Schiller. And she’s finally free. Thanks for ballin with me today.
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  1. Humbert Humbert is not an unreliable narrator, in fact he is extremely meticulous when describing stuff, and if he fells like he may get something wrong, he admits it. The thing that makes Humbert Humbert "unreliable" is how he interprets stuff and his conclusions. For example, when he thinks he is being followed during the second car trip, he his surely right when describing what he sees, but arrives at the conclusion that it may be someone following him.

  2. So… Japan wasn't the first to have authors write mangas and make animes about sick pedophiles who are obsessed with "lolitas" and lolicon…

  3. Lmao ! Thug not only are you hilarious but you must be damn intelligent to review these books so excellently . I mean i learned more from you in 5 minutes than the whole semester . I wish you were my professor cause i always fall asleep in this crusty craka's Lit class

  4. now don't u haters get all up in my shit . but real , think about it, murder is worse than nonviolent statutory sex, naw wha i mean ? naw i ain't no kiddie fiddler .

  5. AHAHAH THIS WAS SO FUNNY btw Humbert did really manipulate my ass but then I really thought about it like I went into full thought. I reread the book and realized a lottt. This mother fucker (humbert) got me feeling bad for his sorry ass. He’s a disgusting person.

  6. The subtitles seem to be out of sync, could you check on that please?
    Otherwise, thanks for the video. I didn't know of this book.

  7. First attempt: The intro had me laughing so hard, couldn't even watch the video…
    Second attempt: *Goes to get a CD, **place it in the CD player ***hit play (R Kelly), at low background volume.
    NOW I'm listening brother!

  8. I'm sure this seemed like a cool idea when it was pitched; but it seems pretty fucked now, doesn't it? Not really well written or thought out, just capitalizing on alternate ways to explain history. Like Crash Course Literature, where some time and effort went into explaining things. Not a cheap, racist, gimmick. Just , shit, dumb dumb dumb. Damn.

  9. "The child I loved was gone, but I kept looking for her – long after I had left my own childhood behind. The poison was in the wound, you see. And the wound wouldn't heal." -Humbert. Based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov anyone who was shallow enough to dismiss this movie on grounds of deviant misgivings completely missed the point of what this film was about. From the musical score of Ennio Morricone to the strikingly beautiful cinematographic scenes that only Howard Atherton is capable of delivering under the direction of Adrian Lyne. This movie will take you on a roller coaster of emotion. It will lift you up, let you down gracefully and yes, drag you through the dirt just before wiping your tears and leaving you changed forever. Dominique Swain's controversial portrayal of "Lo" with improvised antics are playful and perfect. Jeremy and Melanie are the concrete that build the wall of professionalism, drama and realism. I'm only on my 10th viewing and to the naysayers who aren't cable of such extreme emotion, may god pity you that some day you may be. To the dismissive critics, you're not worthy of such gifts. And to the poor soles who are, may god have mercy on you after viewing this film because every other flick there after will be just that. A second rate flick. I haven't read the book or viewed the other version nor will I ever. For me, there is no book or other version. Only Humbert's Dolores Haze and Adrian Lyne's 1997 "Lolita".

  10. istg some older person called me a "lolita" when i was younger few years ago. thought it was a compliment or sth back then but.. ok

  11. Watching in January of 2019. Where the R Kelly documentary, surviving R Kelly is one of the most trending things of the year. And police departments in Georgia are not looking to bring Witnesses forward. Just so funny that I found this video.

  12. Lolita also dies in childbirth on Christmas Day.

    Just in case you though the story couldn’t be more twisted

  13. this book sucked in my opinion. it pissed me off every time he referred to girls as nymphets and i just got more and more disgusted and impatient by it all how he sexualises everything and uses everyone. also the writing style is so tedious, i didn't get what he was talking about most of the time and very time he threw in some french i rolled my eyes. like, okay, i get it you're sooo smart dear Author and like to showcase this but we readers just wont understand you then ( at least i couldn't )
    the purpose of books is to tell a story not to boast about your smartness, and while i was reading the book i felt like he was just bragging all the way through the pages.

  14. If you are going to put English subtitles made them much the words. If not stick with auto "autogenerate English" 🤬😡🤬

  15. A "friend" of mine once said that Humbert did nothing wrong because his pedophiliac was developed out of past trauma, henceforth, technically a mental disorder that should be a reasonable excuse for civil wrongs. He said that I was in no position to argue him against that point because I had never been in a relationship (like WTF). He also said that Lolita (Dolores) should have also been held accountable for Humbert's actions since she teased him in the first place.
    I'm seriously reconsidering our friendship right now

  16. I’m glad I read this book. I was seeing an “older” dude (40), and he kept going on and on about how young I looked for my age. (28 at the time) First I was flattered, but then it got more and more creepy. After our second date he texted me “Goodnight my little nymphette” and I was like NOOOPE… I would have had no clue what he was talking about if it wasn’t for this book.

    Consensual age play is one thing (no kink shaming) but this was very one sided and he also had a teenage daughter who constantly had friends over… Hubert Vibes for sure ☠️

  17. I love this series. I recently read this book and it is a literary parasite. It freaking seeps in your brain. I still can't listen to certain love songs because of this

  18. I wish that everyone that read this had understood it, but as there are people who ended up liking Hebert and just completely misunderstanding I regret being born a little more.

  19. A lot of people dont understand that the book is from Humbert's point of view, he's romanticizing Lolita to make it seem as if it's ok to have a sexual relationship with a 12 year old girl, when really she wants to escape. This dude is the only person ive seen that understands that, and this is supposed to be just a random funny video

  20. I read a sample of the book. It's unnerving to learn the difference between how Humbert describes lil girls (nymphets in his eyes), and remembering what actual lil girls look like because he describes them so mythically, and not in a good way. It's more like he sees them as doll like and how he describes himself as "once a faunet" and "Humbert tried to be good". It's like disturbing "fairy tale", like the originals from the Grimms Brothers. Like he's trying to lure you in with fantasy but you always step back because you notice a minor detail that seems all wrong.
    So disgusting…but great writing on Vladimir's part.

  21. if you read this book, the introduction warns of the pantsing maniac wayward child and foolish woman. This Trinity creates such an environment. Single motherhood, allows for childhood predation. Single motherhood created Lolita

  22. This was inspired by an actual case where this man abducted and raped a young 13 year old girl claiming she was his daughter

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