Literature searching part 2

welcome to the second of two short
videos which demonstrate how to do an effective literature search this video
will show you how to find and use the right database limit your results and
access the full-text articles you found first navigate to your blackboard space
and click on a my library tab at the top you can then choose your subject on the
drop-down list here you’ll be taken to your library subject web page which is
being curated by your faculty librarian to include all of the databases you
might typically find useful for your subject area scroll down until you reach
the Eresources and databases section all of the titles in this list are links
and there is a brief description of each one to give you an idea of the type of
journal articles they contain when you’ve decided which database you want
click on the title and you’ll be taken to the database information page where
you can get access to the database itself if you’re off-campus you use the
button link and if you’re on campus use the top one you’ll be taken through to
the database itself and will have the option to either do a basic search or an
advanced search click on the advanced search button and you’ll see a number of
search boxes like those if you’re searching a different database to this
one then the page may look slightly different but the principle is still the
same in each line we are going to transplant each of the columns from our
keyword panel like this put all between each synonym and make sure the boxes
which connect the lines are set to armed now click search you may get thousands
of results and want to narrow them down you can do this using these filters on
the left hand side for example if we look back at our question you’ll see
that we’ve been asked to find current research we can use this as criteria for
limiting our results by choosing to only see article
that have been published in the last five years you can do this by entering a
start year into this box and then clicking elsewhere on the page to update
the results you can add as many of these limiters as you like
the kind of limiters available will vary based on the search results when you
finally have some articles that you’re happy with you’ll want to access them if
there is a PDF full-text icon or HTML full-text icon underneath the title then
simply click on it to open the article if there is a find It button underneath
the article click on this and you’ll be taken to library search when on the
library search screen you’ll need to look in the viewlet pane here you’ll be
given either a single or multiple things to go through to the article itself
you’ll need to check which years we have access to before you choose which link
to use for example these top two have articles which were published between
1997 and 2015 but these button two have articles published between 1990 and a
year ago when you’ve decided which you need click on the link and you’ll be
taken through to the article itself you can then choose to either open the PDF
or sometimes you’ll have the option to read online if you’re asked campus and
you’re struggling to access any of our resources then please see the video how
to access online journal resources off-campus on this page

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