Lois Shares Her Romance Novel | Season 17 Ep. 14 | FAMILY GUY

okay so welcome to the first meeting of
our women’s creative writing workshop ladies okay Donna you want to read yours
oh I didn’t do mine well then you can’t have any more snacks
you just can’t well I guess it’s my turn Lois lowered her velvet hood letting
loose her flowing red hair ignoring her friends obvious and understandable Envy
she confidently approached the mysterious castle the doors blew open as
if some magical force had been expecting her Lois belonged here if only because
this is where Horatio called home then thro the vegetation and past the mist
that sprinkled her heaving bosom she saw him Horatio with his long flowing hair
blowing in the breeze his cape fluttering he had only two love’s in his
life his horses and Lois’s heaving bosom he grabbed her tighter than she’d
ever been held before a way in which her husband pulled her had not held her
since before they were married Horatio then took Lois by the hand
leading her out to his stables as her bosom heaved Lois his mind was racing
an anticipation of the dirty hay sex that was gonna most definitely happen as
the two lovers entangled in Oh on the top the probably peed on hey Lois’s
bosom heaved they spent the next 18 minutes fighting off sneezes in the
throes of ecstasy eveing bosom damn this steamy Lois really uh yeah really
anybody mind if I opened me see in the shower ladies

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