Log Horizon Volume 3 Light Novel Review

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Justus R. Stone here today and I’m talking about volume 3 and Mamare Touno’s light novel series Log Horizon. There’s two storylines going on in this
particular volume. The 1st involves Shiro and a couple members of the roundtable Council
of Akiba. The adventurers guild. They are going to join a political meeting of
the bunch of nobility of the people of the earth of course the people of the earth are
the individuals that when elder tales was a game they were the non-playing
characters and for the roundtable Council they’ve been invited to this
meeting and they’re sort of taking a cautious approach because they don’t
want to be pulled into all of the affairs of the people of the earth but
at the same time they realized that they really can’t afford to make enemies of
these individuals the second story line features a couple of the younger players
that we met in volume 2. Minori and her brother Touya and they’re taking part in
a training camp for lower level characters, or players, adventurers
and that is meant to use sort of teach them about teamwork about how to take on
dungeons and to help them level up so that they’re better prepared to survive
in the world now the juxtaposition of these two storylines really makes this
probably one of my favorite volumes so far it helps move the story along really
well because on the one hand with the lower-level players you have the
strategical side of Log Horizon discussion about RPG tactics how to take on enemies and dungeons and
so forth and then on the other hand you have this political story which again is
probably one of Log Horizon’s more outstanding features and separates it
from a lot of the other normal people caught in the video game world type
stories where they’re actually trying to create a civilization and creating a world that functions and
is beneficial for everybody because they really have no idea if they’re ever
going to be able to leave. sometimes it can be a little bit heavy if it’s
nothing but politics politics politics or gamer gamer gamer gamer talk and so I
thought it was a really great that in this particular volume we are sort of
flip-flopping and getting bits and pieces of both as we go it helps break up the story it’s also
nice because on the one hand we’re seeing Shiro in his group who are
all very very experienced players and they’re applying the tactics teamwork
and subterfuge so forth and having used it and dungeons there now trying to
figure out how to apply it to dealing with politics and then we have the
younger players who were doing that exact same thing but trying to apply it
to dungeons for the very first time and so you get this common thread running
through the book teamwork and trust and friendship and how all those things can
help you achieve things but applied in very different ways also this book goes a long way to sort of
expanding the world a little bit it gives us sort of it starts to develop
like a philosophical idea of exactly how the world functions we get a bit of
backstory about potentially how monsters came to exist in the world we even get
an idea of maybe how the whole idea immortality of the adventurers plus the
respawning of monsters how it actually functions in terms of a real living
world which was kinda cool to see the expansion of this particular world plus
the mythology and to see a character like Shiro to see him reacting to the
realizations and the implications of what all of these things may just mean
for the adventures that are now stuck living in this world. Again Log
Horizon is probably the more thinking person and mature person’s trapped in an
RPG world type series it really does take a look at some of the uglier side of things even
when you can’t technically die it does present a consequence and it does show
you how even if death isn’t something you’re afraid up there can be lots of
things that make your life miserable and uncomfortable and in this book we are
seeing some really good character moments sort of spending time with characters
that are dealing with a little bit of this trauma for instance the younger
players that were stuck in the really nasty evil guild in the previous
volumes seeing how now they’re trying to rebuild their lives and learn to trust
and so forth are some really nice character moments in this book and in
the previous volumes I had said I thought there was a little bit of
overkill in terms of repetition like beating you over the head with the same
thing again and again and again and I thought part of that might have had to
do with the fact that it was a web novel initially that was posted a bit of a
story over time I felt there was less than that in this volume I thought the
pacing was a little bit better and like I said I think that’s partly just
because we have two very distinct storylines with two separate set of
characters and so it seems to move it very nicely along and has a really good
pace and it leaves you on a pretty cool cliffhanger to see what’s gonna
happen next and just what is this new sort of development in the world that
the adventurer’s pretty much don’t seem able to foresee so those are my thoughts
on Log Horizon volume 3 the series seems to be getting better with each
volume which is super promising and I’m really looking forward to seeing events
turnout in volume number four now my next review will be next Saturday and that video
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